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Reflective report on role of leader in change management process


Reflective report on role of leader in change management process


            In the context of capitalising learning and development opportunities, seminar and lecture experiences can be helpful for me as a learner. I have attended change management course, seminars and take guidance of my supervisor that help me in identifying the change and ways through which learning may take place. I have attended this course to understand the role of leadership in change management process in an organization. In addition, I attended seminars and conferences that can help me to identify strategies that could be helpful for me to exact focus on the research problem. 

A critical reflection of literature review process

            Before the course, I was unaware about the concept of literature review and change management process. But after conducting course, I was found that it can play an important part in critically evaluating the studies done by previous scholars on the similar topic. This section encourages me as a researcher to include my personal judgment and views of others authors about role of leadership in change management process in an organization. Initially, before attending the course, I thought that change management and leadership are not playing an important role in change management process and the success of organization. But after reviewing studies of Ajmal and his colleagues, I found that in order to achieve success for long time survival, change management practices can play an important role. From the literature review, I was able to understand the importance of leadership in organization and essential qualities which are required in leaders to handle change management in a proper manner.

            As per my opinion, leaders and firms should including some other factors trade policies and regulations, innovation in manufacturing process, social and culture value and brings new business idea to deliver customers value and satisfaction. However, I was not fully satisfied with the finding of Ajmal and his subordinates. From reviewing different research papers and my own understanding, I want to add some other change management related issues at the same time, such as lack of support from top management and poor integration between different departments etc. which are responsible for creating problems in success path of enterprises in the modern arena.

            In order to overcome my weakness of better expressing my thoughts and understand the view of others, I plan to attend lecture and seminars. I think that these kinds of strategies would be beneficial for me in future to identify factors not previously considered and reveal common findings among studies in a significant manner. From attending the lecture sessions and reviewed given research paper on role of leader in change management, I observe that change is ongoing process and it can play crucial role in terms of reducing resistance level of employees and enhance their contribution towards growth of enterprises in the cut throat competitive arena. I learnt change-a planned activity topic in seminar, from which I find that proper implementation of change at three different levels including individual, group and organization that are required to attain success in long term perspective.

            By attending the seminar, I was able to identify factors that facilitate change in an enterprise and it provides the theoretical input to my research idea.  In addition, it helped me in the formulation of the research question that how leadership facilities the process of change. During the course, I examined the problems which are facing by most of the organizations during change management including lack of leadership concentration, poorly developed strategy, and less attention toward people behaviour. Besides that, through critical review of change as a process activity, I was able to get an up-to-date picture of the change management strategies and leadership contributions in managing change processes in a proficient manner.

            During course, my supervisor guides me to search case study related to organization where change management was handle effectively. With the help of secondary data analysis, I found case study on GE, which adopt Lewins classic three step model to overcome the resistance of their employees (Khan and Hashim, 2014). From reviewing the unfreezing stage, I was able to identify the role of leader to overcome individual and group resistance. This case study helps me to understand the movement stage of this model that helped management of company to transform the organization from initial stage to a desired end state. During review of GE case study, I found that through refreezing stage, firm was able to stabilize the new change and it was possible through making balance between driving and restraining forces. From analyze this case study, I was able to identify the main change causes and strategies adopt by leaders of GE to overcome those changes in a significant manner.

            Earlier, before attending seminar and workshop, I was unaware about role of leader as a change agent in the change management process but after analyzed review of different authors and attending course, I found that leadership traits including self-confidence, realism, ambition, creativity and dedication can help leader to control a group of people. As per my experience and critical evaluation of different studies, I observe that leader play different roles like an architect, teacher and steward role within organization. During the course my tutor gave me example of Yahoo CEO Leadership to understand the role of leader during change management process. It motivated me to study the case of Yahoo which is an IT giant firm and the impact of its leadership change on the performance of organization. After becomes new CEO Marissa Mayer’s, enterprise business from almost every angle was improved and employees were coming back who had previously left Yahoo. Managing talent, a new program designed to encourage employees and lucrative perks and packages kinds of strategies adopted by new leader of firm helped company to overcome resistance of employees towards change at workplace (Troyani, 2014).

             As per my view, I can say that these learning strategies encourage me to revisit the original research idea and of the research problem that can affect growth of organizations in the global world (Cameron and Green, 2015).  During the course, I studied that charismatic leadership and trust in top management can be helpful in increasing involvement of employees and their contribution in performing day to day task in a proper manner.

