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Mihaela Tancu Managing Human Resources

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Mihaela Tancu Managing Human Resources


TASK 1: Understanding the different perspectives of human resource management

1.1-Adoption of the Guest Model of HRM at Harrods

Figure:Explaining the Guest Model

The guest model was developed by David Guest in the year 1997.This model shows how the activities related to the management of Human Resources and the strategies of the organization. This model suggests that HRM should be used in a manner to make the employees highly committed to the organization and are of high quality. (Petra University, (n.d))

It is essential for the HRM to instil the trait of commitment towards the organization as it leads to enhanced employee participation, more contribution and co-operation.

High quality employees are those that are qualified in terms of their job requirements and causes maximum productivity. A coherent strategy devised to attain to get high quality employees will help getting the desired results.(Marsden, 2002)

Guest Model at Harrods

§  Qatar Holdings, the current owner of the Harrods are extremely commited to the well- being and the development of the employees.

§  They believe in achieving high quality employees by engaing them keeping them well motivated and satisfied

§  According to Guest model , Harrods is putting stress on effective recruitment of the employees that are suitable and skilled according to the job requirement

§  Performance of the employees are given stress .Strategies are made to make the employees perform to their full potential

§  Harrods believes in developemnt of their employees and encouraging the building of long term career

§  Employee participation is encouraged ar Harrods

§  Harrods are taking significant measures to retain their employees by making them satisfied at their jobs

§  Harrods according to the Guest Model are aiming at achieving ‘High quality employees’

(The Times, (n.d))

1.2- Comparing the differences between Storey’s definitions of HRM, Personnel and IR practices, by reflecting the HRM practices at Harrods and choose a similar organization which has adopted Personnel or IR practices

According to Professor John Storey, HRM is a unique way of approaching the management of employment. HRM is based on achieving competitive advantage by means of strategic deployment to achieve a workforce that is highly efficient.

The techniques used to achieve a competent workforce may be structural, personal or cultural. (Owen, (n.d))

§  The difference in Storey’s definition relating to HR practices and personal managemet are;

§  Differences in strategic aspects

§  The corporate plans that exists

§  Differences in relation to the waysd labour is m,anaged

§  How are the decisions taken and at what rate

§  Management methods and actions

§  How does the management behave when it comes to company values(Foot, 2005)

Intrinsic factors are responsible for employee motivation. Employees are motivated according to their different specific needs.

The needs can be;

§  Of the emotion of feeling to do better

§  Need of being a part of a group

§  The desire to earn respect and appreciation

§  Needs are not satisfied by only financial reimbursements.

The case study reflects incorporation of the Storey’s model at Harrods. Harrods gives importance to acknowledgement of physcological needs of its worforce.

Harrods believes that motivating employees is necessary and they are not just motivated by financial rewards. They yearn for appreciatiion for a kob well done, promotion, and a better organisational culture.

Roles and responsibilties of HRM at ASDA

At ASDA the main role of the HRM is to recruit employees in order to deal with the issue of employee turnover.

They need to ensure that there is high retention of the workforce. At ASDA internal promotion is encouraged in order to ensure retantion and 70% of managerial positions are suggested to be occupied by internal promotion.

Thety provide work experience to students and have apprentivce programs. They treat all their colleagues with respect and fairly giving them excellent opporutinity to progress in their career.

Shift leaders and department mangers, logistics, sales and variety of roles are offered for an employee at Asda.

(Business Case Study, 2014)

Functions of HRM at ASDA

·         At ASDA the functions of the HRM is to ensure recruitement of the employees having the right kind of customer service attitude

·         Ensuring employee development and trainig

·         Selection of employes via the online recruitment procedure of Asda in which the HR team is responsible for resume screening and calling the desired candidates for interview.

HRM at ASDA believes customer focus is the key to their organisation culture whereas Harrods aims developing a culture that is focused on the intrinsic motivational factors of the employees.It believes that motivated and satisfied workforce automaticaly delivers excellent customer service.

ASDA also has very nice HR strategy .But in contrast to Harrods HR strategies that is oriented according to the Storey’s model, ASDA gives more stress to excellent customer delivery.Harrods is primarily focusing on increasing employee engegement. (Business Case Study, 2014)

1.3- Assessing the implications for line managers and employees of developing a strategic approach to HRM at Harrods

The development of a strategic approach to Human Resource Management at Harrods is a shared responsibility of the line managers and the employees.

Harrods has a democratic approach towards its HR strategies. The line managers at Harrods encourages employee participation and effective and free communication.

Harrods line mangers implies using continuous improvement by taking employees advice and encouraging their participation

Employees at Harrods are trusted and respected

Line managers are involved in employee development with full commitment. The managers have implications to;

Talent identification  -The line managers at Harrods are responsible for the identification of  talent and training the talented workforce to be more qualified as their team members work directly under them they can better assess and identify talents and help their subordinated gain the skills that they lack.

Mentoring and coaching – The line mangers at Harrods act as the mentors and the coach of the employees and guide the employees who are fresh hires and have less experience. This is done at Harrods as the line mangers give constant feedbacks to the employees for job improvement and training to get the skills that they lack.

Feedback - In this manner the employees get relevant advice and support and the line mangers can interact with the less experienced employees and take structured feedback from them. At Harrods the line mangers are actively involved in giving feedback about their team members to the management.

Performance Appraisal – As the line mangers are with direct interface with their subordinates, they work with the HR department in the performance appraisal of their team members.

Networking and relationship building - A line manager also enhances their skills this way and builds strong interpersonal relationships.Harrods encourages building network as there are regular meetings in which managers share their views and ideas.(Business Case Study, (n.d))



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