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Undertaking the project for XXXXXX who has a need to store all current and past assessments of assignments in a document store facility, enabling efficient storage and retrieval of all relevant documentation.
At present the tutor has held all assessments and assignments in word files in various folders, making it a little time consuming and difficult to ascertain which assignments have been previously
used for a purpose.
A number of database modules are taught within the department and a few of these share assessments. Currently these assessments are stored in a file system but this makes it difficult to track and monitor how these have been used in the past, and across which particular modules past versions have been used. The client has need for a system which will allow him to store module information, and information about the assessment structure within each module instance, as well as storing all documents for each assessment.
For each assessment, a version history needs to be maintained to allow the client to monitor previous versions of the assessment, and if possible indicate what the changes are.
Product to be delivered to client


A secure module/document (preferably web-based) repository is required to allow for storage and retrieval of assessments for past and current instances of modules. The system needs to enable module tutors to create instances of modules, store all documentation (i.e. assessment scripts, sample solutions, any other relevant documents) for each assessment for each module instance. The system also requires version tracking, so that it is possible to see if an assessment is a version of a previous assessment(s), and document the changes made from the previous version(s), if necessary. Module leaders should be able to upload and retrieve assessments for their modules only; an administrator can provide read/write access to module instances when and where necessary. As part of the project, the tutor would like an investigation of the use of NoSQL databases, e.g. Mongo DB, for this purpose. The end-product developed will belong to the client;

Client requirements

 Document repository to store information about module instances and the assessments for each instance;

 Same repository to store assessment documents for each module instance;

 Secure interface;

 Investigation of, and development of the software system, using, NoSQL databases, e.g. MongoDB.


The main constraints include:- access to MongoDB, C# or relevant software for interfacing with MongoDB. Access to client is time-limited
Utilise university system with using MongoDB programme. Access to all relevant past assessments and documents to carry out technical operation. Time arranged (40-minutes per week) with client, in order to discuss specifications and requirements for project. Access to staff to allow for possible user testing.

Reporting to Sponsor

Liaison with client through email and face to face basis. Client will meet on a weekly basis for approximately 40 minutes.


Project Objective

1. To conduct Literature review of NoSQL databases, giving focus on document store, as well as their real-world applicability.
2. To investigate suitable languages to interface with MongoDB.(e.g. C#)
3. To design a database to enable storage of module information, assessments for each module instance and a track version history.
4. To develop the database with above requirement.
5. To develop a front-end to the database using the appropriate interface language.
6. To test for errors and exception handling, fixing any errors as necessary.
7. To evaluate the product to identify areas for improvement, with user acceptance testing.
8. To create a report on the use of NoSQL databases for client, as well as gathering client feedback on the product.
9. To produce a dissertation
Statement of Research
I propose to research into different types of NoSql databases and their relevance. I will mainly be placing my focus on the document store element .



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