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Reflection is the process of looking into our own self, our personal experiences and the attributes we possess and we do not possess. It helps in deciding the best course of action for ourselves. The present reflection is aimed at discussing my own awareness of my personal experiences in the field of business. The career that a student chooses for themselves depends majorly on the feedback they receive from the external sources such as parents and personal achievement. For instance, a student who has achieved medals of excellence in the field of science will opt for higher studies in the same field with greater confidence.On the contrary, a student who keeps failing in science will opt for another subject because they have had a negative experience in the field. A person who has been told by their parents, relatives, and friends that he/she is good at singing might choose music as a career. It can be said that the personal experiences of students are directly linked with the career they choose for themselves. The other factors that determine the career selection are the interest areas and reflection is the best way to recognize it.

2.Awareness of personal experience

There are various subjects related to business studies that a person needs to study to achieve excellence in this field. The subjects are economics, business statistics, accounting, human resource management, organizational behaviour, marketing, business finance, business strategies, and entrepreneurship. I have an enormous interest in economics and have observed myself indulging in conversations with my classmates regarding the fiscal policies and current status of the Australian market consistently. I have been told by my supervisor that I have an analytical mind and can succeed in this field with effective training. I have consistently scored gratifying grades in statistics in school and have found myself enjoying performing statistical analysis. I had participated in various quiz competitions related to business studies and occupied the second position in some and first in others which motivates me to delve deeper into the subject. Although an area of weakness exist in business management. I find it difficult to grab the concept of this subject. However, one challenging subject does not demotivate me to choose bachelors in business studies as a career. The other positive experiences related to the field motivate me to work harder to overcome my weaknesses to achieve excellence in the field of entrepreneurship. 

3. Building professional networks

Professional relationships are an important aspect in the field of business studies. The networks built in this field are of prime importance as it provides opportunities in the future to collaborate which can be profitable. It is about building a synergistic relationship to improve job prospects in the long run. According to Daff & Jack (2018), it is beneficial when the students are searching for jobs and a recommendation from the person with social standing can prove to be beneficial in achieving an upper hand in job selection. I plan on achieving this by building strong networks by participating in events that promote business network building. Technological development has made it easier to build business relationships online through applications like LinkedIn. Although we need to be aware of whom we are building a relationship with because online networking can be deceiving at times. Another important factor in building a stable professional network is to maintain contact and building new contacts through existing contacts. 

4.Importance of mentor

There are various reasons for owning a mentor while preparing to contribute to the field of business and accountancy. The dominant reason is that they are experienced and learning from experiences for a central part of achieving success in any field (Turner et al. 2016). The mentor has the capability of guiding us by assuring we don't make the same mistakes that they made in the past and providing pieces of advice that are not printed in business studies books. They have massive networks that can provide us with opportunities to expand our existing networks. My mentor has really helped me in gaining insight into my own strengths and weaknesses. He motivates me to face the challenges with resilience. My mentor provides me with ample opportunities to build professional networks and have an optimistic effect on me.

5.Step for professional development

I have chosen "Accountant" as a career in the future which requires me to work on developing certain skills that are essential to achieve success as an accountant. The major skills required are organization, time management, leadership skills, communication, openness, and adaptability (Moore & Morton, 2017). The job of an accountant comes with a lot of responsibilities that need to be efficiently organized to fulfil each responsibility without losing mind. I focus on using planners to schedule my study time and build a to-do list each day to inculcate the organizational skills into my personality. On the contrary, the time management skills are of prime importance which is something I lack. I need to develop this skill in the future as the setting priorities are important to an accountant. As per Brownell (2015), there is a Japanese technique to manage time called the Pomodoro technique which can come in handy to organize and manage my time effectively.Furthermore, leadership skill is a very significant skill to inculcate as an accountant (Tan & Laswad, 2016).  I plan to enrol in a leadership training program that will be developing the strategic thinking pattern and develop effective long term plans. The communication skills of the accountant can be very beneficial in developing networks and building trustworthy relationships with the customers. I plan to develop business communication skills by exploring new perspectives in accountancy to become better at business communication skills. It is needless to mention that good listening skills are a central part of good communication which is why I try to understand the perspective of another person before speaking while communicating. 

6. Conclusion

The reflection presented in this essay has led me to choose "Accountant" as the best career option for me. The business studies course is most relevant for the achievement of my goal as it consists of Accountancy as the core subject. My experience with regard to business has been mostly positive which motivates me to take up this course of study. My mentor has an optimistic influence on me and reassures me which can prove to be beneficial for me to achieve success as an accountant.


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