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New Graduate Application

Part A

Understanding of the professional, ethical and legal requirements of the Registered Nurse

Ethics helps in understanding the code of conduct for the registered nurses in the legal requirements and professionals. According to Griffith and Tengnah (2017), it helps in various ethical practices and professional issues which would be faced by them during career. The initial duties of the Nurses are maintain autonomy, confidentiality and duty of care for every patient. Duties of the Nurses have been bounded by both legal and ethical practice of the Nurses. It has been analysed that registered nurse should advocating for health policies and maintain the improvement of the workplace. As mentioned by van Houwelingen et al. (2017), the legal requirements of the registered nurses help in creating health system and providing nursing service. The policies regarding ethical and professionalism have helps increasing the self-development process among registered nurses. The legislation would help in creation of safe and compassion regarding the creation workplace environment. Ethical practice would help in creating effective strategy to maintain the confidentiality of the patients. The social media presences would helps in determining the health care system of Australia. 

Demonstration of high level interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills

High level of interpersonal skill would help registered nurse for creation of active teamwork. It has been analysed that high interpersonal skill would help in creation of dependability and leadership. According to van de Brake et al. (2018), it has also helped in motivating their performance level and flexibility plan for maintaining job security and help in increasing empathy among them towards the patiences. According to Griffith and Tengnah (2017), the communication skill would help in creating and understanding the issues of their patients. It would create enhancement for building a relationship with patients and their co-staff. Moreover, communication helps increasing the motivation of the registered nurse and helps in enhancing the performance of them. 

Demonstration ability to work within a team 

Registered nurses should have ability for performing work within a team. It would create innovative ideas for the treatment of patients. Moreover, the high interpersonal have helped in creating an enhancement of capabilities for working within a team. It creates positive impact for the growth of the productivity in the organisations. It helps in minimising the complexity of their job and provides effective strategy for treatment for their patients. In addition, team working helps in creating strategy for the treatment of the patients and increase of growth in the productivity of the employees. As opinionated by Griffith and Tengnah (2017), it also helps in pursuing leadership style and patience for listening their patients and enhancement of responsibilities for creation of effective strategy for importance. 

Understanding of the role of the Registered Nurse in applying continuous improvement and quality and safety

Registered nurses should follow the continuous improvement of quality and safety. It also helps in increasing innovative ideas for the treatments. It creates technological advancement among the healthcare system. Improvement of quality and safety would help in creating health policies for the organisations. As mentioned by Frame et al. (2016), the registered nurse should possess knowledge about quality regarding work to maintain the standard of the organisation. Safety regulation should be maintained by the nurses to secure the life of patients in their healthcare system. Moreover, it would increases the knowledge of RN for understanding effective strategy and the goal of company. As opinionated by Griffith and Tengnah (2017), it also helps in creating effective strategy for the growth of safety among the patients and helps in attributes regarding safety policies of healthcare organisations. In addition, it also helps in understanding and enhancing motivation among the team of healthcare system. 

Part B

Values of South Western Sydney Local Health District

South Western Sydney Local Health District’s values have been reflected in the study. The vision of the organisation is creating leading healthier communities and providing facilities and services over the world.  The mission of the organisation is to create collaboration, respect and empowerment among the communities. The organisation has strategic goals to create safe and quality healthcare, healthy community, a future healthcare system and creation of effective leadership (Swslhd.health.nsw.gov.au, 2019). The organisation has been focusing for healthy living among the patients and helps in creating effective strategies for the growth of the organisation. It has focus on creation of promotion for health awareness among the patients. The process of communication would help in creating effective strategy to focus on the strategic value of the organisation along with objectives. 

As mentioned by Salas et al. (2017), communication strategy would create integration among the employees and motivation which would help in increasing of productivity of employees. It also helps in creating appropriate strategy for the growth of the company along with competitive advantages in the market. Moreover, it has been engage with NSW health for promoting of the health awareness among the local community of Australia (Health.nsw.gov.au, 2019). It has also helped in creating local health board and special network for growth of community. E-health services would create advantages for local community and help in creating awareness among the local people (Health.nsw.gov.au, 2019). It has created extensive communication system for the growth of organisation and creates effective strategy for gaining competitive advantages. Awards helps in creating motivation among the employees and increase quality of the work along with an enhancement in the productivity of organisation.  Promotional strategy helps in creating value position in the market and gain reputation among the employees of organisations. It has been analysed that value position helps in gaining competitive advantages among the healthcare companies. 


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