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Cadbury Project for building an infrastructure

Company background- Cadbury

Cadbury, owned by Kraft Foods are the second largest globally. The UK based company operates more than in 50 countries and employs more than 70,000 people worldwide. In 2010, Cadbury was taken over by US food company Kraft, upon the acceptance of GBP11.5Bn by the Cadbury Board.


The  company  has  an  operational  history  of  over  200  years.  In  1824,  it  started  as  a  grocer’s  shop  in Birmingham which subsequently became a successful family business manufacturing cocoa and drinking chocolate. In early 1900’s with the launch of Cadbury Dairy Milk and Bourneville chocolate the company’s growth led to opening up of overseas factories and became one of the UK’s largest brands. John Cadbury was the pioneer of the family business and by 1842 he was selling 11 kinds of cocoa and 16 kinds of drinking chocolate. The product lines were expanded continuously which led to increased profits.


Cadbury means quality’; this is our promise. Our reputation is built upon quality; our commitment to continuous improvement will ensure that our promise is delivered’. 'Cadbury has established itself as a company of fairness and integrity, which always attempts to operate as a socially responsible business'.

Competitors – Mars

Mars  Incorporated  is  the  largest  in  the  industry  globally  Mars  employees  more  than  70,000  people  in around 71 countries around the world. They offer the best in their diverse range of products including pet care, chocolate, gum confectionaries, food and hot office drinks to millions of people every day. 


Cadbury is one of the leading confectionary companies in the world which is based in the UK. It operates in more than 50 countries worldwide. The business was founded by John Cadbury which has a history of over 200 years, is now owned by US Kraft Foods since 2010.

Cadbury’s  employee  cadre  exceeds  70,000  people  around  the  world  and  the  company  believes  that people are one of their main strengths for their success. Hence they want to make the company a “great place to work for everyone”.

Within  Cadbury’s  there  are  many  functions  and  work  roles  including  engineering  operations  in  the manufacturing   section,   finance,   marketing,   sales,   information   technology   and   human   resources. Irrespective of individual roles keeping everyone happy and motivated is not easy.

Cadbury’s  values  and  culture  supports  its  employees  to  take  ownership  of  their  jobs  and  strive  for continuous improvements as a good employer.

The internal values of the company encourage everyone to speak positively about each other focusing on their strengths. This enhances listening to each other and a positive place to work.

Cadbury’s  pay  very  competitive  salaries  and  also  have  many  flexible  benefits  schemes,  including childcare  vouchers,  cash  alternatives.  These  cash  alternatives  include  the  opportunity  to  buy  and  sell their holidays, alternatives to company cars, and discounted life assurance schemes. At the production unit, the tasks are clearly identified and divided with the respective incentives for each task. However the employees  are  encouraged  to  be  creative  and  use  their  thinking  capabilities  to  contribute  towards change. The employees are given opportunities to take challenging and stimulating responsibilities.

The company takes every measure to provide health and safety environment to prevent accidents and hold employees accountable for following the measures and practices. Cadbury also offers a wide range of working patterns including, part/full time contracts, career breaks, parental leave and undertake work from home. The provisions for secondments and study leave are arranged as part of staff development.

Cadbury  provides  informal  opportunities  for  employees  on  a  weekly  basis  to  receive  and  request information  from  any  other  divisions  so  that  everybody  is  focused  on  the  company’s  aims.  A  two-way dialog  is  maintained  through  its  communication  programmes,  which  empowers  people.  They  also recognise and reward staff achievements positively, through their values awards schemes.

A suggestion box is a scheme is available at Cadbury’s where employees are encouraged to drop in their ideas  which  lead  to  improving  productivity.  Out  of  work,  they  also  have  ‘Fit  for  Life’  program  offering employees access to fitness centres, free health checks and annual fitness assessments by healthcare 

specialists. Cadbury has introduced and adopted many schemes as above in order to make a pleasant and happy environment for all its employees.

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