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Marketing Management: Cosmetic Industry



 Marketing Management: Cosmetic Industry


Executive Summary


As people have become more and more conscious regarding their beauty products, cosmetics industry has turned to organic ingredients in terms of staying ahead in the business marketing. This research study focuses on the marketing management of the chosen cosmetic brand of Australia: Adorn Cosmetics. Marketing mix is considered helpful towards the marketing perspective of a business company in terms of getting the best possible returns of money and luxurious beauty brand Adorn Cosmetics is no exception in this regard. 

Background of the Company


Adorn Cosmetics is an Australian privately owned company, which thrives on making business on the Australian soil solely. In 2009, Adorn Cosmetics was set up by Briony Kennedy, a passionate environmental advocate, former model and beauty industry veteran based in Melbourne. The company is found to be dedicated towards sourcing and manufacturing its cosmetic products from natural elements and minerals i.e. organic ingredients. Adorn Cosmetics was solely launched for meeting the demand for a truly natural as well as environmentally conscious brand with a high end luxe feel (www.adorncosmetics.com.au, 2016).

This Australian made and owned company makes sure that the customers are buying ethically sourced premium quality products which are not just environment-friendly but also effective in skincare. It can be mentioned in this regard that the Adorn products which are produced locally and sold globally, tend to use less amount of energy and packaging in reaching their respective destinations in comparison with other imported products; and this signifies less carbon footprint along with less landfill (www.adorncosmetics.com.au, 2017). The company came into being with Briony’s vision of developing an ethical brand that is all about celebrating simplicity and sustainability with regard to empowering women in choosing quality cosmetics that not just make them look good but also feel good. Therefore the business statement, rather slogan of the cosmetic company is appropriate in this context - ‘No regrets. No compromise. Guilt free beauty.’

The company apparently trades with the most reputable and ethical of manufacturers and suppliers, and this has been one of the pivotal factors for the company’s success. Countries that are associated with child labor or unfair work practices are avoided by Adorn Cosmetics in order to keep up with its concerned brand ethos. In this work of research, the marketing management of the company is being focused upon and discussed in detail.

Analysis of the 5cs of the company


The 5Cs of company are: Company, Customers, Collaborators, Competition and Context – which are analyzed in respect to the chosen company Adorn Cosmetics.

Company – Adorn Cosmetics is all about ensuring a beauty with a conscience cosmetics brand, for women who chose healthy as well as ethical lifestyles without compromising on quality, style and luxury. Adorn Cosmetics is a worldwide trusted brand which is sold both online and within selected retailers in close alignment with the company ethical ethos. With the option of the products being delivered direct to their door, the consumers can easily enjoy the freedom of the product trials in the comfort of their own homes with no regrets prior to their purchase and usage of the full-size cosmetic products(Ranchhod et al. 2011).

Moreover, the lady in charge of the company, Briony has come up with a revolutionary idea for a cosmetics refill program which has turned out to be the much needed pioneering change in reduction of landfill within the cosmetics industry territory (www.adorncosmetics.com.au, 2018). This specifically successful initiative towards sustainability has been saving not just customers’ money by means of recycling their eco-luxe Adorn pots, but also is eco-friendly to a great extent.

Customers –The role of customers or consumers is vital to any strategic plan. As the ultimate goal of business is to ensure fulfillment of consumer needs alongside building strong consumer connection, Adorn Cosmetics is devoted to prioritize the respective consumer interests and takes up strategic initiatives to satisfy customer needs. In terms of providing quality cosmetic products with affordable pricing, the brand maintains trusted and loyal consumer base which acts in favor of the brand popularity and demand(Hsu, 2011).

Collaborators -The collaborators in this case are inclusive of trusted chain of manufacturers and suppliers who work hand in hand with the business management team of Adorn Cosmetics.

