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 Nursing requirement

A registered nurse is supposed to fulfil all the professional, ethical and legal requirements of nursing. According to the nursing code of conduct and nurse is obliged to develop therapeutic relationship with the client. They must be empathetic, and respectful to their patients. A registered nurse must comply with the codes and must promote health of the patient and prevent ill health. They are supposed to provide culturally safe care to the patients which acknowledges the societal, historical and structure aspects that can affect Aboriginal people’s health. Cultural safety is the recognition of ways used to encounter care requirement of these people. They are also responsible to advocate the patient and follow the principles of ethics that are autonomy, beneficence, justice and on maleficence. For example, Nurse must include the patients and their family member in the decision making process about the treatment (Tingle & Cribb, 2013). 
Communication is the key element of every nurse patient relationship (therapeutic relationship). A nurse must be equipped with the different communication skills in or der to ease the conversant with the patient. Active listening is the key communication skills that allow the patient to feel safe and cared. It allow them to express what they are actually feeling. The mist lean forward and not their head to allow patients know that the nurse is involved (O'Shea et al., 2013). While using nonverbal communication a nurse must focus on body language, posture, shaking heads in response to the client. Verbal communication require nurses to speak clear, complete the sentence and consider their tone of voice so that the message or information can be delivered in effective manner. For example, a patient with mental health issue often avoid discussing their problem, thus with the help of effective communication skills nurses can develop healthy relationship with them (Bach & Grant, 2015). 
Clinical knowledge and clinical problem solving 
Clinical knowledge and clinical problem solving abilities are two of the main requirement s of nurses that can help them in nursing transition. Critical thinking and problem solving in nursing are essential components of professional liability and effective quality care. Nurses with critical thinking and problem solving abilities can exhibit these habits of nurses’ mind: self-assurance, contextual viewpoint, creativity, tractability, curiosity, intellectual integrity, instinct, open-mindedness, persistence, and reflection (Saunders et al., 2012). Aspect of critical thinking is Critical reflection which requires that the nurse examine the fundamental assumptions and profoundly question or disbelief the cogency of arguments, declarations, and even details of the case. In practice, nurses’ needs to be more knowledgeable about clinical procedures as errs associated with this can leads to medical error. For example, nurses are expected to perform, assessment of patent’s vital signs, administration of drugs, and help clinicians in clinical procedures (Forsgren et al., 2014).. 
Working in a team
The requirement for effective teams is growing because of increasing co-morbidities and associative increasing difficulty of specialty of care. Ability of to work in a team is key aspect of nursing transition. Working effectively in a team and supporting team members can benefit the patient health and improve quality of care. Working in ca team can allow the nurse or other team members to share patient information easily and learn different skills from each other (Ekström & Idvall, 2015). Working in an interdisciplinary healthcare team indicates that the nurse understand that other healthcare professionals of the team also has a particular job to do with the patient, and they are able to use their advices to assist the patient health. Working in a team required effective communication and collaborative practice coordination. For example To be able to work in a team a nurse must keep communicating with other members, be adaptable, understand other team members, and discuss their device to other members (Abbasi et al., 2017). 
Core values
The core values of nursing involves collaboration, openness, respect and empowerment. Collaboration refers to the healthcare professionals working readily and vigorously to attain goals and advance levels of care service to the patient. Openness is an emotional state, enabling coworkers to share thoughts and communicate openly. A nurse must be open to discuss their thoughts with other team members. This safeguards other team members feel their involvement is valued (Shahriari et al., 2013). Respect is significant to be attentive towards the capabilities of each other, irrespective of role or position. Empowerment is another value of nursing which is attained through taking accountability for individual performance. In doing so, a positive environment should be created in which all the healthcare provider and patient are fortified to be involved in the decision making grow, develop and succeed. ​​For example, nurses needs to be collaborative, open, respectful, and empowered while working in team assigned to provide care for a patient (Richardson et al., 2015). 
Nurses are projected to take accountability for their individual actions (counting errors) and ensuring their nursing practice is reliable with practice principles, rules and all legislature suitable to the occupation. Accountability similarly comprises encouraging respect for particular profession by ones behavior, and upholding core capabilities all over a career. Accountability is described by protecting patients, managers and different health care staffs from the impact of bad, neglectful and precarious practice (Krautscheid, 2014). Intrinsically, it is a vitally significant part of the healthcare sector. An organization through accountability, will have a possibility of misuse, mismanagement, and underuse of different resources. Henceforth, it is significant for organization and legal determinations. It similarly increases the worth of patient care through increasing the consumption of dependable and accepted medicine. Froe example, a nurse involved in medicate error must be accountable for his or her actin, and report it to the management immediately 
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