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1.0 Introduction

Hubbard & Edna O'Brien (2013) have expressed that the world economy extremely depends on some product of global importance like oil, gold, etc. Any fluctuation in them mechanically affects the world economy. Some major parts like worth, demand, or provision of this product have an effect on the economy. The price of oil was stable throughout 2014 and commenced falling then. This report aims to spot the causes and effects associated with the autumn within the worth of oil (CIA, 2016). The project shows the method in which a drop in oil costs affects totally different countries in numerous ways that. In due courses, it'll reveal that a number of them will be satisfied whereas some cannot.

1.1 Background 

The trend of oil worth within the past few decades claims that associate degree incomparable highest record of the hiked worth of oil was achieved in 1980. it had been a noteworthy record for the world economy. As a result of the fact, the great distended within the world market and had up perpetually from 1999-2008 (Gandel, 2015). However, when this era, the recession caused a colossal worth fall that was once more recovered in 2014. currently, it's most vital to notice that from 2014 to this, the situation of oil worth fall is degrading day by day (PWC, 2016).

1.2 Scope

Oil worth is incredibly unsteady in nature and it's enough capability in touching the global economy. This mechanically generates some new scope for analysis with a similar issue. Different type of recession affects it in numerous ways that and there's invariably scope of cultivating this topic. Being a vital world smart, some economic changes invariably occur with it. This subsequently brings in many a scope of analysis.

1.3 Aims of the report

The oil worth hike or fall may be a serious subject of debate. History claims that this event invariably brings some major economic consequences with it. This reveals the particular motive to conduct this analysis. The aim of this report is to assess and appraise the explanations behind this worth fluctuation along with the results that occurred thanks to those reasons.

2.0 Key Reasons behind oil price fall.

Green, (2015) informs that from the year 2014, the value of oil has been declining severely. It has fallen to concerning thirty-eight bucks per barrel that evaluates that hour of the value has degraded in due course (CIA, 2016). the speculation of demand and provide says that demand can decrease if the supply will increase and contrariwise ceteris paribus. However, as per the economic science
fundamentals, there area unit some additional parts that have an effect on the oil worth. In due courses, it's seen that the consumption of a part of the oil has not been affected that clearly proposes that the provision is that the only issue that has created of these circumstances.
The world’s most vital issue to notice during this context is that the worth of the dollar as a result of this currency is taken into account once any world group activity takes place. The increasing rate of the dollar decreases the worth of some world products and services within the economy. Oil and Gold area unit considered as some world product within the world (Plumber, 2016). therefore thanks to a rise within the worth of the dollar, these product area unit affected.
The issue that had snatched all limelight toward it's the recent nuclear agitate the USA and Iran. This nuclear deal claims that it wants additional and additional oil to be exported which genuinely creates scariness within the investors’ minds as a result of this method will increase the matter of oversupply (IMF, 2009).
Another major purpose to contemplate is recent conflicts among OPEC countries concerning oil production. economic science theory of providing clearly advises thinning out production level in controlling the stock of an honest. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia clearly informs that they're not willing to regulate with their market share so as to stabilize the value of oil once more. notwithstanding, the matter has been created as a result of a number of the OPEC countries wished to chop down the assembly whereas some of them failed to agree thereon. that the downside of oversupply has arisen that is one amongst the major reasons behind oil worth fall (The Guardian, 2016). This has created the matter of excessive provide and lower costs.
Though the demand issue has not been affected an excessive amount of nonetheless, the assembly of oil within the year 2015 inflated on the far side the expectation. With the rise within the inventories of oil, the extent of price declined. America became a vital name within the list of major oil-exporting countries in those days. however thanks to some technical faults, the country couldn't contend within the trade which hampered the domestic and international markets.
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