Competition -Natural and organic skincare has become a crucial player in the beauty market in the recent times, and this is happening because the consumers have become more conscious, savvy and choosy regarding their cosmetic products(Hackley, 2010). The trend is observed worldwide and in case of Australia, not only the beauty industry is booming but the nation is found to be leading the way with several of the globally recognized best brands.

A’kin is a competitive brand which happens to be source natural botanicals from Australian region and worldwide. The company’s USP is its vegan products that are not just free from any sort of chemical ingredients but also work wonders for delicate skins. Set up in 2002, the company is said to have cashed on the repercussions of using synthetic ingredients in cosmetic products which acted in favor of the company to turn out to be one of the major eco-friendly cosmetic brands in Australia and worldwide.

L’Oreal Australia is said to be a major competitor in the cosmetic industry of Australia. The brand has been a leading figure amidst the beauty brands with a 10% value share respectively. It can be said in this regard that the manufacturer’s brand portfolio is extensive and tends to reach out to all sort of skincare products (www.huffingtonpost.com.au, 2016). Sodashi is another prominent cosmetic company with a small-batch beauty approach. It is arguably one of the popular luxurious skincare brands of Australia with its usage of purest natural elements.

Context – The business management of Adorn Cosmetics is done at par with the modern day management requirements. Be it promoting in digital media or reaching out to consumers via unique trail method or sticking to the organic theme regarding creating eco-friendly product range – the cosmetic brand is making headlines for all the good reasons and that adds to the business reputation and brand image to a great extent(Vantamay, 2011).


Market Intelligence


Adorn Cosmetics has found its favor in consumers, especially the women of 30 years and above. How business is coping up with environmental changes can be found in the company’s environment friendly policies which not just cut down on landfill but also ensure the wastage is minimal at its best. The sustainable samples of Adorn Cosmetics happen to protect Earth in providing the consumers with the opportunity of trialing its cosmetic range before committing to a full sized product(Dirsehan, 2015). Furthermore, no excess packaging is used by this brand which defines its eco-luxe philosophy of simplicity. The brand uses biodegradable wrapping material for its delivery packages, which is made from recycled material that is invariably an excellent alternative to the environmentally harmful plastic wraps. In addition to these, it can be added that Adorn Cosmetics is the first ever international beauty brand that offers an eco-friendly cosmetics refill program (www.adorncosmetics.com.au, 2017).

Adorn Cosmetics range is available at comfortable reach of targeted consumer segments.The company deals with reputable ethical manufacturers and suppliers, which ensures the company’s maintenance of ethical standards and also the environment-friendly nature. The company staffs ensure smooth functioning of the business activities and a mutual understanding helps in maintaining equilibrium within the business organization.The founder is found to have instigated a sustainable beauty program which is not just cost-saving but also saves customers’ time in terms of allowing them to trial the complete product range of Adorn Cosmetics; and this is undoubtedly a unique initiative in the beauty industry.

The company offers quality eco-friendly luxury cosmetic products to the consumers at a moderate price and this pricing strategy works with the consumers because they are ready to pay a bit more in order to receive a little more extra benefit. The cosmetics range and products have been certified free from toxins and therefore the consumers experience no irritating pore clogging fillers. Moreover, the cosmetic range is gluten free as well as allergen free which makes it an easy choice for users who prefer organic care to synthetic treatment(Riefler et al. 2012).

Target market, segments and positioning + positioning mapping


Segmentation - Market segmentation is intrinsic to a company’s success as it helps in identifying consumer groups with similar preferences and needs in terms of serving them with effective precision with the existent product range(Mazzeand Thorelli, 2014). There are common variables for identifying segments, such as:


















Usage rate

Level of loyalty

Event creation

Key benefits



In case of Adorn Cosmetics, the consumer base is all across the world and despite being a private company of Australia; it never has fallen short of reaching out to the global customers with its respective product range. The company’s major target market is women of varied age groups who prefer luxurious cosmetic products that are not just eco-friendly but also worth the value of money(Krstic and Becic, 2011). Though the pricing is moderate, but higher economic section prefers its products more frequently. As the products are all organic and free from any side effects, the company has gained popularity as well as loyal customer base, both in Australia and other parts of the world. Absence of synthetic ingredients has made the cosmetic range a rage amongst health conscious users who pay attention to the ethical factors and environmental issues as well.

