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The word portfolio is defined as a collection of work that is done effectively / accomplished in some of the  areas  or it can also be described as the visual or written representation of his/ her history/ currently doing so that they can represent in the areas that you are concerned to be in and they differ from one another and portraits differently where they are accomplices of achievement, level of education/ experience . So, this is my portfolio which shows my careers in which I have achieved some knowledge and experience which will be beneficial for me to achieve the position or goal after my completion of this degree. The set goal can only be achieved through planning.
Careers are largely meant for a job means something we do in life which gives us money for living, some of the people are passionate and some just do for living . We all have our own careers that they want to achieve so that there are certain things that must be taken care of like dedication and love to work in that field/ area. 
As per me well from the very beginning I am passionate to work in the food and beverage department in a hotel. I love to serve people of different kinds of food and want to learn their culture and also try to put my culture together so I honestly believe that after my graduation I would like to be a Food & Beverage director of any hotel in the food and beverage department. Where I have begun my career in food and beverage from internship till now, after my graduation and some experience I would like to grab that position. 
Everybody has their own careers or set of goals which they need to achieve which cannot be done one day. it needs passion, dedication, hard work, etc. This must be managed/faced and overcome to those challenges.  
We get distracted from our careers
We get high pay in another job rather than the careers that we choose.
We don't get the job in our chosen careers
Even though we achieve the work of the set careers we will be squashed in the long run.
So, we should always be self-prepared for any hurdles to meet our goal and manage in such a way where no one can point any issue/ negligence. I think with this degree I will be able to reach my goal step by step as I climb the stairs. I have been working in a 5-star hotel as a waiter, first I will move to supervisor then manager and finally food & beverage director.

As everyone set their own goal that’s what matters and motivate most in this life. The word goal is the targeted thing which cannot be touched, and this differs from different people. To reach the set goal we need to plan and analyse the steps that are to be taken to reach the certain end point. According to Larrie  Rouillard “Goal is a certain and accomplished element which can be achieved in a certain time with great dedication and hard-work”  . As every person has their own goal in which some reach and some don't reach so we must give our best and commitment.  To reach any goal there should be strategies and planning.  For any goal first and foremost is the education in the selected subject and ten the experience which can be gained by training/ working in the same field. Some of the people take things lightly which will only work for short term not for long term. The result can only be achieved if the planning is done properly. According to Noha Daniels 2013 there are five steps through we can achieve any goal which are as follows: 
Visualize: The goal should be visualized so that deduction will be much stronger   
Implement: Certain technique should be taken/ implement to reach the goal
Planning: To plan how the goal can be achieved
Execution: After visualizing, implementing and planning the work should be done to reach the set target.
Recap: evaluate the work and try to improve the steps which will lead to the goal  .

Planning is one of the steps which most of us take the wrong turn and which will lead to depression. If the planning is done with visualization and knowledge the time, money and energy can be saved. The potential measures should be taken to plan and to give a result to the plan goal.  If the plan is made and if that is working for a short time we should not relax. There might be some problems that arise/ we might fail in the long run if the steps are not taken correctly with motivation and deduction.
As per my goal I want to be a food and beverage director within 6-7 years which can only be accomplished by completing the degree and gaining my knowledge which will be essential in the long run. Getting the useful training and improving the skill, this can only be achieved when I keep on working in the hotel and getting the knowledge and improving the skills after some time or after 3-4 year I would like to apply for the next position and finally I can move ahead  with the targeted goal.      
Lastly in this conclusion I want to tell that in the above portfolio I have mentioned about my career goal which can only be achieved after this graduation but if there is no passionate about that goal or is it only for the money or fame then it’s no point of achieving that position. From the above model it has told that with the 5 steps I can reach the targeted goal. As the hard-work and dedication should not be for a short run it should be for a long run which needs planning. through the clear planning we can minimize the time, money and energy to achieve the goal. There will be huddle in the long run that doesn't mean it cannot be reached. That means to reach that goal different strategies should be used which can only be gained through knowledge, training and skills. 
I have mentioned my short and long run goal which should be set so that it cannot be achieved at once.

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