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Representations of Feminism



1 Introduction

Political background of Nayantara Sahgal put her to evidence women as the feeble victims of the conventional society in India. Feminism gets a new light from Nayantara Sahgal’s point of view. She had tried her best to uplift the spirit of self-respect among women. Major protagonists of her feminism-based novels are enthusiastic and keen to set independent and individual personality in the society with the hope to bring and be the change for future era. Women are not subjected to undergo the men domination. This report is the elaborate study of Nayantara Sahgal’s novel in representing feminism.

2 Research area

The contextual factor of this research is to put special focus upon existing concept of feminism and the scope for future change in India and global context (Hassan and Sharma, 2017). Nayantara Sahgal always intended to bring equality providing ultimate freedom, identity and a better scope of living to women. The writer depicted hard truth of contemporary society and culture regarding feminism in her novels and sowed the seed of revolution providing a morale based solution to get escape from this social and superstitious boundaries (Selvi, 2016) . From the point of view of Nayantara Sahgal, women deserve their position as per their ability and skills.

3 Present scenario of feminism

According to the journal of (G, 2018), nowadays, feminism is majorly accepted as women are comparatively competing with contemporary men in every walks. Women are not ready to undergo the unjust or irrelevant demand or superstitions of current society. They are not subjected to suffer the domination of parents, husband and later children. In this context, at present, in India, more than 60% employees of corporate sector are women especially the managerial posts. At present, gender division is a poor thinking in modern society, which actually determines the narrow mentality and standard. Women are the spokesperson of tradition, rules and other norms to their children and other family members. 

4 Social living

In major novels of Nayantara Sahgal, social scenario is presented, where she stated the status of women, the ill treatment and poor educational system and their victimization of monotony in the society (Singh, 2013). The people of twenty first century need to be conscious to eradicate the social boundaries from the society and to enhance the living and social position of women in order to make a better future for upcoming generation. The novelist feels the untold story of thousands of women and weakness, raised her voice against it in order to awake the victims also.

5 Conclusion

Modern women are more rebellious and progressive. They have enough potentiality to fight against conflict, social misery, bitterness, economic constraints and others. They are truly empowered with the boon of feminism, what Nayantara Sahgal dreamed to prevail in India especially. In a word, it is to be state that the all the collection of  Nayantara Sahgal is nothing but a way to awake the modern people about the poor condition of women, who is the home maker and creator of our society will all their soul dedication. 

6 References

 G, S. (2018). Social Realism and Psychological Transformation of Women Protagonist in Nayantara Sahgal’s Storm in Chandigarh and a Situation in New Delhi - A Study. Global Journal of Archaeology & Anthropology, 3(1).

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