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WORK 1 :  Socio policy and equality in UK 
Differences and Arrangements in policies of post war
Influence of Gaitskell and Butler, ‘Butskell’
A new labour policy of grosso modo was followed by Conservative Government at post world war time. The concept of conformity came from this aspect.  In moderation politics, Gaitskell and Butler were the prominent figures. Conservative converted into welfarism in that time period through which certain revenue had been added to the functions of NHS and social security process. Denationalisation of  steel industry happened in that period.
Different Agreements 
Certain different agreements like acceptance of government of full employment process, acceptance of trade unions and introduction of mixed economy was the key aspect in this -period of time in context of UK. Welfare state and promotion of equality was also important agreements in that period (bbc.co.uk,2011).
Implementation of Differences 
Differences of opinion regarding different liberalism were some trends in post war period. Economic liberalism, Neo liberalism and Social liberalism are modern liberalism which developed in developed countries and importance of basic necessities such as education, food and shelter. In governments sectors also certain different opinions arose and it was implemented through a proposal to change the procedures of contemporary health services in order to prevent healthcare abuses (britishempire.co.uk, 2016).
Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister of UK in the period of 1979 to 1990. Scott-Samuel et al. (2014, p. 60) mentioned that in her period, certain strategies and changes has been acquired by the government. Neoliberal strategies, trade liberalisation, deregulation of financial terms and liberalisation in trade system was mentioned which was mentioned as Thatcherism at the time.
Political Parties
There were certain differences among both Catholic and Protestant Parties and strong differences regarding ideology were present among Democrats, conservatives and liberal democrat parties.
Reasons of consensus Breakdown 
Role of parties groups and key players
Thatcher was one of the main face in the period of the breakdown of Consensus who influenced certain the breakdown process of Consensus. Labour party played one of the most important roles in the breakdown process. On the other hand oil crisis incident in the year of 1973 was the main reason of the breakdown.
Thatcherism, new rights, new labour and personalised services
Thatcherism was introduced in context of UK in post war period because of the failure of the opposition parties. In the manifesto of 1979 certain changes were proposed by the government which is known as Thatcherism. Scott-Samuel et al. (2014, p. 58) opined that it was one of the main reasons regarding the breakdown of the consensus. Through new proposed policy Thatcher was able to identify failure of previous government which brought down the concept of post war concept of consensus.
Main reason of consensus breakdown 
Main reasons regarding the breakdown of post war consensus was the continuous declining of economy of UK and the growth of Thatcherism. In period of Consensus, Britain became the weaker force in international capitalist liberal system of economy (bbc.co.uk, 2011).
WORK 2 : Safeguarding in Health and Social Care
In context of healthcare procedures, it is seen that there are different types of abuses which is seen in different healthcare services. Certain factors that relate with Financial and social issues, social abuses and cultural factors that causes harms to the care users and people are seen in context of UK.
Financial issues:
Chesney et al. (2014, p. 156) financial problem is one of the major issues through which certain challenges can be seen in healthcare facilities. Improper financial capability of care users compel them to acquire certain help from unknown people where they get financially abused in different condition. Often care users are mistreated by both people and care providers regarding their financial condition. 
Social Factors:
Certain issues in health and social care through which certain challenges are being faced by care users. Ingle et al. (2014, p. 290) in many cases health care users are being isolated by family and society and moral supports become unavailable to favour them in such critical time. 
Cultural Factors
Cultural factor is one of the major issues regarding healthcare facilities. In several reports, it is mentioned that users are discriminated regarding their religion and cultural practices and improper perceptions are created among people and care providers for such persons. Craig et al. (2014, p. 618) mentioned that certain abusive words and body language often compel care users to hide their diseases and problems which cause certain harms to them.
Improper knowledge regarding treatment:
It is one of the major issues through which certain challenges are being faced by the care users in the form of healthcare abuse. It is seen very often that lack of basic knowledge often hampers the user to understand personal condition. On the other hand, improper knowledge regarding health issues often increases the health issues more which must be mitigated properly.
These challenges regarding healthcare abuse must be mitigated as it is mentioned in Equality Act 2010 that all healthcare users must be treated properly and curtain discrimination should not be tolerated by healthcare facilities. 
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