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Rooms Division Operations Management


In the modern era, management of hospitality business is not an easy task for the managers and there are wide ranges of factors which need to be taken into considering during the process of management. The present report is based on InterContinental Hotels Group plc (IHG) which is UK based international chain of hotels. The selected organization is one of the leading hotel companies in the world and at present, it is operating with a workforce of more than 350000 employees (IHG, 2018). The business operations and activities of InterContinental Hotels Group plc are carried out in almost a hundred different countries of the world. The purpose of the selected organization is to deliver the best possible and true hospitality to its customers. 

After carrying out the analysis of InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) plc, it has been identified that at present there are more than 5500 hotels and more than 800000 rooms of the hotel at a global level. Regent hotels and resorts, intercontinental hotels and resorts, Kimpton, Hotel Indigo, Crown Plaza, Even Hotels, Voco, and Holiday Inn etc. are some international brands of hotel of which are owned and managed by InterContinental Hotels Group Plc. 

Attain growth and expansion at faster pace is the key objective of the business strategy which has been employed by InterContinental Hotels Group Plc. (IHG, About us, 2018) The strategic model of the selected business organization is directed towards creating value for the customers in the best and every possible manner. To enhance the volume of profitability in the long-run, InterContinental Hotels Group plc has employed the strategy of operating with low cost and direct channels. On the other side of this, it can be critically argued that the selected brand of hotel is also committed towards carrying pout responsible businesses and delivering a superior return to its shareholders. 

The selected organization is well aware of the fact that the hospitality industry has become very competitive and to deal with an issue such as increasing competition in the industry, the brand has developed a strategic model which consists of different elements. Build and leverage scale, enhancing and strengthening loyalty program, increasing the revenue delivery, evolving owner proposition and carrying out optimization of its brand portfolio are the key elements which are included in the strategic model of InterContinental Hotels Group Plc (IHG, Our Strategy, 2018)

To deal with the issue of increasing competition, the selected organization also emphasize on expanding its operations to attractive markets of the world. According to the provided case scenario, IHG will be opening a 300 room upscale property in Cambridge UK, and the target customer here are going to be the business travellers. 

Task 1 (LO1) 

1.1 Discuss accommodation and front office services for different organisations

It can be expressed that reception and accommodations are two different and the most important segments within the hospitality industry (Yasmin et al. 2016). Furthermore, accommodation includes two key elements which are housekeeping and engineering. On the other side of this, reception includes areas such as bell service, mail and information, front office, cashier, night auditors and concierge. 

It can be expressed that the primary purpose of accommodation within industry is to provide the customers or guests with an environment where they can easily sit, stay and relax. On the other side of this, the role of reception is to provide different types of customer services which are directed toward enhancing the degree of customer experience and satisfaction in the best possible manner. 

1.2 Analyze the roles and responsibilities of a range of accommodation and reception services staff

The accommodation within hospitality has been further classified into two main categories which are housekeeping and engineering and the roles and responsibilities of these two are mentioned below as: 

Role and responsibilities of engineering 

Dealing with the repair and maintenance of every tool and equipment which is available in a hotel  

Maintaining the supply of water, electricity, AC and other related equipments 

Role and responsibilities of Accommodations 

Making the arrangements of stay for the guest 

Inventory check of kitchen and related areas 

Taking care of the health and safety environment 

Maintaining proper communication and coordination with other departments 

Ensuing the hygiene within rooms and hotel premises 

The roles and responsibilities of different reception services are provided below as; 

Front office 

Maintaining and enhancing the degree of customer satisfaction 

Meeting the assigned targets 

Analysis of market and customer trends 

Meeting the needs and demand of customers in the best possible manner 

The mailing information staffs is responsible for handling the mailing information of the clients 

The bell service staffs is responsible for unloading the luggage of the guests and delivering the same to the room of guests (Robinson et al. 2016). 

The hotel cashier is responsible for processing of card and cash of the guest and carrying out bank deposit. Sales tax reporting and dealing with customer concern are some other responsibilities of hotel cashier  

The roles and responsibilities of night auditor include managing the process of reservation, taking care of guest checking and welcoming the hotel guests. 

The responsibilities of Concierge are critical within a hotel as they are required to manage tasks such as booking hotels, making reservations and carrying out transport booking of the guests. 

1.3 Discuss legal and statutory requirements that apply to rooms division operations

It can be expressed that there are different types of legal and statutory requirements which are applicable to room division operations and these requirements need to be well taken care of by businesses such as IHG. For instance, the selected hotel is responsible for taking care of the health and safety of its clients and employees in the best possible manner. IHG is also liable to provide safe and secure accommodations, food and drinks to its guests (Kim et al. 2015). According to the legal and statutory requirements, IHG is also responsible for making sure that safety kit including CCTV camera, secured lock, fire alarm, exhaust, an emergency exists and security guard are present within the hotel. Other than this, legislation such as Equality Act 2010, Health and Safety Act 1974, Race Relation Act 1976, Working Time Directive 199 etc needs to be followed within the new hotel which IHG is developing in Cambridge (Kimes,  2016). The selected hotel is also required to make sure that risk assessment is carried out at regular intervals and corrective measures are taken to mitigate the risks in the best possible manner.    

1.4 Evaluate services provided by the rooms division in a range of hospitality businesses

In the modern era, room division operations are playing a critical role in the growth and success of a hotel. The statement can be justified by the fact that more than half of the revenue generated by hotels is contributed by room division operations. Front office and accommodation is one of the services which have been provided by room division operations. It has been evaluated that the front office and accommodation plays a vital role in serving the customers from the check in to check out of the customers. This service of room division is directed towards attaining highest possible degree of customer satisfaction by offering fast, effective and accurate services to the customers (Lee, 2016). Front office and accommodation services are also critical because customers or guests of IHG come in direct contact of the employees working in these two areas or departments. 

Reservation is also a service which is included in the room division operations of IHG, and these services are directed towards attaining client satisfaction by booking the rooms in well advanced before the customer or guests arise in the hotel. The services of reservations are also linked with providing the guests with information about the availability, occupancy and charges of room in the hotel. Housekeeping and uninformed services of room division operations of new IGHG hotel will be directed towards maintaining hygiene and cleanliness of the rooms. 

Task 2 (LO2)
2.1 Assess the importance of the front of house area to effective management 

Front house areas within the new hotel of IHG will be playing a crucial role in making the target customers, i.e. business travellers aware of the core capabilities of the hotel. The front house area will also provide the target customers with an overview of the effectiveness of different facilities and arrangements offered by the new hotel. Accommodation is a key service in front house area, and the role of this service is important because it helps in ensuring the fact that the hotel guests are provided with the safe, secure and comfortable stay (Chan and Hsu, 2016). The dining area, bar and restaurant of a new hotel of IGH will be included in its front house area, and here, the management of hotel will be required to make sure that skilled and effective employees are working in these areas. 

It has been evaluated that these are the places where a large number of hotel guests are present, and therefore, the management of new hotel of IHG needs to make sure that guests are provided with satisfactory and accurate services. The front of house area is also important because it directly contributes to enhancing the degree of client loyalty and satisfaction. If the services delivered by front house areas are ineffective, then the new hotel may start facing issues and challenges regarding attracting customers and enhancing profits in the long-run.   




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