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Planning Procedures
The respective plan is managed for AEKC
in terms of avoidance of disaster and recovery plan. Such organization like AEKC has to face several concerns including generation of waste heat and electricity. The risk management plan includes a brief introduction, different phases along with risk concerns and a detail risk management matrix to implement recovery plan. 
To assure safety of employees as well as to manage office properties in an efficient way by avoiding threats and hazards
To reduce usual operational threats related to waste heat management and electricity generation
To implement advanced solutions of risk management and recovery plan.
The scope of a risk management and recovery plan has regular scope due to operational threats and hazards. The respective firm i.e. AEKC deals in energy generation and in that terms, it is important to ensure worker’s safety. 
AEKC holds the capacity to implement and maintain a disaster management
and recovery planning in terms of machinery and technology. On the other hand, it has enough workforces to monitor risk matrix and the engaged professional can better follow possible strategies. In organizational context, it can be said that casual workers as well as employees of AEKC are well aware of such risks and it is a positive assumption that respective plan can be well implemented (Mechler et al. 2014). 
Change management and planning responsibilities
Engagement of new professionals in facility management department
Revision in the existing production strategies
Assignment of additional responsibilities to leading heads
Review of existing risk management strategies

Trial of planning
Regular plan testing responsibilities will be assigned to the department of AEKC and monitoring process will be improved to identify gaps and possible hazards coverage. 
Training procedures and responsibilities
Respective management heads will be responsible to provide regular training support to the professionals who will maintain risk management plan and implementation. Trainers will follow both theoretical as well as practical test to ensure knowledge improvement. 
Plan distribution list
Risk management plan will be shared with the following departments:
Recovery plan
Disaster occurrences
It is important to maintain regular announcement and sharing of information so that all of the responsible personalities will get aware of disaster. These activities will include measurement possible hazards, measurement of damages and information of hazards and risk concerns (Howes, 2015).  
Activation of plan
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Alternate site of operations
After completion of secondary phase professionals AEKC will follow primary operations of risk and disaster management plan. This implementation will help understand supplementary options if required. 
Transition to primary site
This phase includes activities when it will be required to return en earlier phase if necessary. 
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