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The primary growth or the improvement graph of a company lies in its core section, which is the management department. Since a firm is a cluster of several teams and talents, it needs to be tactfully managed by the entitled authority. The chain of its hierarchy and structure can be highly affected, despite its outstanding work force, labor, and technology and service quality.
The management is typically responsible for maintaining the growth strategy and scheme of the firm. In Order to execute a marvelous plan, important skills like methodical arrangements, supply of equipments, maintenance of products and services, proper implementation of people skills and soft skills by avoiding unnecessary dispute, are all criteria covered by the project management team. A group of appropriate experts is required for a successful company, with the extensive knowledge of crisis management, budget maintenance, ideology and estimations of the current happenings of the company and keeping everyone else updated about the same.
Detection of core obstructions in the company with the help of advanced techniques
In order to get control of a running project, the most important step to be performed is to identify or find the triggers to the improvement of the company. For excelling this criteria, every firm is required prepare and follow a useful strategy that is created based on the conditions of the particular company. As stated by Furterer (2016), these sets of strategies need to be alike and work effectively in common. The advantages and disadvantages of identifying the correct issues might vary from firm to firm.
In this particular scenario, the Australian company Latino engineering was run by a an highly experienced engineer, Sir Dominic Latino, who was highly knowledgeable about the particular field and managed to feed the firm with the rightful requirements, which lead to a reputational growth, a good number of client approach and stability.
As the company, Latino its respective owner sold engineering to an investment group, the entire management strategy of the company naturally changed. In aspect of this particular case study, the possible risks can be presumed, as the lack of incorporating enough time in planning and organization of strategies, which lead to an unwanted disarray. 
As per Albliwi (2014), the customer and client complaints, it can be understood that, proper declaration of instruction to the respective teams were lacking. As a result of which, inattentive and negligent errors came into sight, for example, untimely response to customer's, mistake in delivery of products and even more. Other risk also involves, unresearched technical methods, replacement of employees and high attrition rate. It shows that the management team was all over partially capable of managing the respective working groups of the company and establishing voice of declaration to meet the targets. 
An analytical overview of the continuous development plan for Latino Engineering
The first and foremost issue that seems to be the base of the issues arising in the company is about less amount of time or effort incorporated in the planning and organization. As stated by Gharakhani et al. (2013), the simpler the name suggests of this particular plan, the complex it is at most scenarios. Based on this plan, the other sections work. Strategies like, calling a staff meeting on regular intervals, organizing a managerial meeting frequently and discussing about the pros and cons leaves a strong impact on the future events and happening of the company. One of the members taking a lead of the team and setting other spokes or team leaders can help the workers get a better approach of the strategic plan as well and help them to contribute in it.
According to Goetsch & Davis (2014), the second most eminent point is to, go through the decided strategy with a common overview and move forward with it. The proper validation of data and the execution methods by the higher authority chain is always likely to provide the planners and organizers to be confident about their specific roles. The minor mistakes and negligence, that can cause harm to the growth strategy of the company, can easily be avoided with this particular method. It shall also save time in the long run settling events in a more or less perfect manner.
The execution of the implementation plan in a real time scenario based on the case study
As per the scenario, the possible risk factors have been powerful enough to affect the growth of the company in a comparably short period. These factors can be avoided by utilizing the different steps of execution plan. Right after the group of investors bought the company, the quality of service was effected in a negative way. Apart from that, other risk factors also came into sight in the rest of the months. 
With the help of the 7 QC tools, which is a widely known technology that has been used by several business sectors across the world to improve their business situations, the plan execution of this particular scenario can be broken down. As per Hutchinson, Whittle & Rouncefield (2014), the seven basic quality tools consists of effective set of categories that helps an individual to acquire an in depth knowledge of the growth structure.
The first tool that can be used to understand the present scenario of Latino engineering is the division or the stratification section. The information and data can be understood in a broken format, which includes the six-sigma quality, QC quality control as well. 
The histogram section can help understand the reasons behind the minor and bigger issues of Latino engineering. For example, the data collection of each day in a month from extreme effects to the lowest and also understand how employee performance was responsible for more amount of complaints from clients and customers. According to Ram, Corkindale & Wu (2013), the 7QC also consists of tally which is a common tool used in keeping track of all kind of accounts, market position, market values of products in a metric or calculative form, so that even a minor change is not missed out. The tally records also need to be updated accordingly.
The cause and effect figure involves the methodology, work force, equipments and relative aspects of the business. It gives the user the exact idea where the fault is and the exact issues, such as, rather than manipulating strategies imaginarily, the basic issue lies in lack of planning and management can be figured out with the help of this tool.
