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With the passage of time, there is a big trend of visiting and exploring new places. It became necessary to revise visitor management plan by doing the study of visitors coming from different countries. It is very important to understand and study the behavior and diversity of the customers for any particular destination. In the below report, there is an analysis of Louvre museum. This is located at an outskirt location in Paris. Paris is an amazing tourist place with fancy attractions, and this is the reason of their big tourism. This report includes the USP’s, strength and competition about Louvre museum and recommendations related to the deliver excellent visitor experience.
1.1 Background
In 1546 Francis I, started building a royal residence called Louvre over his razed castle, though a very small portion of the present Louvre as it was later added by almost every subsequent French monarch. The Southwest part of the now CourCarree is the originally built section with major additions made by Louis XIII and Louis XIV. The part of Louvre which is now known as Colonnade was decorated by a committee consisting of architects  Claude Perrault and Louis Le Vau and painted by Charles Le Brun. It is when Louis XIV moved to Versailles in 1682, the Louvre ceased to be royal residence. Later in 1793 the Musee Central des Arts in the Grande Galerie was opened to public by the revolutionary government. Subsequently the Courcaree and a wing on the north were opened by Napoleon. Precisely in 19th century two major wings, their galleries and pavilions were completed and opened for an exhibition by Napoleon III (Gravari-Barbas, 2019).
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Needless to say, the completed Louvre was a very vast complex of building with two main quadrilaterals having two large courtyards (Marco Llombart, 2016). In order to facilitate the visitors and making the museum more accommodating, it went through remodeling in 1980 and 90’s. Hence, public amenities and underground complex was opened in 1989. On museum’s 200th anniversary, in 1993, the formerly occupied Richelieu wing by France was opened for the very first time and hence, the entire Louvre was now devoted to museum purpose having more than 230,000 square feet of exhibition space exhibiting collection of European painting, decorative arts and Islamic arts (Guénard, 2019).
The unique selling points of Louvre Museum are: 
The Louvre is the biggest museum in the world, and it is so insanely big that it’s nearly impossible to see it all in just one visit. The Louvre’s vast collection of paintings having a representation of all periods of European art up to revolutions of 1848 is considered to be one of the richest in the whole world. Later works after Revolutions of 1848 which were once housed in the Louvre were then transferred to Musée d’Orsay upon its opening in 1986. The French painting collection of the Louvre’s from 15th to 19th century can be considered the greatest in the worlds with so many masterpieces by famous Italian painters with one of them Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and works of Dutch painters all the way from Baroque period. To get deeper into the numbers, being one of the world’s most pricy art galleries around the globe, The Louvre consists of more than 35000 art works that are spread in a vast area of 60000 square meters (Marco Llombart, 2016).
Matter of fact The Louvre is so popular that it is visited by 15000 visitors every day and about 70 percent of them being foreigners.  A second Louvre museum is also built now being the first universal museum in the Arab world. One of the unnatural and creepy words on the Louvre is that the museum is believed to be haunted by a mummy called Belphegor along with the nearby Tuileries Gardens believed to be haunted by a man dressed in red (Ben Moussa et al., 2017).
Experiential Motives 
People are very curious to visit Louvre Museum of Paris and it has an amazing glass pyramid entrance that is so unique. It is one of the iconic sites of Paris. There are many unique tourist attractions that are worth to see (Bartz & König, 2013).

This is a very huge museum and has three wings around the Pyramid entrance. Name of three wings are Sully, Denon and Richelieu. Every wing has four floors that attracts tourists a lot.

This museum has many sculptures, Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquities from different periods. Most of the people want to visit the museum to see the famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.
Factors Affecting Louvre Museum 
High Crowd
The Louvre museum is one of the most popular museums in the world and it has more than 10 million visitors every year. On an average, there are around 15000 visitors in a single day.  This results in long queue and visitors have to wait for their chance by standing in a queue for hours. This is one of the major concerns as it actually wastes time of visitors.
Louvre Museum is very big in size and covers around 60,500 square meters of gallery space. Because of the size of the museum, it is impossible for visitors to visit the whole museum in one day.
