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The health care professionals have to face profound psychological impacts like guilt, anger, depression, inadequacy and sometimes suicide due to the perceived or real errors. The threat of imposing legal actions may prevent occurring such feelings and actions. This may also lead to incurring the loss of clinical motivation and confidence (Burns, 2016). This essay is detailing a case where errors of omission occurred due to some actions taken by a medical professional. The main actions performed by the medical professional and their accountabilities are discussed along with providing an explanation in brief.
Overview of case
The respondent did use a Schedule 8 drug, a drug for his personal use. On 28 April 2015, as witnessed by another nurse that the same respondent did use forceps pair to remove the syringes labels. As per witnesses by another nurse, the respondent also inserted his hurt and such forceps into the sharp container and thus to enquire about his actions. This action of lacing hand in a sharps container and removing the items resulted in breaching the Hospital Occupational Safety and Health; Sharp Handling and Disposal Policy. Further, the respondent also removed syringes filled with the Midazolam and fentanyl from sharp containers kept in Procedure room number and 4. While conducting the investigation, it was found that both conducted acts resulted in breaching the Western Australian Department of Health Misconduct Policy. 
1.Actions/ Omissions on the part of registered nurse contributed to adverse outcome for the patient
In addition to this, the respondent also did not bear his duty with due care and responsibility provided to him to manage the Ward by entering into the procedure room eve after providing directions by the senior staff members to do the same. Thus, the respondent committed a number of actions that could harm the patients as well as the property of the hospital. This could lo lead to harm to the reputation of the organisation.
Due to the wrong actions and procedures followed by the respondents, some impairment practices were also followed by the hospital to keep an eye and investigate the accuracy of actions. A health assessment was conducted by the consultant psychiatrist on September 1, 2016. During the assessment, it as found that the respondent was using the hospital's medicine for his personal use. It was also analysed that the respondent was suffering from a mental disorder and other related conditions for a very long time (Hamid, et al., 2016). However, history related to receiving treatment was also considered to draw any type of conclusion.
The respondent also attended a discussion on the health assessment report on October 20, 2016, with the Chair of the Western Australia Board of the Applicant. After much discussion, he sent a mail of apologies of being unprofessional while bearing his medical responsibilities to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Johnstone and Facn, 2019). 
2.Factors that contributed to adverse outcome for this patient
Due to not following professionalism and integrity in providing services, the conditions and restrictions were imposed by the western Australia Immediate Action Committee of the Applicant to restrict his access to Schedule 8 and Schedule 4. The respondent ware also restricted to work as a professional nurse since November 2015.
The practitioner may use some of the main practices approved by the Board of Directors of the organisation. For dealing with the prior or initial conditions, the practice may be defined as a role, remunerated or not, which enables the individuals to use their knowledge and skills as a registered nurse. It is not limited to the provision of clinical care along with using the skills and knowledge of a registered nurse in a non-clinical and direct relationship with the client, employed in administration, management, research, education, regulatory, advisory and policy develop departments affecting the safe services in the medical and nursing industry. The Practioner must not be registered on the professional nursing site (Poorchangizi, et al., 2017). 
Within the 14 days of informing about imposing the conditions, the practitioner is required to provide an approved form to AHPRA that may include reports given by Nursing Director or equivalent at every practice place every quarter or when required, access or request from the senior management in relation to the copies of payslips, rosters and related material, contact information and access from private health insurancers in relation to practicing the billing data (Haddad and Geiger, 2019).
It is also to be noted that the respondent or practitioner should be dealt with due care and professionalism. He should be kept in direction and supervision and must not provide the rights of administering, supplying, accessing or checking, handling and dealing with emergency cases. He should also not given rights to deal with the drugs and related substances like fentanyl irrespective of the case of proper approval, prescription and administered by a senior treating practitioner as provided in the nursing regulations act (Muliira, et al., 2017). 
The respondent is required to provide some main documents to the AHPRA within 14 days from the days from imposing the conditions. These documents may include acknowledgment on an approved form stating that AHPRA may collect reports from the senior management and professional team quarterly basis or when required to check that actions are being regulated as per the acknowledgment or not. It may also include acknowledgment of the approved form for the purpose of monitoring and regulating compliance along with imposing conditions to access the medication when required. Although, permission from the senior authorities is a must in this case (Weiss, et al., 2019). The last documents are a confirmation given on an approved form, by a senior person at every current practice. 
3.On the basis of literature, outline the actions that should have been taken by the Registered Nurse(s) to prevent the adverse outcome for the patient.
Based on the discussion and monitoring done on the practitioner, the senior management and directors provided that the practitioner is in need of undertaking a treatment related to mental disorders by a specialised psychiatrist and should attend sessions on a frequent basis. It is one of the most important and considerable ways which can help the practitioner understand his professional responsibilities and not performing any action that may cause to incur serious harm to the patient as well as organisation (Tønnessen, et al., 2017). It is also suggested that the practitioner is required to be mentored and guided by the other registered burse in case of facing any challenge or issue at the time of fulfilling his responsibility. In this care, the term ‘mentoring’ can be defined as a relationship that influences a registered and skilled practitioner or mentors to guide and monitor professional development in another practitioner. There should be a minimum of 6 sessions in a mentoring practice and each session should be of at least 1 hour which may cover the entire duration of 12 months.  
If the selected and approved mentor is not willing to provide the mentoring practice, the practitioner is provided with a chance to select another from the named provided initially. The nominations are required to be made under the 21 days of refusing the previous mentor. Within the 28 working days, The practitioner is responsible to provide a report containing the conclusions of mentoring, the solutions perceived by him and the benefits received by him from a mentor. This helps in providing the satisfaction to Board on the basis of which practitioners can be considered to work and providing professional services again (Vriens, et al., 2018).
Thus, the errors committed in the given case were related to the error or omission which could lead to harm to the patients as well as the practitioner in the long run. The procedure defined above is required to be studied in detail while applying and all procedures and provisions should be followed to comply with the laws and regulations of nursing. 
Based on the above, it can be concluded that providing services in healthcare and the nursing profession is not an easy task and one should be mentally stable and healthy to do the same. If a medical professional is dealing with mental disorders, it may commit mistakes whether knowingly or unknowingly, that may create issues for the organisation. It may also lead to incurring issues to the respondent related to restricting his/her medical practices as mentioned in the given case. The main omission created by the respondents is discussed above along with highlighting some points of the remedial process of the organisation. All information and data are collected from the authenticated sources like research paper based on nursing and healthcare while reading the information provided in the reading to ensure the accuracy and reliability of findings.
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