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On the other hand. it is mentioned earlier that explana to design does not relies on any kinds of variables which in this contemporar research work. Padgett (201C. p 11) opined that onc of the major things in this topic is that it is based on an existing theory u hich is needed to be justificd i hether it is right or ii rong therefore. choosing the descripti c dcsign by the researcher is u ise one
Data collection Method
1. Data source
In order to conduct the research work through proper nan. the research acquired data from primal sources. According to Norris (2015. p. 450). Primary research is generally a research process u hich is conducted  b›  the researcher  personally . Through  this process of research u ork mainly researcher acquires first hand daia from the field u’ork by preparing sets of questions for the target audiences or participants u lio are generally randomly selected. There are sei’eral methods  through  u hich  primary  data are collected such as interi’ieu’s. suri’ei s. i isiting the location of focus group and questionnaire through online process. In this contemporary research u ork. the researcher selected both sure eys and intein’ieu s of einployccs and managers of the companies of Kim ait Airu ni s and Oman Oil Compare .
2 Data Collcction technique
According to Ritchie e/ o/. (2013. p. 12). in order to collect data through proper u at . researchers generally depend on the population of the i hole data collection process on u from researchers study or ask open or close ended questions. There are mainly In o kinds of data collection technique to acquirc data from  primal‘  sources  Qualitatii‘c  t8chniqilGs  arc follou ed through organising an intern ieu u itli the target group by u'liich proper deductii e ansu crs and data are collected rising sei’crnl open ended questions On thc other hand. a quantitatii’e data collection technique proi’ides researcher certain numeric data u'hich is essentially important for the researcher to come up u ith a presentable research result regarding the issue or the subject
In this research work. trobability and non-probability saml›ling technique are acquired by the researcher through online process. Randomly selected employ ees front mentioned companies are asked question bj the researcher. Questionnaires are pro ided to employees through emails and ansu ers are reccn’ed through same u ay, Taylor e/ nf. (2t1l 5) opined that
Random method is selected bj the researcher in order to gis e proper and equal chances to all the employ ees to express their x’ieu’ by ansu’ering same questions regarding their scenario, Probabilit› random sampling techniques are esseniialli important through u hich certain challenges regarding ethical issues of the research u orL can be mitigated properly. In case of intTin nu . n proper confcrcncc intTin’4Gu is organised b› the researcher u ith the CEO and Marketing manager of Oman Oil Company and Chaintian. Marketmg Manager and Vice Chaintian of the company of Kuu ait Aim ays
In order to acquire proper data through the both sum ey and questionnaire saitipling size holds the ke position as it defines the aiithenticit› and depth of the research work. In this conteitiporary research u ork. the researcher has selected 97 employees and managers froiti the companies of Oman Oil Company and Kuu ait Are› ays. Total fi e itianagers froiti these companies are selected for the research and 92 employ ees of these companies are selected for SU ’ey
Ethical Consideration
Ethical consideration of a research u ork detennines the authenticity of a research u ork. In order to conduct a research u ork, certain steps are needed to be taken essentially carefully in order to ai’oid ant kind of casualties regarding data. participants or researchers.
Confidentiality is one of the major challcngcs of a research u ork u hich is necded to be properly maintained in a research u ork. In this conteinporain’ research u ork. all personal information from employees and managers through survey and questionnaire process are properly maintained. Oman’ s electronic Transaction law is maintained u hile acquiring data from the Oman Oil Companies (ita.got .oin. 2017). On the other hand. different telecommunication re gulatow' is maintai@d bj the researcher though proper may.

This  is  one  of  the   needs  of  a  research   process  u hich  is  needed   to  be  properly maintained by the researcher while collecting data Conteiiiporary researcher gis en opportunities to the participants through u hich tliej can ansu er i oluntarily and their participation is also according to their i’oluntan irn’oli’cment. On the other hand. no iinderagc participants are allou ed by the researcher in the process
Different legislations like The Human Right Acts, data Protection Act and frcedom of Information Act arc properly‘ maintained bj‘ the researcher u ho also explained  the purpose of the data collection process to each participants of the research process.
There are certain limitation of this research  work which is scen in diffcrent steps of the research process. Certain limitations are:
Formulating objectives and aims of the research:
While conducting the research work. researcher faced huge issues to progress u ith certain compact objectii’e through u'hich the backbone of the research u ork on this contemporao issue can be commenced. The research segitient is narrou ed do» n properly’ u here brand crisis management through the process of social rued ia in Middle Eastern countries is at the focal point of the rescarch work.

Certain challenges are faced bi the researcher u hile conducting the suri’ei process through online medium. Certain delay u hile acquiring ans» ers of the sure ej question happened because accessibility and technical issues u hich cause monetary problems for the research
Time issue.
A bettcr process of research could be acquircd b› thc rcscarcher b› ini’olving morc pcoplc in the research  to gather  greater data if more  tune  and itioney  are allocated  for  the  research u ork.
Methodology is the backbone of a research sork through which progress of a huge research work can be determined and maintain properly. Methodology of this contemporary research work enlightens deep delved knowledge regarding the progress of this research work on the impact of social media communication on crisis management of middle eastern companies. The progress of the research work shows the philosophy, approach and design of the research work through which key elements and determining factors are properly mentioned. Positivism philosophy, deductive approach and descriptive design is followed by the researcher and in data collection process, primary sources are used by the researcher to collect important data. On the other hand, proper sample size, ethical consideration and limitations of the research work also mentioned through proper way.
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