The 7QC also contains of other sections such as, the pareto and control chart, which as such can help in foreseeing the possible impacts on Latino engineering in upcoming years, which could save the company from the downfall.
An overview based on the new ideologies that can be adapted to overcome challenges and critical situations
In this particular case study, an in depth understanding of the continuing execution or implementation plan has been described along with how they can be utilized. According to Jeyeraman (2010), for every organization a standard method with an analytical report is required. The CPI theory is immensely helpful in improving business conditions and to excel in the specific field. There are several guides and theories introduced today by experts and one of them is the CPI setting report.
With the help of CPI the mentioned issues in Latino engineering could be mend and brought back to the previous condition and even better. In Order to explain the method specifically, with the help of this guide, the quality of work and services can be improved as this guide plays a key role in manipulating and improving one's management skills and professionalism in order to master in it.
On the other hand, Lean six sigma is one of the top guiding figures, which leads the industry today. As per Arnheiter & Maleyeff (2005), the critical success factors (CSF) in lean six sigma refers to the most prioritized and top-level objectives that needs to be achieved before deadline, to meet company target. These goals cannot be missed out or overlooked at any cost. 
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Figure 1: Critical Success factor of Lean Six sigma Management
The problems caused in Latino engineering management, appeared from different sections. It was not a matter of a particular department, as such, the customer service team, the sectors of the management team, the product-packaging department and more. 
Referring to the six-sigma technique the senior management team could reach a comparably higher level in much shorter time, compared to the traditional or manual methodology. 
In the opinion of Dale (2015), he lean six-sigma strategy is known to be capable of eliminating specifically eight kinds of unnecessary hurdles or waste from the growth procedure, such as, overproduction of elements, any defect in the procedure, non utilized tired, transportation, inventory and more.  
The facilities and benefits provided by such effective models and theories can never be acquired by a manual function or human brain at such rapid rate. 
In case of this particular scenario, the main critical success factors that need to be considered as per the frequently arising problems are putting things in order, one after the other and involvement of proper organization as mentioned earlier. This shall help in ignoring uninvited problems and maintaining a smooth growth graph. Secondly, the maintenance of equipments and machineries is one of the most important factors that need to be focused on. In order to avoid taking up the risk of using defective engineering equipments that can lead to dangerous consequences. Moreover, removal of the unnecessary that is acting as a continuous hurdle in the path of improvement is to be considered as well. As stated by Kalpakjian & Schmid (2014), the minor issues arising due to this is a distraction to the major and effective execution plan. Thus in case of Latino engineering these factors is mandated to be considered.
The long-term benefits and efficiency of the structured improvement plan in aspect of the company
One of the well-known pieces of guide that holds the philosophy of a successful business strategy and how to reach that point is required. It does not only tells about the technical aspects of the business process but the mentality a leader needs to acquire in order to achieve the same, O'Connell & Clark, 2017). The foremost plan that is proper planning and execution in the pictorial illustration describes how to prioritize the issues from the base in order to reach the in depth problems or root causes in the process. As opined by Pyzdek & Keller (2014), adapting the method of understanding the issue leads to following of the correct solution on its own by cutting cost and saving time. 
Moreover, the proper research and testing system should be implemented in order to avoid failure risks in the future. The methods need to be genuinely approved by several decision makers to get hold of a better target than opting for one-man decision. 
The above-mentioned improvement plan structure consists of a group of effective techniques that can help the company grow in a much more formal and professional way. According to Iqbal, Nadeem & Zaheer (2015). The strategy of a review, data checking and control of the company in a regular basis can help measuring risk limits by increasing final revenue of the company. 
Other efficient benefits like, bringing down cost or cost cutting, internal improvement of the company, acquiring more focused intentions, accepting difficult challenges and even more.
The job is always easier or quicker when an organized flow chart is followed. As per Gharakhani et al. (2013), the capturing of the ideas and techniques and implementing skills is easier when the jobs are appropriately divided to the right and skilled people. In this way, there shall be employee satisfaction and reduce attrition rate. These plans shall also bring a greater reputation to the company highlighting its significance with better exposure as well an increased market value.
However, there are several technologies and guidelines available today to seek help from in order to reach certain goals. Apart from the discussed, it is also important for the management team to build professional but healthy employer-employee relationship. Bringing about equity of labors in the organization can help keeping the company rules, regulations and policies intact.  It takes a certain amount of time and experience to build such environment and more difficult to maintain it throughout. In today’s competitive and ever advancing market, the role of a project manager is very important and valuable. As the individual basically needs to play a multitasker with knowledge in mathematical and calculative field, well updated about current affairs of industry as well as expert in people skills and communication is essential.
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