            Crease (2007) argued that change management process is integrated with other terms including change, project and change management, but investigator miss leadership that can play crucial role in change management process. Researcher stated that in order to deliver a positive outcome to the organizations, it is necessary for management team and leader to consider all these three components properly (Crease, 2007). However, I was not fully agreed with the fact provided by Crease regarding to change because without considering leadership and mentorship approach, firm would be unable to grasp advantage.  Despite of that, from the support of my lecturer and findings of Cummings and Worley (2014), I was able to accomplish literature review critically and better the topic of change management effectively (Cummings and Worley, 2014).

            After conducting literature review and attending course, I reveal common findings among studies and identify factors which were not previously considered by other scholars in their studies. Along with this, chronological descriptions of different researchers findings were also helped me as a researcher to examine the role of leader in change in management process within organization.

Knowledge and use of relevant theory

            Seminar/lecture experiences provide me learning opportunity to enhance my knowledge level and understanding about the topic. In order to express my internal cognitive processes and abstract concepts that I have gained during my course, I can describe with the help of Kolb’s Learning Cycle.

Kolb’s Learning Cycle

            I studied four stages of learning cycle during seminar. I observe that concrete experience was generated through attending the seminar on change management. As per the Kolb style, I found that I have learnt most of things from experiences of my life basis. They were provided countless opportunities to me to 'kick-start' the learning cycle. Earlier, I was not aware and interested about change management process. In the context of understanding the role of leader in change management process, I follow Kolb and Kolb (2012) model to enhance my learning experience and it encourages me to do something and derive knowledge from my own experience of being a college student (Kolb and Kolb, 2012).

            On the basis of peers observation of my supervisors and comments made by faculties and colleagues were helped me to improve my learning and professional development skills. I found that change leader should have following capabilities including first rate intelligence, persistence, stamina and determination to effective organizational change at workplace. Abstract conceptualization provides me opportunity in rising to a new idea and modification in an existing abstract concepts framed by different authors related to change managements. On the basis of my reflections and experience, as a researcher I was able to understand the educational theories and their implications in real time scenarios. (Bergsteiner, Avery and Neumann, 2010).

            Through readings Anderson (2011) literature on change management process and by attending seminar as well as class room sessions, I was able to bring together theories and the analysis of past action related to same topic. I found that visionary transformers are needed to bring quality-lead strategic change. For my understanding, I observe that technological advancement and more adaptive nature toward change are required to get an edge over their competitors in the modern arena (Anderson, 2011). From the guidance of supervisors, and colleagues supported me to come to conclusions about my practice. After applying these strategies, I was able to recognise the importance of learning and development in improving personal and individual process in a significant manner. In the active experimentation stage, I express my conclusions which I have formed in earlier abstract conceptualisation stage. By understating the role of leader in change management process, I can practice to generate another concrete experience. On the basis of analyze my learning and development skills, I found that to learn from my experience is not sufficient for me because this knowledge will only take me into stage 1 of the cycle (Bergsteiner, Avery and Neumann, 2010). However, by reflecting on my experiences and attending seminars and supervisors sessions, I can be able to better understand the change management topic and test interpretations regarding to recognize learning & development importance on a personal and individual process. From my observation and supervisor experience, I can say that without executing all four stages of the model, it is difficult for me as a researcher to grasp advantage from effective learning and enhance learning procedures. For the purpose of understanding reflective learning & development as a personal and individual process, learning styles developed by Honey and Mumford were considered by me that can be described in detail as follow.

Honey and Mumford learning style

            According to this theory, in order to maximise own personal learning, it is essential for me to understand the learning style and opportunities to learn using that style in a significant manner. Earlier, I was unaware about learning styles and their roles for improving learning and development skills of an individual. But after attended seminars and sessions of my supervisors and review of Anderson (2011) findings, I was able to better understand about different types of learning styles. From these sessions and my understanding, I can say that for interactive learning, group work opportunities, activists learning style or an open-minded approach can be beneficial for me. In order to understand theorist style, it is necessary for me to understand the theory behind the actions and concepts engaged in the learning process (Anderson, 2011).

            From the literature review, I found that through debate around change management theories and concentrate on concepts; I can be able to draw new information and engage self in the learning process effectively. On the basis of reviewing pragmatist learning style and reviewing Kolb and Kolb (2012) findings as a learner, I can say that from practical aspects, it can be helpful for me. During the course, I observe that problem-based learning and interactive learning can be helpful for me to express new ideas, theories and techniques related to topic. In my class sessions, I involve in various activities such as case studies, problem solving discussion and applying learning practical in real time scenario’s etc. Despite of that, I learnt about reflector learning style in which learners more emphasize on observing and thinking about what happened. For understanding this learning style, my guide communicates with me and my colleagues through asynchronous communication. It motivates me to share my learning experience from a variety of perspectives. By applying various tactics, observing and thinking about what happened, collecting data, view experiences of different perspectives of authors, I was able to work towards an appropriate conclusion.

