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Reflective writing


Examination of effective team communication

Throughout the whole collaborative project, I come to know about the key criterion of the effective team communication. At the very beginning, I want to mention that a collaborative project always required the perfection and aptness in case of maintaining the team bonding in the effective team communication. In this context, this process seeks the brainstorming section to gather the team with the help of some specific key features.

Brainstorming process undertaken by the group:

I come to know the fact in accordance with (Adams, 2013), the brainstorming process used to follow four particular steps to use the effective team communication aptly. Regarding this case, I shared it with my team members that laying out the problem, which we want to solve, is the first task we need to do. Therefore, the second step is the identification of prime or key objective to a possible solution, which will lead the whole process to reach or achieve it. However, the third section of this brainstorming process is to try dedicatedly in order to generate several solutions individually by the team members. At the end, the final or fourth step of this process is to start the problem solving method in accordance with the above-mentioned three steps respectively with the help of all team members.

Communication practices adopted by the group:

As per my point of view, the best communication practices, which are essential for the team collaboration is to maintain the team essence. In this context, the best-adopted communication practice by our team was only to achieve the projects’ success within the deadline and utmost perfection. According to the published news of (Andre, 2015), the proper maintenance of the collaborative team require the clarity to wipe out the confusion and other barriers of communication system. Therefore, the generation of appropriate understanding, this is the result of the belief and individual background of the team members of our collaborative team. The intermingling of the first and second element is there for making the team members efficient to provide active actions with the help of the encouraging input or dedication. Therefore, the use of modern media function is there to upgrade the communication system in all sections, specially the social media service. All of these elements of communication practices are mostly responsible for generating the trust worthy relationship among the team members in order to smooth the com system of the team itself.

Strengths of group’s communication strategies:

The communication strategy with the help of media service of a collaborative team needs to have specific strength to unite the team into a single power. As per my opinion, the effective communication strategies are there to enhance the pace and working environment of the project. On the other hand, my experience provoked that fluency and proper maintenance of the communication strategy has enough potentiality to influence the internal and external stakeholder (Ray & Ray, 2017).  Therefore, a collaborative project always seeks the aptness in communication system in order to eradicate barriers and complex city, which are there to stand as obstacles in the process and progress of a collaborative project.

Limitations of group’s communication strategies:

In case of discussing the limitation of group communication strategy I want to mention the most harmful section, which gradually exploited the pace and progress of our collaborative project. In this project, we have faced several contradictory situations in working with this collaborative team members. In this context, the team conflicts are there to stand as highly challenging issue to erect the team bonding. On the other hand, the resource and time allocation system used to create huge drawback in the organizational decision-making process (Kokemuller, 2017). Therefore, the lack of appropriate leadership also affected the communication strategy degrading the team performance.

Capability in self-reflection

In this case, I really like to work with my team members in a cooperative manner. The prime reason behind this is that I have previously experienced that the effective team communication has enough potentiality to wipe out major misconceptions and to enhance the efficiency power to dedicate myself in the collaborative project. In this context, my aim is to set my future career to acquire a position of an efficient manager. However, I am always used to get connected with the team members in order to bring perfection and pace in the group collaboration project. My personal strategy is to involve myself in project work abiding the strategy of sharing knowledge, listening to the companions, following the project guideline, only to achieve project’s success. The backbone of my strategy is to build up strong unity and bonding among the team members in order to build highly efficient team for a collaborative project.

Ongoing learning

Areas of personal improvement

In this context, my personal evaluation over my own ongoing learning leads me to put special focus upon the areas for improvement and modification. From my point of view, my best and effective strength to make myself highly efficient for working with the group members is open involvement with the team member by sharing knowledge and with the intention to listen and adopt their positive sides. On the other hand, I have examined that I need to improve my communication fluency in case of working under intercultural team members. However, this inability is there to push me back from this current competition level. Therefore, another limitation of my group performance is the lack of stability in case of taking the decision making process, which is the nuclear ability of a leader. From this point, I need to upgrade my mental ability to keep quiet and calm in hazardous situation.

At the end, I think the communication process is the core factor to thread a collaborative project’s team members. However, the maintenance of proper and smooth communication system among the team members can lead a project towards utmost success. However, individual performance has enough potentiality to make the flexible working environment and pace with the help of strong team bonding. In addition I want to add that the regular super vision, evolution, feedback system can improve the team communication and performance level. 


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