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Statistical Modelling Assignment


 1. Introduction

The particular study has been conducted by an analyst who is currently working for an agency in order to collect and analyse specific business problem. The study has been conducted in order to recommend how the transport system of New South Wales can be improved. The particular study has been distributed into five sections that have their respective significance to the study. The first section of the study introduces to the business problems that are faced by the New South Wales public transport system that is followed by three respective sections focusing upon analysis of the corresponding data sheet one and two respectively. The study shall be completed with brief discussions and overall conclusion of the study.

a. The particular journal article has been published under the authority of Australian government that depicts the usage of public transports by the population of NSW (audit.nsw.gov.au, 2018). The article includes elaborate description using various figures, graphs, and charts about the usage of public transports within the national premises of NSW. Various data has been collected from the governmental bodies that are associated with the public transport of NSW.

b. The data that are included within the Datasheet 1 are primary data as they are numeric figures related to the transportation records that are recorded as a subset of “Open tap on and off Tap off location- 8th to 14th August”. Within the particular datasheet, there are variables namely, mode, date, tap, loc, and count. Each of the variables is significant for the particular study as follows: ‘mode’ variable is used to record the type of public transport. ‘Date’ records the date of the tap on/off action held. ‘Tap’ records on/off status of the tap. ‘Loc’ records the locations at which the public transports have halted, and ‘count’ records the total frequency of taps on particular date and locations.

c. The data has been collected in order to find out the what are the preferred mode of transport for the overall population of New South Wales, so that the responsible analysts is able to coin out specific recommendations for the public transport system of NSW. Two questions are conducted to ensure the frequency of passengers and their choices of transport. There were no kind of biasness while collecting and analysing the data recorded from the selected samples. 

2. Analysis of single variable in Datasheet 1

A. Which type of public transport was used mostly?

Bus was the most frequently used mode of transport within the period 8th to 14thAugust 2016. From the table below, it can be said that there were 479 taps recorded for bus and that for train is equal to 453 taps. 

Table 1: Frequency of public transports used

 Statistical Modelling Assignment

B. Are there more than 50% of public transport users in NSW use the particular mode of transport found in Part a?

If we are to take a simple sum of the counts of the people who travelled by train it comes to around 63255 whereas the same for the rest in total comes to around 44815 which is actually more than 50%.

3. Analysis of two variables in Datasheet 1

A. Numerical summary and Graphical Display

Table 2: Estimation for constructing Underground Railway

 Statistical Modelling Assignment

b. Hypothesis Test

Table 3: Hypothesis test using ANOVA

 Statistical Modelling Assignment

 Statistical Modelling Assignment

c. Conclusion of Test

From the above figure 3, it can be said that there are only thirteen trains in total, which covers Parramatta, Bankstown or Gosford to central. Therefore, it is not feasible to build an underground railway for the particular purpose.

4. Collect and analysis Datasheet 2

In order to find whether there is a preference between different genders in contrast to their choices of transport, a survey has been conducted among a randomly selected 100 passengers residing within New South Wales.


Q1. Specify your gender.

Table 4: Gender Specification

 Statistical Modelling Assignment


From the above figure, it can be said that within the selected population for the survey, there were more numbers of males than compared to female and other genders. This signifies that the males residing within the national premises of NSW are associated with daily activities that require travelling. Females are also associated with travelling however, which is lower compared to that of males.

Q2. Which is the preferable mode of transport for you? 

Table 5: Preferable mode of transport for male
 Statistical Modelling Assignment


Table 6: Preferable mode of transport of female

 Statistical Modelling Assignment


From the above figure, it can be said that males like to travel all across the national premises of NSW through train. Females consider travelling through light rails all across the NSW in order to carry out their daily activities. Both the genders do not consider travelling using ferries, as those are slow and inconvenient. Female and male both considers travelling through bus with equal propositions however, it is lower than compared to that of train and light rails for male and female respectively. This states that both the genders utilises the bus as an alternative mode of public transport.

5. Discussion and Conclusion

 As per the datasheet 1, primary data were related to transportation records. Data were collected to find out the best mode of transportation in the datasheet 2. As per the analysis, the bus was frequently used for public transportation, which was found to be 479 in total. A hypothesis test was conducted with help of ANOVA. As per the result of this test, thirteen trains are found that cover Parramatta, Bankstown or Gosford to central. Therefore, it is not a feasible idea to construct an underground railway station for thirteen trains. As per the data analysis of Datasheet 2, a number of males of NSW are associated with traveling activities. It is found that males prefer to travel through trains, whereas females prefer to travel through light rails. As per the analysis, both the genders prefer to choose the bus as one of the alternative modes of transportation.
From the above discussions, it can be concluded that in order to improve the level of public transports in NSW, it is important for improving the bus, light rails and the railway system of the nation. This shall help the population and they shall be able travel and carry out their daily activities through bus, light rails and trains, as both of the genders prefer train and light rails respectively.


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