Even after this is one of the best attractions in Paris, The Louvre museum is located on an outskirt, small and strangely place with no signages. It is very difficult to reach museum in an easy way even after using map as there are some navigation issues. This creates frustration among the visitors (Teye & Paris, 2010).
Louvre museum is very expensive to visit as for a family tour its 120€ minimum and it only include admission and one cafeteria break. Except this, there is an overhead cost related to audio guides, transportation and local guides.
If there is a place that can give competition to the Louvre museum is Musee d'Orsay. This museum is also located in French Capital and is renowned for its beauty and ancient architecture. There are some strengths and weaknesses of both the places.
Louvre museum has paintings of classical painters and the same is difficult to find so this is one of the reasons people prefers Louvre.
Louvre Museum is more interesting than Musée d’Orsay as it has architecture od medieval time and 18th century.
Louvre museum has more visitors as it has Mona Lisa as a center of attraction.
Louvre Museum is very big in size and this is equal to impossible to see everything in one day where as Musée d’Orsay is comparatively smaller, and a person can discover at least 4000 art works.
Louvre Museum does nor provide intimate visit if the museum whereas if a visitor wants slightly intimate visit of the museum then Musée d’Orsay is the right option.
Musée d’Orsay is situated on a prime location whereas it is very difficult to reach Louvre museum because of less signboards and small and outskirt location. 
Partners and additional support:
Every year Louvre museum arrange a Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition and Bank of America is the lead sponsor for the same. Louvre museum has a partnership with FNAC and RATP. There is an additional support provided by many big organizations like AXA, Deloitte, Bouygues and Lusis.
Broadcasting Partners:
Louvre Museum is a perfect fit to broadcast a good frequency on the modern digital and social media. It has a collaboration with the media partners like The New York Times, RTL, France televisions and ARTE.
Surrounding Monuments:
There are many visitors that have written in their reviews that they have visited places nearby Louvre museum and the walk was so nice. There is Palais Royal and Tuileris Garden nearby which are known for their beauty. Tuileris garden is listed as UNESCO global heritage site so even after Louvre museum is located in a small area, it is worth to go and cover all the places (Nyaupane, Paris & Li, 2020).
As mentioned above, Louvre Museum is a very famous museum and this s always very crowded and because of this visitor have to wait in the queue for long duration. This wait time can easily be reduced by careful and proper planning. If a visitor book ticket in advance from the internet, it can remove the hassle of being in ticket queue for long hours.
There are some visitors who are unable to visit the museum because of budget constraints as it requires 120€ minimum for a family to visit the museum. This is one of the reasons of non-accessibility to the museum. It should lower down the ticket of the museum so that it can be accessible to every visitor.
As Louvre museum is one of the largest museums and is known for the work art of Mona Lisa and Venus of Milo. Earlier it was a known royal place but now has converted into a museum. It has an amazing collection of sculptures that make visitors to come and visit the museum. Even after the high entrance fees, there are around 15000 visitors per day. It is so huge that it is not possible for visitors to touch every end in a single day and is one of the reasons people go for some other small museum. 
Louvre Museum should have proper signboards because it will help the visitors to reach easily. They should improve navigation on the maps as well. Visitors become so frustrated when they waste their time in reaching at the correct destination. However, it has been considered that Because of high number of visitors, this place always remains crowded and people have to wait in queue for long hours to visit the museum. But this is located in the heart of the Paris and one of the major sources of income from tourism. The attraction of the tourist place is based on its arts, gallery, and unique point of attraction and grasps which tourist could get after visiting this place.  However, Louvre museum has paintings of classical painters and the same is difficult to find so this is one of the reasons people prefers Louvre. This museum has many sculptures, Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquities from different periods. UNESCO global heritage site so even after Louvre museum is located in a small area, it is worth to go and cover all the places. Most of the people want to visit the museum to see the famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. This has been one of the main tourist destination which attracts higher number of the tourism in the country. This is the most attractive place and to get deeper into the numbers, being one of the world’s most pricy art galleries around the globe which has attracted higher number of tourism in the country. There are different USP’s, strengths and weakness that impacts the overall revenue from tourism. However, it is considered as a very huge museum and has three wings around the Pyramid entrance and being the unique art of this place, it has been major point of attracting higher number of tourism in the country. 
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