            After reviewing these learning and development models and seminar discussions, I observe that role of leaders and ways to handle change management strategies adopted by leaders to overcome change; I can be able to improve my learning style. From my work experience and lectures, new idea about leading change including communicate the vision and consolidate improvements and produce more change in my mind occur. This would be beneficial for me in terms of reinvigorate the change process and communicating new vision and strategies for achieving it. Idea came in my mind related to create a vision to direct the change effort and strategies adopted by leaders for realizing the vision tactics that are using by most of the organizations in their day to day business functions in the present arena.

Challenges come in learning

            However, it will be difficult for me as a learner to incorporate this idea with real time business case scenario because without awareness of learning styles and their implementations, I would be unable to apply this change in a proper manner (Musa and Armess, 2010). However, I will prefer pragmatist learning style as a learner from practical aspects because it can help me to identify the ways through which I can put the learning into practice and express new ideas, theories and techniques to solve change management related problems in an efficient manner. In this regard, problem-based learning and interactive learning approaches could be beneficial for me to take learning and development actions more appropriately (Allcock and Hulme, 2010).  

            I studied Anderson (2011) research for understanding the role of leader in managing change that can lead team in a proper manner. I criticize this fact provided by Anderson (2011). I stated that only on the basis of coaching and mentorship, any organization and individuals would be unable to adopt change. As per my opinion, along with mentorship, support of staff-members and proper awareness about causes of change and their impact on organization would be required in order to overcome negative impact of change and reduce employee resistance in a significant manner (Anderson, 2011).

Critical evaluation and findings

            On the basis of my learning, findings of Akella (2010) and experience which I have gained from my supervisor and seminars, I plan to take actions of improving my learning attitudes and knowledge regarding change management (Akella, 2010). Musa and Armess (2010) explored that E-learning can be helpful for managers in terms of establishing better relationship with their team-members and overcome the negative impact of change on organization and individuals (Musa and Armess, 2010). Allcock and Hulme (2010) stated that classroom learning can be helpful for me as a college student in increasing my knowledge about change management and leadership styles. As a learner, I strongly agree with the fact the findings of Allcock and Hulme (2010). I observe that without understanding leadership and learning styles, an individual will not be able to evaluate the concept of change management process and its impact of firms and people associated with it in a proficient manner.

            Along with this, I will take several other actions including share a vision, emphasize on smart-work and attending supervisor lectures regularly to clear my doubts about change management process. Besides that, through managing my priorities, developing a positive learning attitude, improving skills and knowledge and ability to communicate effectively, I can be able to improve my knowledge about change management and leader role in a significant manner (Hayes, 2014). However, without using modern digital techniques, I would be unable to grasp opportunity of learning and development in a significant manner.

            Henceforth, on the basis of critical review of literature and studies done by previous researchers related to role of leader in change management process, it is found that learning styles, sessions and seminar techniques can be beneficial for me to better understand this topic. After reviewing the learning and development models including Kolb’s Learning Cycle and Honey & Mumford’s Learning Styles, I was able to observe and think about different cases of organization and strategies adopted by them to overcome negative impact of change and it helps me to work towards an appropriate conclusion. Furthermore, real time cases of Yahoo and GE discussed in seminar session were helped me to implement my theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge. Through attending seminar and lecture sessions, I have recognized learning and development importance on a personal and individual process. I can say that in order to overcome my weakness of better expressing my thoughts to others, this study help me a lot. 

            On the basis of a variety of models and frameworks, I can say that in the context of capturing reflective learning and improving my knowledge, learning styles and different strategies including sessions, workshop and lecturers were helped me to solve my doubt and convert my change management and leadership theoretical aspects into real one in a significant manner. These learning approaches provided me as learner countless opportunities to better implement my knowledge and skills. After conducting the research, I found that my understanding about the role of leader, leadership style and change management were increased. Furthermore, it will help me to make a career in this field. Besides that, the present research helps me to understand the educational theories and their implications in real time scenarios in a proper way. However, I am still weak in some areas but through emphasizing on my learning skills and supervisor guidance, I can be able to overcome my weakness and better understand leader role in change management process. Furthermore, I can use this idea in the future for presenting a vision and creating leadership development when I will part of any organization in the future.  


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