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The report presents a brief analysis of the current business system of LTR co. in a precise manner. LTR co. is currently undergoing significant internal communication problems that have been disrupting their productivity and quality. The managers depend on emails to notify their workforces, which troubles them with information overload. There is highly inadequate communication between the different teams / departments of the organization, which results into data silos. The customer services team faces difficulties while requesting for information.

There are various ways discussed in the report that can mitigate the issues and enhance organizational productivity of LTR co.  Implementation of a strategic communication plan and internal communication software enables them to enhance communication. The company requires depending less on email and adapting to alternative communication methods. 


The role of organizational communication is of utmost importance to leverage operational efficacies of businesses in the modern business environment. In other words, proper communications amidst the organization can significantly enhance the overall performance of business to a greater extent. In this context, organizational communication can be best described as the various channels of communication that enable the internal stakeholders of the business to interact with each other in an efficient manner. 

On the other hand, the impact of data silos on businesses is generally adverse as it results into the wastage of resources and inhibition of organizational productivity by a great level. In this context, the following reports aims to encapsulate an analysis of the overall business system of LTR co. in a brief context. In specific, the report analyzes the organizational communication system of the organization in a significant manner. The report concludes with a brief set of recommendations to optimize the business operations of LTR co.

Section A: Overview of the Current Business Systems 

2.1 Organizational Communication

Through the case study, it can be observed that the organizational communication processes of LTR co. are heavily reliant on emails. The newsletter emails are sent to the employees that comprise of organizational information, but are frequently observed to lack fundamental information. In this regard, the managers of LTR co. are subsequently compelled to send reminder mails to the employees after the distribution of the mails. As per the opinion of Braun et al. (2019), it is of utmost importance for the communication taking place amidst the employees and the manager require being enriched with fundamental information, which helps in maintaining a manager-subordinate significant relationship. 

2.1.1: Communication Gap between Employees and Managers

As the communication amidst the workforces and leaders are synchronized and enriched with informative knowledge, it is beneficial for the leaders to implement effective leadership to motivate the workforces to optimize their performance. According to the research by Braun et al. (2019), it has been found that 60% of workforces prefer an appropriate face-to-face communication whereas only 26% stand for communication via email.  It had further highlighted email communication frequently has a detrimental effect on the job satisfaction of workforces. On the other hand, employees spend majority of the time processing and responding to e-mails, which also has a detrimental impact on workplace productivity. 

2.1.2: Information overload

Furthermore, it has also been observed that the employees frequently complain regarding the excessive volumes of mails that sent are sent, which eventually becomes difficult to manage. In this context, research conducted by Watts (2016) had highlighted the theory of “information overload”, which also consists of overload of emails in the workplace. In brief, Watts (2016) had highlighted that the workforces are frequently bombarded with excessive emails that becomes highly difficult to control, process and address once at a time. In this regard, the workforces of LTR co. may undergo issues such as overload of information that exposes them to the risk of missing out on fundamental organizational information and commit operational blunders. 

2.1.3: Security threats of e-mail

Furthermore, the case study had highlighted the email communication also comprises of exchange of sensitive organizational information. In this context, the study conducted by Choudhary (2013) had highlighted various risks related to email communication, such as confidentiality, delivery blockage, interception and modification of email etc. These threats can be detrimentally affecting the business operations of LTR co. It is necessary to secure the emails being sent for organizational purposes, which otherwise harms the privacy concerns. In this context, Choudhary (2013) further highlights that it is fundamental to encrypt sensitive information in order to prevent the risk of violation of confidentiality.

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