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Advancements being made in the field of technology has skyrocketed the importance of IT sector in a nation. In order to carry out this study, Zervant would be taken into consideration. The first task would be enunciating the competencies and skills of an IT manager. The manager of IT is required to develop skills regarding personality and the team skills regarding the upcoming of advanced technologies. The plan for professional development for the manager of IT would be highlighted in the SWOT analysis. As a result, the individual is required to be trained regarding those technologies in order to sustain him or herself in the competitive market of IT. The demonstration of various strategies regarding effective management of time would be described in the evaluation as well. This would be followed by the analysis of the dynamics of team. The final task would describe the skills of effective management as depicted by an IT manager during the critical time of the organisation.   
P 1.1 Competencies, skills and responsibilities of a manager of IT
As a manager of IT in Zervant solutions, an individual needs to have a predetermined set of competencies and skills in order to carry out the job requirements effectively. In this division of the assignment, the various parameters such as competencies, skills, qualifications, responsibilities of a manager of IT for Zervant solutions are to be evaluated. 
Skills Prerequisite knowledge regarding the operat
ions of applications based on technology that are either based on web or are specific to machines are necessary. A minimum work experience of 6-8years in various fields of IT would be required in order to apply for this job. The individual should also be possessing proficient leadership qualities and should have impactful and crisp skills alongside decent communication skills.
The manager of IT would be responsible for the output produced by the entire team. As per the responsibility of the IT manager, the individual needs to keep everyone happy and occupied in the team. Moreover, the individual should also help to create a relaxed environment in the team.  
There are a large number of categories regarding the competency of a manager of IT 
Technical Competency: According to Huffman et al. (2014, p.453), a manager of IT should possess a great knowledge of technicalities regarding the task that the individual is going to assign to his subordinates. 
Behavioural Competency: Interactive skills need to be possessed by the manager for conveying insights in an efficient manner. Morale boosting communication and convincing power are also necessary, as this creates a positive impact on the team. The various types of demands from the behalf of the team members need to be taken care of by the manager of IT. The manager of IT needs to implement methods and conventions that would be utilised in work and would also be utilised to monitor any unethical practice being carried out in the group.       
P 1.2 Developmental requirements for a manager of IT
There are several requirements of development of a manager of IT at Zervant, as long as a manager of IT is concerned. As per Laferrière et al. (2015, p.256), a key aspect is developing successful bonds with not only the members of the team, but also with the senior level holders of positions. The utilisation of an individual needs to be well recognised and the factor of visibility is required to be well enough for a manager of IT to stay relevant within the company. Now, evaluating the performance, the received appraisals on behalf of the clients have the most weights. As a result, during a confrontation with the organisational clients, a manager of IT needs to be ensured of his interactive abilities and needs to be extremely brief regarding the manipulation and satisfaction of clients. These are the most significant needs of development of a manager of IT (Gamrat et al. 2014, p.1141). 
P 1.3 Designing professional and personal plan of development 
Under this section, a professional plan of development would be developed for a manager of IT at Zervant Solutions based upon several different parameters.
Ongoing Performance
The ongoing performance is extremely necessary regarding the judgement of longevity and future aspects of a manager of IT. The feedback from the members of the team regarding the manager is extremely important as well. Excluding that, it also needs to be evaluated whether the team and the manager has been dealing with warfare regarding the latest technology and the appropriateness of their response regarding the modifications in technology. The entire output on behalf of the team and its contributions for the company is also necessary. 

Needs in the future
In the vast world of IT, a daily modification is being carried out on a continuous basis and the experts involved with it are to be equipped with appropriate technologies. The manager of IT is required to develop skills regarding personality and the team skills regarding the upcoming of advanced technologies. According to Voogt et al. (2015, p.282), it is mandatory for any company to assume the advanced upcoming technologies along with their influence on markets of software. As a result, the individual is required to be trained regarding those technologies in order to sustain himself or herself in the competitive market of IT.  
SWOT Analysis
At Zervant Solutions, various types of aspects are there for a manager of IT to consider. The SWOT analysis would provide an in-depth analysis on the necessary skills of a manager of IT.
To complete all these responsibilities the manager must have a good sense of time. Time management techniques are as follows:
Covey’s Quadrants: It’s an effective time management strategy. It is based on priorities of activities. It states important work should be done first followed by the least important work. Diagram below explains
Covey’s Quadrants.
Maxwell’s Three R’S:  This strategy says a manager must ask three basic questions to himself. The three questions are: 
What is required: the IT manager must know what is important and what is not. The works must be done according to the priority.
What is the return: the manager must think about the outcome of the work.
What is the reward: fruit of the work is measured by the reward. A manager must know the reward that is to be received after completing the work.
