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Chapter 1: Research Proposal

1.1 Introduction

Marketing is the process through which organisations deliver information about their products and services to the customers. Marketing management of business organisations uses two types of marketing methods which are traditional and digital marketing methods in order to promote their goods and services (Jernigan and et.al., 2017). In accordance with this context, the present research will be based on comparative study of traditional marketing method and digital marketing method used by Mitsubishi in UAE. Tradition marketing is one of the oldest marketing methods used by organisations. It is also one of the most recognisable forms of marketing. Traditional marketing methods include include print advertisements, such as newsletters, billboards, flyers and newspaper print ads. In today’s world technological development is rising rapidly (Royle and Laing, 2014). Organisations use other platforms in order to promote their products effectively and efficiently. These platforms involve the use of information and digital technology. 

Digital marketing platforms include promotion of goods and services on the internet, social media, mobile phones or any other digital medium (Tiago and Veríssimo, 2014). The study will focus on both the methods of marketing used by the organisation and will evaluate it impacts on the organisational productivity and profitability. For gaining an in depth insight into the matter of subject, the researcher will aim to use the most precise and systematic approach. The researcher will take help of various articles written by senior scholars and researchers in order to establish an efficient theoretical framework. Precise research methodology will be used in the dissertation to increase the effectiveness of research study. The data will be collected from both primary and secondary sources and analysis of data will be made so that meaningful information can be produced. Eventually, recommendations will be made by the researcher so that the client organisation can make certain improvements.

1.2 Research Background

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is Japanese based organisation whose headquarter is located in Minato, Tokyo. Since its inception, the company has been successfully operating in United Arab Emirates (UAE). The United Arab Emirates is the second largest automotive market in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) after Saudi Arab. Mitsubishi is the third largest automotive corporation operating in UAE following Nissan and Toyota. Approximately, 55413 Mitsubishi cars were sold in 2015 and the organisation was able to retain 13.4% of market share in the country (UAE – Automotive, 2016). The marketing management of Mitsubishi uses different approaches and methods in order to increase their sales and profitability. The present study will aid in analysing the comparison between traditional and digital marketing methods used by the organisation. Thus, this organisation will be appropriate to accomplish the aim and objective of the research. This dissertation will further have literature review on traditional and digital marketing methods and data analysis chapter in order to comprehend the objectives of the research.

1.3 Purpose of Study

Marketing is an essential part of the business organisation. Without marketing, no organisation will able to deliver the information about the products and services they produced to the customers (Ryan, 2016). Today we are living in an era characterized by dynamism and competition where organisations use different marketing methods and techniques in order to sustain in the competitive environment. The marketing of goods and services is done to increase the attraction of customers towards the organisation. In this manner, business corporations use various methods and techniques that benefited them at low cost. The main motive of research is to make a comparative analysis of traditional marketing methods and digital marketing methods. In this context, the chosen organisation is Mitsubishi. The whole study comes from the topic of Marketing Management. At the end, the study will provide the best recommendation of using both the marketing methods appropriately and precisely.

1.4 Research aims and objectives


“To analyse the comparison between traditional marketing methods and digital marketing methods used by Mitsubishi in UAE.”

Research Objective

a) To understand the concept of traditional and digital marketing.

b) To determine the tools used in traditional and digital marketing by Mitsubishi in UAE.

c) To compare traditional marketing methods and digital marketing methods used by Mitsubishi in UAE.

d) To recommends ways to improve marketing strategies of Mitsubishi in UAE.
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