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Section 2 - Learning programme


 Section 2 - Learning programme 

The module covers six key areas: 

a Problem structuring 

b Boundary setting 

c Recognition 

d  Interactions 



You will be required to evidence understanding of these within your assessment. The assessment for Applied Problem Solving is a 6000 word Reflective Report. 

In preparation for the module you will need to review the reflective writing resources on Blackboard and your feedback from previous reflective writing assessments. This is a practical module, the evidence of the practical application is via the reflection on actions you have taken at each point in the problem solving process. 

Theories for action to solve problems vary but rational models tend to follow a similar structure. The report sub-headings which you need to utilise are based upon this, you may add additional headings as you see fit.

may add additional headings as you see fit. 

a Problem Structuring

b Boundary Setting

c Recognition

d Interactions

e Solutions

f Evaluations

Figure 2 Report Sub-headings

Moving through the sub-headings you will need to utilise a range of tools in order to understand the complex problem and find out the views of others. Tools have been developed for problem structuring and making ideas more visible and open to analysis. Within these tools types are a wide range of models.

BrainStormimg, Cause and effect, Matrix, Conceptual Mapping and Morphological analysis

Figure 3 Tool Types 

As you work through the problem solving framework you will need to consider the links and differences between management and leadership, within the context of organisational achievement, values, ethics and success. 


The key text(s) for this module are: 

Fischer, A., Greiff, S. and Funke, J. (2012) The Process of Solving Complex Problems. The Journal of Problem Solving, 4(1) 19-42. 

Proctor, T. (2014) Creative Problem Solving for Managers: Developing skills for decision making and innovation. London: Routledge Ltd 

Assessment Brief for Sections constituting the APS Reflective report 

Executive Summary (500 words): 

The Executive summary should present the aim of the Reflective report, the problem explored and possible solutions, recommendations on how the problem could be mitigated, ethical issues linked to the proposed solution and student reflection. 

Problem Structuring Section (800 words): 

a  Discuss the arguments in the literature on what constitute a problem and complex problem 

b Identify the complex problem clearly considering a specific context 

Consider the stakeholders linked to the problem identified 

d Evaluate the key aspects of the problem and the context of the problem 

e Present the problem statement in nothing more than 50 words 

Boundary Setting
Boundary Setting Section (800 words): 

a Use literature and models to identify and discuss the relevance of the problem boundary (Internal and external contexts). These could include Cause and Effect diagram, PESTLE analysis, EVR Congruence, TOWS matrix and SWOT analysis 

b Include in the reflection an evaluation of the advantages and limitations of using the models to support identification of the problem boundaries 

c Discuss how you applied a variety of models in identifying the boundaries of the problem. The reflection should: 

focus on the application of the models used 

highlight the perceived positive and negative aspects of using the models 

explain your selected perspective on the nature of the problem boundary 




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