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The role of a health practitioner or clinical social worker is significant in nurturing the human person's dignity and self realization of common good. The field of medical practice revolves around dealing with complexities of patients and victims. The career of a health practitioner demands adequate knowledge of medical theory as well as field based experience. There are various kinds of patients that a practitioner needs to deal with. In this case study, an outline of the under goings and learning of a health practitioner shall be discussed. Unlike general fields working in a medical field can involve risk factors at times. 
The complexities or issues regarding the human person's dignity and common good in a practitioner’s career
Beginning from the base of the learning process, a health practitioner is trained to be accustomed to various kinds of disputes and risks. According to Stroebe & Schut (2015), several techniques are also used to reduce such issues. Since a medical practitioner needs to be prepared to deal with patients preparing to die while some are about to give birth, a certain level of training is provided with several specifications.
Advocating for patient’s family for the patient’s well being, as one of the complex challenges
In this scenario, while dealing with patients with related to the issues of human person's dignity and common good, issues such as advocating for the patient’s family or any dealing with the patient’s relatives stands as a huge challenge for a practitioner.
In the initial stage, the risk level involved in the challenge is quite high. As this particular issue does not only deal with the physical discomforts of the patient but also the weak and unstable mental states of the patients including their families. 
As stated by Hegarty et al. (2015), the job of a practitioner might vary from one another based on their exercising fields. Some roles involve general treatment of patients such as, providing ample care and interacting with the patient, performing regular checkups and details of their current health status.
As human person's dignity revolves around respect of each patient and treating them in equal manner, it covers most of the part of medical policies, which strictly needs to be maintained by the health practitioner.
The treatment of the criteria of privacy and confidentiality of clients
The medical regulations highly consider this factor when it comes to security or privacy of patients. It is a serious criteria in medical industry and is maintained with no exceptions. According to Woollard (2015), a patient might be a victim of controversial and legal affairs, for example racism, mental health problems and other harassments. In those cases, while interaction with the patient including their families, the practitioner is bound to be polite but professional. A health practitioner’s learning process includes in depth knowledge of the patient’s background and history but as per the ethics and norms, he is restricted to disclose any private information of the patient or even entertain any personal interaction.
According to the human rights and dignity or in terms of the legal language, the client possesses the right to be independent and expect complete safety and security about their issues and flaws. According to Brownson et al. (2017), any breakage of such regulation or violation from the health practitioner’s side, can lead to immense threat to his career in the long run.
A brief discussion about the challenge and alternatives to overcome the issue
As mentioned earlier, the challenge of dealing with the patient's family can bring up legal or controversial issues as well. It is common in the medical industry that often doctors and health practitioners are solely considered responsible for the well being of the patient as well as any harm caused. As per Patihis et al. (2014), the challenges also involve other issues such as, getting exposed to different diseases or anxiety issues while dealing with such situations. 
Therefore, it is highly necessary to overcome the issues through quality medical training to tame the mind set and statistically gathering how to react in the particular situation. For example, professionalism needs to maintained along with empathy and understanding. Implementation of more field practices with difficult clients and following or interacting with a Doctor or an experienced individual can help reducing the extremes of issues, which shall be beneficial for the career in the long run.
As discussed in the case study, identifying the issues emerging related to common good and realization can be the stepping stone to overcome them. Though several clinical researches are being done, risk factors still exist but proceeding with the career of health practitioner is of high value in today’s world with a promising career.
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