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 In this assessment you will need to demonstrate your knowledge

of different approaches ofn Performance Managemet. In doing so, critically analyse the practice and process of performance management used in your organisation (or an organisation you know well).  You are required to include a brief description of the organisation. Make a case for justification of using this/these performance management practices in your chosen organisation.  Finally make recommendations for improving the current performance management practice/s. 

Part A: Report
Write a report demonstrating your knowledge of the different approaches to measuring performance, clearly referencing your sources. Read about performance management practices in journal articles (using the AIB Online Library), books (including the textbook), industry reports, business literature, etc. Remember to note down your sources and reference them in the report. The focus of this report is your critical analysis of the practice and performance management in your chosen organisation.
In order to do well you need to structure your discussion appropriately, use quality references, and clearly link recommendations to the description and analysis presented earlier in the report.
This assessment is an individual assessment (i.e. this is not a group assessment). Please ensure you avoid collusion and other practices which compromise individual assessment work.
Important assignment instructions:
The required word length for this assignment is 2000 words (plus or minus 10%).
Your assignment will be marked according to the criteria outlined in the assessment grading criteria (see below).
In terms of structure, presentation and style you are normally required to use:
AIB standard report format
AIB preferred Microsoft Word settings
Author-date style referencing (which includes in-text citations plus a reference list).
These requirements are detailed in the AIB Style Guide.
All references must be from credible sources such as books, industry related journals, magazines, company documents and recent academic articles.
Your grade will be adversely affected if your assignment contains no/poor citations and/or reference list and if your assignment word length is beyond the allowed tolerance level (see Assessment Policy available on AIB website).
Part B. Oral Presentation
Compose a Power Point presentation for the report you wrote about the critical analysis of the practice and process of performance management used in your chosen organisation.  The presentation slides must summarise the introduction, analysis and recommendations from your report. You are also required to do a voice over recording of your presentation before submission. 
The presentation should be between 3–5 minutes and use five slides. You are required to use the PowerPoint template provided below.
Pitch/audience engagement (60% of available marks): 
Pitched appropriately to your classmates.
Concisely conveyed a clear summation of the written assignment report. It must include a brief overview of:
The introduction
Presented a connected and engaging presentation. 
Presentation and voiceover (40% of available marks): 
Slides are not complicated, busy or overwhelming with details.
Made appropriate use of graphics, tables, amount of text, etc.
Adhered to conventions of English language and grammar, pauses, timing, etc.
Used consistent, professional theme (colour scheme, font, etc.)
Completed within time limit of 3–5 minutes 
You must submit the presentation deliverables in two parts: (1) Record and submit your oral narration; (2) Submit your slides and slide notes as a PDF document.
See the resources below for further presentation requirements and how-to's on recording and saving your presentation.



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