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Learning skills are defined as the set of abilities or the skills of an individual that are used to perform various tasks.  Every individual has their own set of targets and goals to achieve however, on the basis of their capabilities and skills they determine which goal they can achieve success and which is out of their domain. The learning style of a person entirely depends on external factors, emotional status, and cognitive factors.  Personal and Professional skills hold significance for strategic execution because they help to develop the personality of an individual and helps them to develop ideas for implementing strategies. The personal skills of a person are transformed into professional skills in the workplace which are used to develop strategies for growth and development. However, the manager plays a significant role in shaping the skills of an individual and inculcates the necessary skills which are required by the job nature. Managerial development is part of the responsibilities of a leader or manager to manage the implementation of strategies to achieve goals. According to the study conducted by Burgoyne (2012, p.2090), it was found that managerial development is carried out through several ways like job rotation, coaching, mentoring, training, and development.


The following personal development plan (PDP) had focused on assessing the personal and professional needs to achieve goals, conduct skills audits, and find out the learning style and how to implement it effectively. 


Assessment of personal skills to reach strategic goal

Strategic management and managerial development are interconnecting from a business perspective.  Strategic management is the process of stipulating a company’s objectives, developing policies, and allocating resources to implement the strategy effectively and efficiently.  According to the study conducted by Smith et al.(2010, p.450), it was found that strategic goals are developed in order to achieve corporate objectives. Leadership and managerial development are necessary in order to inculcate the skills that help an individual to move forward in life however it has been argued by Buller and McEvoy (2012, p.43) that the personal skills of an individual are developed through the external environment. In a business scenario, the focus has shifted from the development of machinery or equipment to the development of human capital. Most organizations conduct in-depth training and development activities for their employees in order to enhance the necessary skills that the company requires. The skills vary from organization to organization because the employees that are hired in a manufacturing company cannot be hired in an advertising agency.  Similarly, the structure and culture of business operations had changed with the advancement in technology and team building, cooperation, communication, and leadership are the skills that are required by every individual. 

Personal and professional skills are amalgamated in order to produce profitable results for the company.  In order to achieve the strategic goals, the strategic manager is responsible for developing and inculcating the skills that are required to achieve his targets and goals. Day and Dragoni (2015, p.133-156) had stated that personal development plans are used in order to empower professionals for achieving better results. Following are the set of professional and personal skills that are required for job performance and to achieve strategic goals.

Organization and time management: Organisation is associated with keeping things and balancing work in a structured and formal manner. Similarly, time management skills are also crucial to achieve strategic goals because if a person fails to manage work in due time or is not able to meet timely deadlines so, management does not prefer to retain or make such an individual part of the team. 

Decision-making and Problem-solving skills: According to the study conducted by DeRue and Myers (2014, p. 855), it was stated that problem-solving and decision-making skills work simultaneously and if an employee is able to solve problems promptly then the same employee is also able to make quick decisions. A strategic manager prefers to hire a person who has the ability to critically analyze the situation and find the best possible solution to overcome it.

Planning and Delegation:  According to Lee et al.(2013), delegation is the skill where large tasks are broken down into smaller fragments and further divided between employees. Manager’s responsibility is to ensure that all employees working on similar tasks are moving on the same pitch and working with complete coordination. Therefore, planning and communicating before starting tasks is important for achieving goals on time.


Motivation and Coaching: Motivation is the major requirement of every employee and it is the duty of the manager to keep employees motivated with their work and environment and encourage them for their work. In order to keep the employees motivated at all times, firms use tactics of coaching.

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