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The organization needs to manage all the documents to get an appropriate invoice of high-volume clients. Being the team leader of Excel Group, there is a necessity to work as the IT coordinator in a division of retail operation. The organization is developing a new project, Finance Manager needs to know about the funding. There is a requirement of generating new invoice for clients to provide the discount on volume purchases. All the privacy policy, styles guide and information regarding the management procedures needs to be familiar. The injury report and incident has been scheduled to make a proper review of the WHS information. The main aim of this task is to produce the monthly report for saving of cost to make the successful project work.

Task 1

1. Listing down the relevant procedures and policy regarding the guide standards for documentation

The organizational policies, procedures, systems and process provide the important areas in carrying out of business at the time of implementing of laws in the workplace. The procedures and policy makes the guidance standards for documentation. The policy and procedure are like the written guidelines for staff members, head management and maintenance personnel 

(Peltier, 2016). Different types of policy and procedures are followed as:

i. Reporting of hazards within the workplace
ii. Maintaining the workplace safety on the rules and procedures
iii. Policy detailing on drugs and alcohol that might not provide action in the company
iv. Tackling of entire work within the workplace
v.  Providing of job description and training among the staff members
vi. Policy might lie with the details on worker with filing up compensation.

2. Discuss three types of documents used in the given scenario

All the appropriate documents need to manage properly to carry out the successful project. The business deal can be carried out based on three types of documents such as informative, persuasive and negative. These three types of documents are required for the successful completion of project work. An informative document provides the financial statements, research reports, notes and account adjustments. This delivers the intended form of the message that is relevant to the project work. The negative documents are used for the particular purpose required to offer the apology on the rising of the negative situation. It demonstrates a negative element that needs to be understood from the intended message among the new clients. Persuasive documents lie in the convince areas among the audiences that need to subscribe to client point of view. It lies with the fund raising, performance appraisal, resume and advertisements of the organization to achieve the potential audiences (Fisher, 2016). 

3. Evaluate the quality of documents used in developing the standards in documentation

The template development and review procedure in policy makes the exact evaluation of the better quality of documents that needs to produce the appropriate documents standards. The procedures lie on analysing of critical steps to achieve the intent of policy required within the organization. The appropriate quality is the documents by meeting necessary results and development of style guidance upon the new-based clients. A template needs to build in such a manner that helps to make the existing contracts. Staff members can able to swap templates for ensuring and checking both requirements of an audience as well as an organization. These requirements lie with guidelines, company policy, style and layout with providing the suitable guidelines and policy of the firm. Templates are sent to other project staff to conduct a test and monitor the effective documents (Laporte and O'Connor, 2014).  

4. Develop organizational standards used at the time of injury and incident, ensure the content, language as well as tone

The incident and injury report need to be developed according to the organizational standards. The guidelines and information on management procedures are based on the privacy policy and style guide. The injury and incident form are scheduled in a manner that makes the review. This needs to be checked on current WHS information captured and storage requirements. These sort of requirements lies in the readability, appearance, tone, style and layout. Incident and injury reporting of staff members in the organization is very important, which helps to enable the safety of the followed standards. The injured staff member’s manager needs to investigate the entire scenario and the appropriate remedial action might lie (Knigge et al. 2017).  

5. Discuss the injury and incident regarding the current legislation of WHS and required documents

The injury and incidents form lie according to the current WHS legislation and accumulate on the required information. At the time of causing of incidents in the workplace, manager requires contacting on WHS team for the gather of appropriate advice. WHS team helps to advise upon the notification on the incident that has happened within the organization. The WHS team needs to conduct thorough inspection process regarding the cause of incident and injury. According to the World Health and Safety Act 2011, it protects the safety and health of people that get affected by the company. WHS legislation Act provides the requirements of certain documents that lie in a notification of the incident, resolving problems, consulting with the workers and offences.  

6. Identify the legislative requirements in WHS for storing the incident information

WHS legislative requirements are used for storing of incident information of the staff members working in the company. The WHS requirement is set according to the regulations and acts based on the territory. WHS Act 2012 are supported by the particular codes of practices carried out by the manager regarding the appropriate legislation. The main aim of the WHS legislation is to develop the appropriate action upon the staff members to reduce the chances of the accident. The entire documents need to store properly on the based legislation set by WHS. WHS Act provides the better form of protection regarding the workers to reduce the chances of risk and implement the effective form of representation. The company to promote the provision of information and advice carries out the proper form of training (Bennett et al. 2016).


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