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1. Abstract 

Aim of this present research is to enhance privacy of healthcare through incorporation of Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC). Both creative and innovative methodologies are required for implementation of mobile cloud computing in the healthcare organisations. The implementation process of the research methodology includes introduction of innovative framework that is applicable to the present scenario. The expected outcome of the study would include incorporation of a framework that can be essential for implementation of cloud computing in the healthcare. ‘There has been a lot of compromise on security of patients in the healthcare. Introduction of creative mechanism can be considered essential for association of innovative techniques. 

2. Literature review 

Round 1

Factors for selecting the initial keywords
Introduction of MCC is the target of present research and association of cloud computing in the present regard can be influential for privacy and security of the patients in healthcare. Mobile computing is believed to bring a focused approach on the perspective of the present scenario of health care.
Elsevier and Research gate are the source of information 
Review & Summary
The review of the initial result has revealed that there is a requirement of introducing effective framework in aspect of data management perspective. Privacy and security of data management have to be focused considerably for association of appropriate analysis. Both data security and privacy can be considered for creation of an effective elaboration in healthcare management. The present consideration of MCC can be required to be introduced for the purpose of effective management system. Creation of appropriate framework is essential for creation of opportunities. It can be vital to make the present analysis more elaborative. Mobile cloud computing in healthcare is given priority for prevention of privacy breach.
Consideration for selection of new set of keywords
Introduction of effective data management system can be required for focusing on a method that can bring MCC in healthcare. Thus, consideration of keyword selection largely is dependent on utilisation of proper method. In-depth approach is required to be managed for initiation of privacy. Data sharing approach is required to be appropriate for the purpose of data sharing. Inclusion of web-based system of cloud computing, it can be essential to make the present condition more elaborative.  
Round 2
Research database
The database of the research includes Communication magazine, Research gate and IEEE. 
Returned result
Total 5 sources have been returned
3. Literature review (Focused reading) 
Focus on the goals of reading
The present literature review is concerned with introduction of research background, research problem identification, and effective focus on the achievement of the targeted research. 
Article 1
Key contributions
The key contribution of the author includes focus on mobile cloud computing. The discussion of the journal has offered an in-depth approach to the process of data collection. Global management and storage procedure can be enhanced through the perspective of pervasive healthcare system.
Existing problem
Record of electronic medical system can enable association of effective framework in the current issues relating to integration of important management issues. Inefficient management techniques can have positive association of health monitoring system. 
Differences in approach
The present aspect of security analysis can be required to be managed for securing an innovative communication system. The present approach can be recommended for providing innovative method in the perspective of healthcare organisations. 
Significance approach of mobile networking is concerned with the present context for offering health information system in the current perspective. Wireless communication has undergone rapid development in the recent time which can be applicable to a lot of health management scenario. The present purpose of creating a framework can be changed for securing a better system of communication. The present method is further applicable to a wide range of patient privacy.
Further improvement
The hierarchical system of cloud computing can enable effectiveness in the description of security analysis. The aspect of cloud computing is highly considered for bringing effectiveness in the data management system. Integration of virtual management system can be incremental for the purpose of authorisation.
Research problem
Real-time management scenario is considered for the existing purpose of bringing innovativeness for carrying effective health care management perspective. 
Article 2
Key contributions
Integration of a secured system of the medical system is associated with the current approach. Collection of community-based knowledge is regarded as effective for the current management procedure. In order to drive effectiveness in a data management perspective, there is requirement of analysing present healthcare problem.
Existing problem
The problem of data confidentiality can be approached in the present context for enhancing a wider accumulation of knowledge in the present context of management. Rapid development of the present scenario is applicable for promotion of knowledge that is required in the given context. 
Differences in method
Methodology of hybrid cloud needs to be managed for the deployment of effective cloud infrastructure. Integration of effective analysis of data centre for the introduction of effective computing environment.
The current analytical focus can be made for offering in-depth knowledge for present cloud computing of current environmental analysis. Data protection analysis is applicable in the present context for avoiding the required knowledge management purpose. 
Further improvement
Conduction of innovative assessment can be analysed in the present context can be analysed for creation of supply chain management. The current virtual technology can be applicable for offering an enhanced approach.
Research problem
The current visualisation approach is applicable to analysis of virtual machine. Issues of data security of the current management issues need to be presented in the given context to bring innovativeness. Transmission of data can be required to be managed for the purpose of data integrity. Assessment perspective can be applied to process of current analysis.
4. Proposed research 
The aspect of poor security is concerned with data management and protection. In order to bring innovativeness in the current management perspective can be achieved through process of effective issues. 
Research aim
The current aim of the research includes evaluation of security management system for ensuring the privacy of security system. It is essential for the current management requirement to be focused for introduction of creative management perspective.
Quantitative methodology is applicable is required to be given for assessment of present-day purpose. Introduction of innovative technology can be evaluated for the present purpose.
Significance and expected outcome
The required outcome can be required for improving understanding of current feedback system. Present performance management concerns need to be managed for the perspective of data analysis. 
The requirement of perception management system of mobile cloud computing is elaborated in the present perspective for creation of an enhanced framework. Data breach in healthcare can be prevented through incorporation of mobile cloud-based technology.


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