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 Answer to question no- 1 – Innovations by JamiQ

JamiQ is a private limited which is based in Singapore. JamiQ is a company that deals with social media monitoring and has gained expertise in social media monitoring and social media analytics. The company is based on the technological aspect of the growing reach via social media websites, and applications. This company started operating in the market of Singapore in the year 2008. The company operates on the algorithms which can understand the opinions generated and feelings that are related to a topic out of the sentences and phrases. The algorithm also finds out the positive or the negative aspect of the writings done by the users. The writings are being examined on the positive and the negative words and phrases being used on social media. The environment of Singapore is based on the technological interface and works on the reviews before connection to the brand or a company. However, the proper social media and work program is implemented with a view to strengthen the overall work quality and meet the desired needs and objectives in effective manner. 
The company has contributed a lot to the marketplace. They have given the correct and refined usage of the algorithm which is used to find the results out the writings on the social platforms. This company has used the algorithm in a unique manner such that it can easily win over the trust of the public to make a good bridge between the concerned parties. This company is indulged in providing the best quality services to clients and meet their desired needs and objective in effective manner. The company offers various kind of products and services, however, some of the products offered by company are given as below. 
Real-time Buzz:
When a company as a client is associated with a company. The company can track if any of the social media users mentioned the brand name or have used it with the pictures posted and anywhere else on the web, JamiQ can track and captures. The company is efficient in doing the calculations and with the practice; the company can show up the required number of counts within the time. The company can show up the data concerning the buzz created with the brand name used up by the public. The company can provide a complete range of the required data and range being provided. The company also uses the data links to find out the range and fetch from the most critical data.
Sentiment Detection:
The information of the record of the tags and mentions is used as the raw data which is being used to fetch the sentiments attached to the writing. The company can easily find out the positive and negative approach towards a brand of the clients' company. The company also has access to the critical issues and the perception trends to a writing blog of the company. The company can attain such qualitative analysis with the help of an algorithm being used. The company can also detect the sudden change in the sentiments and opinions related to the product or a brand.
Influential Scoring:
The content being created on the websites and social applications in terms of blogs and other related articles to the company, are not real. The created content on the very renowned, trusted and trending websites is more readable and creates an opinion about the brand or the product of the client company. JamiQ provides the score of each source of the writing, blogs, articles, and content on the web by using some of the advanced algorithm being created by the company. Hence, content from every website can be scored and hence impact can be calculated.
Market Segmentation:
The marketers of the company are interested in the particular and focused section of the customers present in the market. Hence the focus while marketing covers a single and targeted segment in the market. JamiQ Company while crawling the data and can also identify the location of the positive opinion and with the negative opinion on the web. The company can identify the country in which the company is favorably making its brand and can also identify the negative influence on the public.
Answer to question no- 2– Parties who can take advantage
The working structure of the company is beneficial to various sections of the company. The major advantage of the results of the JamiQ is the brand image is been created in the market and hence it rationally impacts the various factors of the business. The company operates on the algorithms which can understand the opinions generated and feelings that are related to a topic out of the sentences and phrases. The parties which are important to the business organization are explained as below. 
Investors are directly concerned with the top-line financials of the company. The outcome generated from the working and transactions of the company to gain profits is analyzing to calculate the future possible returns.
Marketing Planners:
Marketing is an important aspect while determining the channels and ways to promote and advertising the brand into the market. The planners can obtain the information and plan according to the set back areas of the segmented planning.
Content Writers:
The content writers can write on the real and actual working and process which are associated with the brand rather than spreading humor in the public.
Influencers are the people who have that potential within them that they can easily influence a large number of people or mob in such a manner that can even create an exact opposite impact of which is already been occupied in their minds. The results of the analytical reports can also help the company to fetch the influences to influence and made the right approach towards the product of the brand where the company can identify the negative impact of the product on the people.
Public and Customers:
The public and customers are the external parties for a business and directly impact the top line of the company. The people are active users of social media. The customers often first check the trends and then after going for actions like shopping, investing and making the expenditure These are undertaken with a view to strengthen the work program and sets strong work process system. 
The government can use the data to create awareness among the public despite false news which is spreading in the environment. The government can also identify the real spots at which major actions are required. The image of a particular political party can also be identified and accordingly, the actions can be implemented on an immediate basis. 
Answer to question no-3 – Other Services
The additional services which JamiQ can include while the operations are:
a) Improved trackers can also help in maintaining the peace and decorum in the nation and on international boundaries. The identification of the human viruses which can cause destruction can be applied with the reach into the critical matter. Improvisation can also give a platform to stay in touch with each other.

b) Implementing Orders and Rules can also be aided by the analyzed report of the JamiQ Company. The identification of the areas and departments where the general public is not following the complaints written and shared on social media can be the source for tracking in the country.

c) Buzz and Trends following the particular brand or the product can be created to promote the brand into the public. The company can avail of the services of JamiQ and easily create a buzz. The opinion shared by the famous personalities and the debates on the awaited decision in the court can also boost up.

d) Chat Box can be a solution box to the identified spots where the third party involvement is necessary. There are still, some websites where the quick and prompt solutions are required; the need can be fulfilled by the tracing records of the complaints cast by the users.

e) Stay home and stay safe is the only measure which can be a cure to the untapped locations of the epidemic Coronavirus.  The awareness and an appeal to the same area can be created with the help of JamiQ. 

f) Entertainment is the basic medium by which a random person can take a break out of a hectic schedule and need more content writers and blog writers can be sourced with the results and track records of the company. It can also act as a source of taking and giving away jobs. This will set up strong alignment in the work program and add various person in the set program. 
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