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Performance manager refers to continuous procedure to interact between the employees and the management. It helps to accomplish the strategic objectives of the company too. It helps in assessing the employees from different aspects (Kearney, 2018). Additionally, the process of performance management involves different elements which help the human resource manager to assess the employees. This essay has focused on those elements and provided a clear understanding of them. The opinions of several scholars have been added here provide an in-depth knowledge of performance management. 

Thesis Statement: Performance management includes various components those are associated to the organization and it helps to increases the productivity of the company. 


Organizations tend to invest effectively towards time management in order to cater to significant outcome. As per the opinion of Mone and London (2018), it can be stated that organizations on a general note heavily invest in monitoring time as it reciprocates in terms of company revenue to a significant level. The statement can be efficiently supported by the case study of Deloitte, which invested enormously for their 65000 employees. The employees of the concerned firm were found to be associated with spending 2 million hours a year in completing forms, assigning workflows, conducting meetings and finally analyzing the ratings of the employees. Thus, on a nutshell, the company has bounded the entire system in 2 million hours in order to manifest work productivity and magnify performance management to the entire system. 
The performance management system is found to be associated with a wide range of dynamic stages, which needs to be attained effectively. These stages are descriptively highlighted in the research study
Performing self-level research study and benchmarking the best practice: As per the opinion of Hofstaedter et al. (2018), it can be stated that while accessing the objectives of the organization it is advisable that the firm needs to take care of the quality associated with the performance management system. Thus, the look after for ‘excellence’ remains the theoretical goal for achieving the primary criteria. The concept was equivalently supported by Bourne et al. (2018) which claim that in order to achieve the excellence pathway the management needs to have a keen interest in scrutinizing performance management trends associated with the best practices. The best possible protocol associated with this would be the case studies from the market, which would definitely ponder towards the success pathways and highlight the gaps associated with the same. Thus, various pieces of literature remain the sole proposition in order to develop the correct pathway for ‘excellence’ outcome.
Remaining Clear towards Organizational Goals for Performance Management: The theories of Richards et al. (2019) projects on the fact that whilst there are numerous guiding principles associated with the performance management, the effectiveness of the performance management protocol mainly depends on the goal set by the organization. Thus, on the contradiction of the first stage, this stage mainly depends on the practical applicability rather being solely focused towards the case studies and kinds of literature. This is because performance management objectives vary from one case to another and it solely depends on the organization goals and perspectives. Taking an example of the case, different organizations can have various goals, such as having regular customer feedback, regular check-in protocols, decoupling performance measurements, which may or may not be identical to one goal to another. The importance and efficiency of performance management lie mainly for improvising the organizational performance, aligning organizational along with individual objectives, developing the performance culture, improvising the individual performance, aligning individual behaviors associated with organization values, providing the basis of personal development and finally for informing performance pay decisions.


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