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Human dignity is referred as the fundamental as well as a moral obligation that has emphasized on the various fields of nursing. Dignity is a multifaceted as well as a complex concept. There is an immense pressure on the health and social providers to promote the dignity in terms of care. In this study, the main issue that is faced by both service providers and service user is drugs and alcohol-impaired colleagues. The alcohol and drugs impaired colleagues can harm both the service user and service providers. In the nursing profession having this type of colleague can create problems in the nursing management while providing care and support. 
The dignity of a human in the workplace can be hampered by various means. In the nursing environment, the presence of a drug or alcohol addicted colleague can deteriorate the status of human dignity as well as the realisation of common goon in various ways. In the nursing profession if there is any colleague who is badly affected by drugs and alcohol creates a lot of trouble while providing care. Moreover, the impaired colleague can automatically decrease the productivity of a team. In the opinion of Cheraghi et al. (2014), the dignity can be harmed of service user and service provider by a drug and alcohol addict colleague because they do not respect anyone. The advent of substance abuse of an employee of nursing can disrespect the rights of a service user and thus can harm the dignity of that particular service provider. This can also happen to the service providers too. Disrespectful attitude towards colleagues is no wonder from a drug addict co-worker. 
The nursing environment is also being hampered because of the alcohol and drug addict colleagues. The alcohol and drug adduct colleagues automatically provide wrong medication to the service user that results of a wrong reputation of the nursing practices. In the opinion of Edlund et al.  (2013), the nurses are the last and first in terms of providing care to the service user so, if they consume alcohol and drugs then it creates a bad reputation in the nursing profession. The alcohol and drug addict colleagues do not respect anyone and that automatically affects the dignity of nursing.  
There are some reasons that show the intake of alcohol and drugs in the working session. Sometimes, because of the personal conflicts can automatically drive them to intake of alcohol and drugs. As per stated by Gastmans (2013), the colleagues those are alcohol and drug addicts provide mistreatment to the patients and include the improper care. This results in the death of the patient as well. The colleagues also abuse to the fellow mates or the service user because they are not in their own control. In many nursing practices if a colleague is found to have come with the intake of alcohol and drug then they can lose their job because they are mistreatment the misfits of nursing practice. As argued by Rehnsfeldt et al. (2014), that most of the colleagues intake alcohol and drugs because they are going to a lot of trouble in their personal life or in the working environment. On the other hand, the intake of alcohol and drug is not the solutions of this type of problems. 
In a care home, the realisation of the idea of common good is a significant goal which is frequently challenged by a drug or alcohol addict colleague. The quality of service is bound to deteriorate because of the drowsy nature of the person. Workplace safety is put at risk by this kind of employees who are literally unable to take care of the standard codes of conduct. As per the view of Jacobs (2016), drugs abuse is one of the most serious issues that can directly affect the health of an individual as well as their own personal care. 
From the above study, it is found that the intake of drugs and alcohol in the nursing practice is harmful to both the service users and the service provider. The nurse’s intake alcohol because of various issues is it personal or any working issue. It is believed that anyone can be a drug or alcohol addict. In addition to that, in the nursing practices the colleagues come while having alcohol or drug then it automatically worsened the working environment. The colleague mistreats the patient's health while providing care with the intake of alcohol or drug. The intake of alcohol and drug puts a negative effect on the working environment. 
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