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“AAA Movies” is An eminent film company that composes movies and delivers prime quality video to form it transfer through Zone of flicks company web site. the initial film company management has set to consolidate the contract with Zone of flicks by adding a lot of economical workers and appliances.

“AAA Movies” is in building B and also the internet team is positioned within the same building whereas the majority of the administration, sales, accounts, and management functions square measure supported in building A. each building's square measure settled within the same premises. film Company plans to combine all their workers and resources in one building. so once an adjacent workplace house becomes offered in building A, these teams are going to be accommodated along. Building A encompasses a reception and a client space further.

About the Network

The branch network of dominion Films has mature while not correctly coming up with. The LAN cabling in each office is Cat5e LAN. The workplace complicated provides AN LAN link between the 2 buildings.

The current network could be a flat network style with stripped-down redundancy. a tiny low wireless LAN is employed sometimes by few project managers with laptops and also the guests at Building B.

Building A - general workplace and managers, as well as reception, accounts, and administration. It consists of sixteen PCs and 02 printers.

Building B - production suites and provides networking for the media development and storage. It consists of twelve superior workstations, 06 workplace PCs, and 02 printers.

The Management expects to boost the network supported following major criteria:

a) Separate the network into VLANs.

b) Data traffic expected to extend by eightieth

c) Possibly take into account connecting on to the Zone of flicks network; should be a quick and reliable affiliation

d) High network availableness with redundant links and technology

e) Wireless network access at Building B

f) QoS to support video applications

g) High network responsibility with network observance and security

Activity 01

You are new recruited as a Network Engineer by the film company to revamp the network.

You need to provide a report for the corporate that features the following:

a) An overview of your report.

a) An explanation of;

1) Networking principles, protocols, and devices, as well as advantages and constraints of networked solutions

2) The impact of topology, communication and information measure necessities, the effectiveness of networking systems

3) Operating principles of networking devices and server varieties and networking software system

Activity 02

a) Prepare a written arrangement of however you're aiming to style a neighborhood space network as well as a blueprint of your LAN.

b) Justify the protection necessities and quality of services required for choice of accessories

c) Design a networked system to fulfill a given specification

d) Provide the informatics address allocation table for the redesigned network.

e) Install & set up network services and applications of your alternative.

f) Conduct a take a look at and assess the look to fulfill the necessities and analyze user feedback.

g) Suggest a maintenance schedule to support the networked system.

Activity 03

a) Implement a networked system that supported your ready style.

b) Conduct verification with e.g. Ping, extended ping, traceroute, telnet, SSH, etc.

c) Record the take a look at results and analyze these against expected results.

d) Investigate what functionalities would permit the system to support device growth and also the addition of communication devices.

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