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Executive Summary

This project has discussed about the leadership skills. The main analysis has been made on the results of four tests which have been used to determine the leadership quality of the leaner. The test results were not satisfactory. Thus, the learner has developed an action plan which has been analysed through SMART framework to rectify the flaws.
Being a student of management, it is more necessary to know about the leadership and the responsibilities of managers. Hughes (2018) has commented that leadership is all about to set a vision or new direction for a group who would follow the vision. On the other hand, management controls the people in accordance to the principles which have been set by them. This project has discussed about the future of leaders. It has mainly focused on four topics which would help to enhance the leadership skills. Other than that, a reflective part has also been added here. Most importantly, inclusion of SMART action plan would help to determine the future action as well.   
Brief Review of the Finding
After completing four test based on the leadership quality, this is the time to discuss about the findings. The first test was about the humanmetrics. This is the place where the multiple choices were being given and the candidate has to choose the right one from them. It was about the personality of the person. The researcher has earned a moderate score in this test. The researcher has been identified as 6% extravagant and 6% intuitive. The test has declared that the researcher has19% thinking capability. Other than that, 47% perceiving capability is also there. In that case, it must be mentioned that the candidate needs to work more on the leadership skill as this score is not sufficient to be a good leader. 
After that, the second test should be mentioned. It was personality test. Gould (2018) has commented that personality of a leader matters a lot as it helps to make a good impression among the followers. It was segregated in five major aspects. The researcher has been identified as 51% introvert. The person has 54% observant energy and the nature of the candidate includes 37% feelings. While considering the tactics part of the test, it must be mentioned that the candidate scores 51% prospecting. 56% turbulent has been scored in the identity part. This result is not again sufficient for becoming a complete leader. 
While analysing the result of third test, it has been noticed that the researcher has achieved OCEAN in this test. It is the short term of openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. Harrison et al. (2018) have commented that openness and agreeableness are two major factors to become a good leader. In that case, the researcher is quite capable to become a leader as well. On the other hand, if considering from the scores, therefore it must be mentioned that the candidate needs to work more on them. Besides, the candidate has the capability of becoming an empathetic idealist, practical caretaker, analytical thinker and logical mechanic. 
That was the last test for the candidate. It has pointed out some positive and negative traits both. First of all, it has declared that the person knows the way of understanding the required elements by which a change can be done. However, they do not work always. It should be remembered that concentrating on the development of one specific process would allow working on other elements too. It has been suggested that the candidate needs to understand the changes and should plan for the changes. Even, the person needs to manage resistance for the changes and the change should be implemented properly. 
Critical Analysis and Self-Reflection 
While analysing the results of four tests, it can be said that the researcher needs to work more on the elements required to become a good leader. Griffith et al. (2018) have commented that a leader should think about the followers before he/ she think about himself/ herself. On the other hand, the test has shown that the candidate has an issue of mood swing. This kind of behaviour would hamper the leadership approach and the followers would gradually lose trust on the person. Other than that, the person should be able to lead the change. 
Raymer et al. (2018) have opined that the leader should ensure that the team is comfortable with the change or not. Therefore, the leader should have proper knowledge on the change elements too. However, while considering the test result of the person, it has been noticed that the candidate needs to spend some more time in it. It should be remembered that leaders are not born. They are actually being prepared with their capabilities. It is not about only having the wish to become a leader and to be a dictator of everyone. It is also about to understand the followers and to develop such personality which makes people bound to follow the person. 
Huda et al. (2018) have stated that the leaders must have proper vision and values. In that case, they should extend the value to their followers as well. It is obviously that the followers would gradually start respecting the leader and would start believing on the vision of the leader. However, in that case, the leader should be extrovert. He/ she should have the capability to convince others, so that other people would start following him/ her. While analysing the test result of the learner, it must be mentioned that the person has a presentable personality and the capability to become a friend of others. 
The person is quite open-minded and has the capability to be accustomed in any situation. In that case, these two qualities would help the learner to become a leader gradually. Other than that, Zhang et al. (2018) have discussed that the person should have proper communication capability too. While analysing the test result of the learner, it has been noticed that the person is a bit introvert. It seems that the communication issue can be raised as well. This is obviously a negative factor for a leader. Therefore, it would be another factor which needs some more time to be developed. Apart from that, another factor should be mentioned that the person is emotional. It can create a controversy over the leadership capability of the person. Some of the scholars think that emotional leaders are more capable to handle the issues associated to the team and its members. On the other hand, some think that having emotional factor in the characteristic of a leader would ultimately benefit the team. 
This is true that I have a dream to become a good leader in future. Thus, I have started preparing myself. Attending the tests was highly beneficial for me as they have identified the flaws in me. I can say that I have already started planning for the rectification. I have decided that I would become more responsible, so that my followers would have the trust on me. Even, I have decided to become more interactive as well. This is true that becoming a leader in future with those faults is highly challenging. In that case, I should try to avoid those issues and to develop me for the betterment. 
Action Plan 
The learner has developed a plan based on which the practice would be continued. This pan has been analysed with the help of SMART framework to ensure the feasibility of it. The major factors of this framework are specific, measurable, achievable, and relevant and time bound. 
The goals are very specific as the person needs to develop the communication skill, planning skill and should improve the personality. They can be achieved by constant communication with different people. Other than that, the candidate should make plan of various incidents as the person would present there. It would enhance the planning skill as well. 
The learner has decided to achieve the goals within three months. Even, it must be mentioned that achieving the mission within three months is possible as well. 
Now this is the time to discuss the way in which the goals can be achieved. First of all, the candidate needs to communicate with others frequently. As it has been mentioned earlier that the person needs to plan against various issues to resolve them, therefore this planning would ultimately help the leaner to get success to achieve the goal.
Relevant:  This is the [point where the learner would focus to measure if the goals can be achieved really or not. The learner has set the goals to improve the communication skill. In that case, interaction with others would help. Other than that, improvement in planning skill would also be possible by developing various plans. 
Time bound: The learner has set the upcoming three months to make these goals feasible. 
Becoming a leader is not at all an easy task. The leader has the most valuable responsibility to understand everyone. Other than that, the leader should have the capacity by which the followers would believe on him/ her and should obey the vision of the leader. This project has identified some flaws in the future leader. Thus, it has developed some ways by which these flaws can be mitigated. SMART framework has been used here to analyse the feasibility of the goals as well. 

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