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Organizational Behaviour

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Organizational Behaviour




In the present scenario, a concept such as organizational behaviour is considered as vital for success and growth of companies. In simpler terms, organizational behaviour is defined as a study which outlines the way in which people within a company interacts with each other with an objective to accomplish the goals (Cummings and Worley, 2014). One of the main and most important benefits associated with the concept of organizational behaviour is that it helps businesses in understanding the causes and effects of individuals behaving in a certain way within the workplace.

The present study is based on Little Social, a small restaurant located in London. The overall impact and influence of power, politics and culture on the behaviour of people working in Little Social has been outlined in this study. Apart from this, the application of different concepts and philosophies linked with organizational behaviour is also carried out in the present study.  


P1 Influence of power, culture and politics on individual and team behaviour

It can be expressed that the culture, politics and power of an organization have a direct influence on the overall action and behaviour of people working in a company. In simpler terms, organizational culture is defined as the set of values and beliefs which influences the action and behaviour of employees (Woodcock, 2017). Furthermore, organizational culture is classified into four different categories which are person culture, task culture, power culture and role culture. Considering the case of power culture, it can be asserted that power culture is the one in which the power within the workplace is concentrated within a few hands.

The impact of such culture is that individuals in such culture emphasize on achieving more outcomes because the workers in such culture are judged on the basis of the performance delivered by them. Power culture is considered as effective because it directly contributes to enhancing the speed and effectiveness of the decision making. However, it can be critically argued that the level of politics within power culture is very high and the politics directly contributes in affecting the behaviour of people within Little Social in a negative sense. On the other side of this, it can be argued that role culture is also practised in organizations and it is kind of culture which is developed on the basis of rules and regulations.

Organizational Behaviour

Figure 1: Handy's Model of Organizational culture

Every person working within a role culture is clearly aware of his/her roles and responsibilities within the organization (Miner, 2015). The power within such a culture is distributed among the employees on the basis of their position and responsibilities within Marks & Spencer’s. The degree of politics is somewhat low, and therefore, individual’s behaviour is positively affected because of the same. In task culture, the management emphasizes on forming various teams according to different projects and tasks assigned to them.

In task culture, the power is mainly controlled by the leader of the team and the distribution of power is in the hands of a team leader (Burke and Noumair, 2015). In person culture, people working in Little Social perceive themselves as superior to others, and a high level of politics exists within such culture. The impact of such a culture is that it results in influencing the behaviour of people at work in a negative sense. It also affects the morale and motivational level of employee in a negative sense.

On the other hand, according to Edgar Schein Model of organizational culture, the direct mechanism such as status, behaviour, attitude and opinion of people working in a company has a direct impact on areas such as culture within the organization. Furthermore, organizational culture consists of three major levels which are discussed below as:

Artefacts and Symbols: It can be expressed that artefacts and symbols are visible elements which directly contributes to marking the surface of a business enterprise. The artefacts and symbols include structure, logo, overall architecture and corporate clothing of an organization. Artefacts and symbols of Little Social are visible to both employees and other external parties. 

Espoused values: The espoused values in an organization include elements such as code of conduct, regulations, values, standards and rules. The behaviour of an individual can be negatively affected in situations where the basic assumptions in an organizational are not in line with the ideas of management (Woodcock, 2017). 



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