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 P1. Explain using examples how numeric and alphanumeric data can be coded within a computer system 

What is numeric data?  
 Numerical data is information which something that is measurable. Numerical data is collected in numbers form, even though there are other types of data that can appear in like number form.  An example of numerical data would be the number of students that have attended class over a course of a month.  
What is alphanumeric data? 
Alphanumeric data has a combination of numbers, letters and symbols. An example of this would be a postcode e.g. SW1 3AF or even a car registration number. Alphanumeric data is not necessary have to contain a combination of numbers and letters it can just be simply as a text example a name of a person ‘Mohamud Abukar ‘ 
Character Encoding
A character encoding tells the computer how to interpret raw zeroes and ones into real characters. It usually does this by pairing numbers with characters. Words and sentences in text are created from characters and these characters are grouped into a character set. There are many different types of character encodings floating around at present, but the ones we deal most frequently with are ASCII, 8-bit encodings, and Unicode-based encodings. 
A character encoding the computer interpret zeroes and ones into real characters. This method is done by pairing numbers with characters.  Words and sentence in text are made from characters and these characters and joined in to a character set. The most common type of character encoding is ASCII that uses 8-bit encodings and Unicode. The ASCII code represents English characters as numbers and each letter assigned number from 0 to 127 
The Unicode is a standard that defines the internet text coding system in computers. Unicode supports characters for almost all modern languages.
Binary examples 
Eg. Abukar 
Convert it from decimal to binary according ASC11 Table configuration
P2. Explain using examples how different types of data can be converted and stored in computer system .

A pixel is a smallest component of digital image, which is a colour point of digital image. An image should be made up of many pixels
Joint Photographic Experts Group is the format of choice for most all photographs on that is on the internet format for storing and transmitting photos.  JPEG gives you excellent quality even at rather high compression settings. 
Portable Network Graphics is a raster graphics file format that supports lossless data compression. This is mainly used in Microsoft paint when you save it on paint default setting is png but you can change the format as well. 
Bit Rate
Bit rate is the number of bits per second that can be transmitted along a digital network. For example, an earphone has two sides left and right for this we need to store two sets of samples, one for each ear stereo.
Sample rate
Therefore, to calculate the bit rate for CD audio, you can multiply our sample rate (44,100) by 2 (for stereo) and by 16 (the number of bits in our digital numbers):
44,100 x 2 x 16 = 1,411,200 bits per second (bps) = 1,411 kbps
This is now calculated the bit rate for the standard CD, which turns out to be 1,411 kbps.
P3. Convert numeric data between different number systems including floating point 
So the answer is 11001 binary you read from bottom till you get to the top of the number 

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