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The students needed for social work degree specifically declared competence in order to work with groups. The social workers play a crucial role in giving a light of hope in the lives of underprivileged children. These children are in need for social worker in order to collaborate in groups for developing different programs based on their betterment of life. In this context, with the help of Tuckman’s theory the practice issues faced by the group have been discussed along with the importance of the underprivileged children in participating different activities. The field of this group work is social work on underprivileged children. The study contains completeness and coherency in framing the underprivileged children life with the help of group work plan in offering them a good life.

Practice issue framed by the group to address

The service support young members between the age group 8-15 will be appropriate because these group experience risk of homelessness. Due to such risk, they are offered with stable and safe accommodation for up to three years. In order to support the young underprivileged children to reach their desired goals case management is delivered and moved them towards freedom. Moreover, young children have a way of development living skills, psychological support, therapeutic guidance, and education and job opportunities along with recreational actions. (Chawla, 2016).

The service group invites the young underprivileged for attending the campaign held in the college on delivering different opportunities to underprivileged children by the initiative of social workers. There exist various reasons for the young children  to come up to the service group include, family breakdown, homelessness, mental ill health, getting out of home care,  domestic violence, labor hardship, grief and loss, and traumatic experience. Therapeutic relationships are based on categorization by a concentration on cultivating and restoring sense of safety of trauma survivors, trust, and level of choice.

The aim of the group will be to bring a smile in the children’s face. Various issues can occur at the time of working in a group such as, ineffective communication, motivation costs, coordination costs, lack of discussion in a group, lack of contribution by all members and many more (Ng et al. 2014).

These issues can be addressed by keeping group size small, frequent arrangement of group meetings, increasing individual accountability, active communication build, proper selection of venue, group encouragement, maintenance of periodic process reports, etc.

Group work plan

The members of group are non-directive in order to act as a collaborator with the underprivileged children to support empowerment. As stated by Paula et al. (2016), the development of this group will help the children to lead a better life free from daily hardship with alight of education and shelter. The personal practice can enrich the knowledge of life of social workers in offering happiness to others and finding a pleasure in doing so.

Importance of group work project in meeting services user needs and the usefulness of it in addressing the social issues

The group work project can initiate in meeting the requirements of the underprivileged children of the society. As per Social Works and Human Rights 1998, the areas of their requirements and social issues that can be fulfilled by addressing are discussed below:

Spread Awareness:  The role of group work project is to deliver the information to the government so that the poor people can get help for raising their children in a better manner. Survivors often experience unbearable pain and the service group supports these children to create awareness of both the connection of body and mind (Mapp, 2014).

Building opportunities for self-sufficiency: It is to make available opportunities for employment with an aim to increase income for accessing basic amenities.

Free education: The scheme of free education for the poor children from government to address this problem has been initiated by the group workers to highlight their existence.

Capital, Technology, Infrastructure: Improvement of human capital helps in economic growth in the form of eradiating health issues by involving more medical facilities to rural areas. Good infrastructure in the form of information networks and roads helps in reformation of market thus making the life of children better (Androff, 2015).

Quota for poor children in private institute:  An underprivileged child can be encouraged with financial assistance. It is the duty of the social workers to ensure reservation for students belong to poor family background in private institutes.

Task 2

Completeness and coherency of the group work plan

According to Lindsay & Orton (2014), the group work plan in order to develop the condition of underprivileged children has undergone completeness and coherency for attaining success in the effectively of the planning. The group work plan involves the young children to participate their campaigns for acknowledging the importance of their education and presence in the society. They are equally important as other children of elite group as children have not difference. The underprivileged term would be removed is what the aim of the social workers. The small group will create would have not issues of communication or discussion. Each team will look after each area of the rural region. The young mind will be associating with design of programmers to run the objective of their project in bringing out facilities for the poor children. As a result, this engagement will help in eradicating the social issues from their lives because youth represent the country with creative mind, energetic strength and emotional heart (Payne, 2015).

Combination of Tuckman’s Theory of group work and the literature

As asserted by Malekoff (2015), Tuckman’s theory imposes an impressive youth work theory for analyzing individual as well as group behavior. The group development stages in order to run the project based on this theory comprises five stages:

Stage 1: Forming

The first stage is concerned with relative testing, trial, error referred to as joining or engagement. In this stage, emotions and feelings of underprivileged children are acknowledged by the group members but at the beginning lack of cohesion or sharing feelings shows difficulty.

Stage 2: Storming

In this stage, group members start to confront the young children who visited the campaign and supported their initiative of making their life better. The potential towards oppressive behavior shows strength with the phase of storming to release frustrations (Hall, 2014).

Stage 3: Norming

At this stage, constructive work by the group members began to start towards informal tasks. The individual roles start to establish to make the life of those children with comfort and opportunities. It leads to make assurance of oppression against individuals within the group.

Stage 4: Performing

This stage reflects the effective work of the group with assigned roles transforming into a team. The unity develops in this stage within the group that forms the social workers along with the young age group of underprivileged souls.

Stage 5: Mourning

Termination is the final stage of a group life, which results into positive outcomes. The ending of a group can be unhappy for some members (Raes et al. 2015).

The group members had already started their work towards their aim but in the process of working hard maintaining unity within the group that avoids the feeling of homelessness from their life.


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