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Health and social care principles encompasses all procedures and policies designed to help service users overcome their health care issues. It refers to an integrated approach applied by care providers to help service users and needy individuals. A highly synchronised framework for social care is developed by the workforce to provide efficient services and quality care to health care service users. Health and social care workers play important roles in overall effectiveness of care services offered to the users. Different procedures and tactics are applied for handling different kinds of service users. Several practices are used for protecting clients from mental and physical harm.
The present study aims to evaluate the principles of support used in caring for users and analyse the procedures for protecting service users and workplace peers from harmful aspects. It also aims to develop an understanding of the policies, theories and values underpinning the care practices and mechanisms promoting good activities. 
Task 1: Case Study 1
Q.1 Applications of principles of support to care of Denis [AC 1.1] 
The care workers must ensure that Denis is provided his deserved dignity and a safe environment. As opined by Aveyard (2014, p. 15), sharing experience and listening to troubles of the service user with empathy is an essential principle of care and support. Denis must be allowed to share his ailments with the workers so that he gets a feeling of association. Empowerment is another principle that helps service users independent to take decisions. However, since, Denis possesses a tendency to cause harm to himself, a self-belief and self-confidence must be instilled in him so that he feel the urge to live.  
Accessibility, non-malficience and beneficence along with assessment of individual risks are some of the essential principles of support of health and social care. Caregivers must respect privacy and promote self-esteem of service users so that they do not feel humiliated by the workers (Entwistle and Watt, 2013, p. 35). Adoption of a whole-person approach refers to the considerations all factors that can influence the well-being of the individual before decision of the care processes. If Denis is provided with sufficient care regarding his mental fitness, it is evident that his physical well-being will also be maintained. In reference to the opinion of Chen and Feeley (2014, p. 149), informed choice, confidentiality, safety, equality and diversity and major principles contributing to the physical and mental well-being of the service user. Denis should not be de-motivated to take risks since it would mean a disruption of their independence. Instead, the care workers must take good care while they are performing risk activities in order to avoid harm. 
Q.2 Benefits of applying a person-centred approach for Denis [AC 1.3]
A person centred approach will help to improve Denis’s physical health, psychological health, media perception and empowerment. A person-centred approach refers to the procedure of valuing people and having integrated responsibilities for the service users. It helps the care workers to understand the exact need of the service user and concentrate particularly on that need, this leads to an improvement of the quality of service (Eaton et al. 2015, p. h181). Through this approach, Denis will get right service at the right time thereby helping him to overcome his mental and physical ailments. Getting proper support and timely care will prevent him from harming himself out of frustration. 
Person-centred approach increases the confidence of service users and encourages them to get involved in recovering activities personally. Involvement of Denis in his own carte will provide support in terms of empowerment thereby rendering equality in treatment. As stated by Ross et al. (2015, p. 1227), a person-centred care puts increased focus on needs of the service user instead of the particular services. It helps in development of better relationships within the care home. Aged people, like Denis, achieve a feeling of association with the care providers thereby making its easier for them to share their troubles as well as requirements. Through this approach, Denis will be able to communicate his individual needs, desires and goals. A comfortable environment can be provided to Denis through a person-centred care thereby helping him to feel cared and valued.  
Q.3 Impact of social processes like exclusion, marginalisation and isolation of service users [AC 3.2] 
In the given case study, demise of his wife, makes Denis feel isolated and excluded from the society, as he is unable to overcome his physical ailments. These kind of social processes have detrimental impact on the service users and their daily lives. Social processes have both negative and positive influence on care provided to the service users. Existing individuals in the residential care facilities find other people compatible with their activities consequently feel the home to be a remedy for their isolation. As stated by Westwood et al. (2015, p. 149), service users at care homes like spending time with each other more as they develop a sort of bonding among themselves. Major processes contributing to isolation and marginalisation are disablement, poverty, poor health, unemployment and lack of education. Discrimination leads to poor health care services offered to the users. They are classified into subordinate groups and care workers often practice a sense of discrimination in treating them. 
Often, social care workers are asked to carry out their duties without fail but it may be associated with other social activities. These leads to a conflict in activities thereby hampering care of the service users. However, each individual must receive an equal chance of interacting with others and sharing their problems. The social activities in a health care home, as stated by Glasby (2017, p. 19), facilitate the recovery of the service users suffering from depression or other psychological issues. 
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