3.1 Understanding the importance of teamwork in achieving the goal of a software project
Since the inception, teamwork plays a crucial role in software engineering because working alone involves greater risk and decreases the productivity of the output. In a software company the employees are divided among teams according to their hierarchy to make the job of software development efficient. The team of the software industry works at various level to complete their task on time because in software engineering following the deadline is mandatory. Maintaining proper coordination among the team members is very crucial in order to get productive output.
A software project is handled by software engineers, IT manager, analysts, developers and other technicians.
Role of the team members of software project team are as follows:
Software engineers: A software engineer is responsible for the formation of the code structure that is needed to form the base of the software.
IT Manager: An IT manager should have the complete knowledge on the technological development that is taking place in and around him. He   must possess some leadership quality in him because he manages the whole show in a software company. He must be an able communicator because he initiates the whole communication process in the company.
Analysts: Analysts assist the software developers while they perform their job.
Other technicians: The other technical experts design the overall software structure according to the need of the clients.
The working environment of the organization plays a crucial role in maintaining the working dynamics. On the other hand workers’ behavior also affects the team dynamics of an organization to a greater extent. In order to maintain proper team dynamics the IT manager must be very cooperative along  with the concerned team. Zervent   has a dynamic team, policy because the working atmosphere of the company is very soothing to its workers. Thus, it can be said that proper team dynamics increases the productivity of an organization.
3.2 Handling of tasks efficiently in an organization:
The main objective of a software company is to follow the deadline given by the client. The produced  work should be error free and should be done by following the guidelines  strictly. The IT manager is responsible for producing a flawless work to the clients. A proper guideline should be followed while preparing the project.
In a software company the code structure must be reusable because the structure of the   software  keeps on changing according to the need of the client. The codes of structure must be of  latest version to meet the requirement of the client's. The productivity of the task also depends upon the efficiency of the software engineers. Proper training should be given to the software engineers and the technicians so, that they can efficiently handle the software.
To complete the task effectively the IT manager should motivate the workers by providing incentives and salary hike. Following are the ways in which task can be efficiently completed.
Grocery list method: One of the effective methods of completing a task in an efficient way is to approach with grocery list method. In this way, similar to a grocery list, different to do events related to the accomplishment of the particular task are listed. The completion of the task is completed according to the list and this way, no trivial part of the task is left untouched. This method states that works must be listed according to their priority to complete them efficiently.
Getting this done: The different activities of a particular task can be categorized according to their priorities in different segments. One approach to complete a project is to priorities the activities in accordance to their significance to the whole task and get them done accordingly. It is a swift process to complete a task in time and effectively. 
The Kanban Method: According to this method work must be listed according to their importance so, that an employee can understand which, one to complete first and which, one at last. Kanban is a process of completing a task through continuous development towards the complete accomplishment of the task. In this method, the different activities related to a task are approached one by one and performed accordingly. In this way, the progress of the task is not hampered and similarly the development team is not overburdened with tasks. 
An organization must follow the above mentioned processes to complete the work on time because in a software company dead line plays the key role. 
Task 4
P. 4.1 Solution to different problems suffered by an organization
Problems that generally cop up while developing a software are as follows:
Time management: Managing the time is the biggest issue in an software development organization. This issue often comes up because gathering inputs for the software projects need time. On the other hand non availability of resources for the completion of the project creates time management issues. Shortage of skilled manpower also creates time management issues. The problem with time management can be countered with effective time management strategies. In particular this can be resolved with managing the time of each task in an organised and appropriate way (Wiegers and Beatty,2013, p. 110).
Problem of budgeting: A software project needs huge funding because the software  that are needed to complete the project becomes very expensive. Often it has been seen that the budget needed to complete the project is not approved by the finance department of a software organization because of its amount as a result the project cannot be completed within the deadline. Due to the problem of budgeting often companies incur losses. Management of budget can be done only with pre planning regarding the budget requirement of the project and the possible sources of finance (Leathers and Evas,2015,p. 502).
Problem in resource management: In the completion process of a software development different resources are required, skilled manpower is one of them. There might be a problem regarding the supply of these resources. This will be regarded as a problem when the supply of resources is inadequate and not up to the mark. Non availability of appropriate resources for the project creates time management issues because without proper resources a software project cannot be completed successfully. According to Galliers(2014, p. 96) Human resources can be accumulated through recruitment and selection. Other resources can be sources through proper strategies. 
Problem of staffing: In any organization, the accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives depend on the proper and efficient human resources. In this regard, proper staffing holds an important space in the organizational operations. Staffing being inadequate and not in time will be considered as a problem. This can be mitigated with proper recruitment process. This is an crucial problem of an software organization. A project cannot be completed successfully without the availability of skilled labors (Turaga, 2016, p. 520).
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