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Advanced world is entirely dependent on technology and it is quite undoubted that IT professionals are connected throughout the globe in terms of globalization as well as sharing of products and services. Therefore, it is a fact that such professionals have to communicate countless communities and different social customs. Without having such understanding a professional cannot manage a wider community or for example all of the social standards living in a respective country. The diversities of different social ethics and human dignity can be termed as the base of communication and successful professional can summaries a specific ethical consideration while dealing all of such communities. The thesis statement of the study is to analyze human dignity and realization of common measure in professional field and practice. 
The complexities or issues regarding the human person's dignity and common good in an IT career
It professionals have to maintain several responsibilities while preparing a software or a new mobile technology. Therefore, it is quite evident that such professionals have to face different issues and complexities of communication. More specifically, if a respective digital support may not match with social ethics or understanding of customs, respective communities may avoid a respective technology. In terms of regular IT communications, such issues are common (Smith, 2011). When an IT professional has to communicate a distant client or customer, it is important to understand the way of communication and other practices that the respective client deserves. It is not possible to maintain all of the customs due to unavailability of knowledge, but a common good and professional ethics can be maintained to avoid such common issues.  
Advanced IT support and complexity of challenges
IT professionals every now and again approach private information and getting some answers concerning people and affiliations' systems and structures that give them an impressive measure of essentialness. That power can be abused, either intentionally or circumstantially. Regardless, there are no directed arranging necessities for hanging out your shingle as an IT security instructor or in-house security ace. Affiliations and relationship for IT specialists are starting to address the moral side of the development, once more; there is no basic for IT security work energy to have a place with those affiliations (Sison & Fontrodona, 2011). 

Improvement data and security is a new margin of advanced business success. Therefore, it is important to maintain a stronger firewall that respective business organisation can better operate all of these security concerns. It is not only a matter of security, but there can be issues of wireless networks as well as other firewall issues. Melé (2012) has argued that a secure data cannot be termed as restricted or secured until it has covered all of the copyright or encroachment protections. In that concern, it is important to follow a systematic flow of data progression and development. There are countless affiliation institutions that a respective organisation easily follows a systematic operation of data development.
Information systems have allowed making affiliations in a faster way as a secured data development process need access of 24X7. A secure information system has all these features of data security including copyright and encroachment. It professionals have to face several challenges as all of these supports are not available at a glance within a secured boundary. For example, IT professionals try to maintain security measures within the organisation. Therefore, they cannot track encroachment of data throughout the globe. Therefore, a secure development of data always needs a global access. In that concern, it is important to make a valid affiliation from a reputed agency. However, such agencies cannot provide a support all of the time, but it is possible to make concerns of the professionals.  
Therefore, it can be said that IT professionals have to face different communication as well as ethical issues while dealing regular operations. However, it cannot be said that IT professionals can follow all of the social customs, but it is important to set a standard of agendas to maintain human dignity and a supportive professionals to maintain good practice in professional field. A professional in the field of IT has to make different operations and the field of data progression and security is quite extensive.  In order to make a valid and supportive data security, a professional should connect all of the databases available in terms of encroachment. 
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