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Executive Summary

The given assignment is of research methods which are defined as tools and techniques required for collecting information about assigned topic so that there is better understanding of respective topic (Adler and et. al., 2017). There are different types of research methods which can be used for attainment of positive outcome. Organisation given for report is ALDI which is focusing on providing early training to their staff so that they can enhance skills, knowledge and experience in best manner. This training will be provided to new and initial staff to know more about their roles and responsibilities for better work performance.


Research methods are defined as processes, strategies and technique which are utilised in collection of data and information for provided topic in order to cover some new information for better understanding of topic (Bristowe, Selman and Murtagh, 2015). It is very important to use proper method of research so that accurate and correct information are collected and set aim and objectives are gained. The given report is based on ALDI organisation which was founded in 1946 headquarters at Germany. It is retail organisation that deals in grocery and household essentials. The main aim of report is to provide early training to staff of ALDI Manly Wharf. This assignment address three different questions such as factors focused by ALDI in training new staff, how employees are thinking about initial training and retailer train new staff.


1. How retailers train new staff?

It is very important for organisation to provide proper training and development session to their new staff. As they are new to business so they should be made aware about their roles, responsibility, duties, mission and visions in most effective manner for work performance (Bryman, 2016). Firstly, organisation has to be aware about their skills and knowledge and accordingly they should be provided more training and development. In case of ALDI, it has hired new staff so they need high quality training and development session to enhance their skills, knowledge so that they gain good experience in most effective manner. Here, retailer has to be providing training to their new staff as they are already experience in particular field so they know how to perform work in business and attain set results. There are all together 22 employees out of which 12 have done initial training.

While providing training by retailer, they have to make everything clear to employee first and conduct induction programmes for a week to make them more clear about organisation core value and objectives for which they are going to work in business (Chu, 2015). While conducting training, they should begin from initial level as they are new to business so they might lacking experience in particular field. Firstly, they provide theoretical knowledge and then practical should be provided. They have to help them to perform their roles and responsibility by guiding them in each and every phase for better performance. Training plays an important role in life of new staff as through which they perform different activities and operations at workplace in most effective manner.

2. What are the key factors focuses on by ALDI in training new staff

It is very important for ALDI to consider different factors while providing training to new staffs so that they can work accordingly and achieve goal and objectives. Some of key factors focused by ALDI in training new staff are as follows:

Creating Positive Environment- It is important for ALDI to provide their employees with positive environment so that they can perform better work and attain set outcomes (Drawson, Toombs and Mushquash, 2017). Positive environment plays important role in life of new staff because they get positive vibes and focus more on learning new things and apply in their skills to enhance business goal and objectives.

Company orientations- This is another factors which should be focused by ALDI while training their new staff so that they know about rules and regulations in most effective way. It is important to be clear about goal, objectives and orientation of company in advance for better work performance. It is very essential to be clear about orientations of company and work accordingly for set desired outcomes.

Computer Based Training- New staff should be provided training for computer too so they can cope up with digital world (Zhang and et. al., 2017). In current scenario, most of the business are using computer for storing their data and information in proper way. This helps in saving time as well as cost for business. It is important factors which should be considered by ALDI for their new staff so that they can grow as well as sustain at competitive marketplace.

Improving Skills- The individual possess skills which should be improved by providing them with proper training so that they will develop it more for better results (Queirós, Faria and Almeida, 2017). In current time, skills play an important role for work performance in organisation. In case of retailer industry, employees required different types of skills to deal with their customer and provide them with high quality services and products. If they are treated well then their brand value and loyalty towards company rises in effective manner.

Therefore, these are key factors which should be focused by ALDI while training new staff at workplace in positive manner. It is very important to consider all above factors for new staff for high productivity and profitability of business at competitive marketplace.

3. How do employees of ALDI at manly think about their intial training?

Initial training is also called induction training which is provided to new employees by their employer in order to help them for adjusting with new tasks, roles and responsibility to become familiar with working environment as well as people working around them (Veal, 2017). This training is very important for all new staffs that have joined organisation in an effective manner. This makes them clear about their actual work performance in most diligent way. Employees of ALDI have to think about initial training to enhance their skills and knowledge so that they can easily deal with new staff working in organisation. Both existing as well as new staffs has to be trained in particular field so that they give their best to business.

They thinks about initial training as they find new employees in an organisation who are needed with such training so they thought of getting session for themselves for rising their skills and knowledge along with knowledge to perform different activities and operations of business (Ventresca and Mohr, 2017). ALDI is large retain business which required highly skilled and talented workforce which is possible by providing them with training and development programmes. There are 22 employees working in ALDI out of them 12 have done their initial training. This training is provided when employees has joined organisation for first time to perform different activities and operations at workplace. It is essential to conduct training on regular basis so that they can build their confidence and skills for working in corporate field. Therefore, training plays an effective role in success and growth of business along with aligning individual objective with firm in effective manner. This will helps in achieving long term goal as well as objective with positive outcomes. In this they thought for training and work accordingly to gain positive results.


The report concluded that research method helps to conduct research by collecting data and information about given topic. It has been considered that Research methods accompanied with processes, strategies and technique which are utilised in collection of data and information. The qualitative method is used as it provides in depth study about subject matter and reach to final conclusion. Training plays an effective role in success and growth of employees working in an organisation to enhance their skills and knowledge. The organisation has to conduct training on regular basis so that final goal and objectives are accomplished in positive manner. As per nature of business, training should be selected so that maximum output is gained along with enhancement of productivity as well as profitability in most effective manner.


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