Targeting - After the market segmentation into specified groups with distinctive needs and characteristics, the next step is targeting which involves evaluation of market segments and deciding upon which ones to serve at its best. As far as Adorn Cosmetics is concerned, its significant as well as primary target market has always been women aged between 30-50. Though the company has now engaged in focusing on the youngsters section by means of digital media, direct selling as well as catalogues; the existent product range of Adorn Cosmetics is popular amongst elder adults largely(Wenderoth, 2010). Moreover, the company has now taken up the men section in consideration as well in terms of targeting the male group for potential business. Skincare and haircare products for men are being given thought as men these days are acquainted with cosmetic products as well as and thus serve as potent consumers.

As people have become more and more conscious regarding their respective cosmetic products, especially skincare or hair care products, Adorn has managed to fulfill their demands accordingly(Dinnie, 2015). The usage of organic ingredients in the cosmetics range helps the brand in maintaining an eco-friendly natural outlook which plays a vital role in today’s business sustainability sector. It can be said that Adorn Cosmetics is all about promoting green cosmetic line that has the potential of improving blood circulation, reducing excessive pigment accumulation, promoting skin cell metabolism and thus aiding to the role of natural beauty as much as possible(Fill and Turnbull, 2016).

Positioning - Positioning is considered as a crucial marketing tool in today’s business scenario and cosmetics industry is no exception in this regard. As positioning relies on designing the image and the offerings of the respective company, the concerned message is effectively placed in the prospective consumers’ minds and the potential benefits to the business are maximized(Hassan and Craft, 2012). The full positioning of the brand being regarded as value proposition, Adorn Cosmetics follows suit in making the brand differentiated in the industrial front in terms of positioning it as a unique model. A key element of positioning is a positioning statement creation that not just enhances the brand image but also sums up the product’s desired stature. A successful positioning statement is reliant on certain factors i.e.

The 4Cs Positioning Framework

Adorn Cosmetics follows its positioning statement of ‘Guilt free beauty’ in terms of ensuring the product range is entirely organic and free from side effects in connection with maintaining ethical standards and offering quality products to the consumer base. The brand maintains clarity and consistency with the consumers regarding all the messages and others which give the company a differential advantage that is unmatchable amidstits competitors; and make all the benefits marketing towards customers largely credible(Miracle, 2015).

In case of perceptual mapping, it can be said that this involves examining ways in which the concerned company can make assessment of its perceptual position within the company’s target market segments. A perceptual map is nothing but a visual representation of consumer perceptions of a specific brand and its competitors in terms of using significant dimensions; which helps in determining the brand position in the market environment

Perceptual mapping

In this perceptual mapping, Adorn Cosmetics (Brand B) is found to be riding high in consumer expectations and the competition involves other competitive brands i.e. L’Oreal Australia (Brand A), A’kin (Brand C) and Sodashi (Brand D). Adorn Cosmetics gains competitive advantage over other key players in the markets in terms of not just being eco-friendly but also in keeping up with the ethos in business.

Elaborating on 7Ps


Product–Adorn Cosmetics offers natural and organic cosmetics that not only protect, nourish and nurture the skin, but also is free from any harmful effects. The products are found to be packaged in luxurious airless containers for ensuring optimal formula protection alongside increased shelf life.

Promotion–Promoting the cosmetic products involves making the people aware of the products regarding their usage. The company in concern advertises the product in both print and digital media which ensures business promotion and reaching out to a larger segment of consumers effectively.

Price - As the price factor should always be reflecting good value for money, it can be said that Adorn Cosmetics attains this in terms of being affordable cosmetic brand i.e. mineral clay mask at $35, anti-ageing facial oil at $59, lip-balm at $10 etc. (www.adorncosmetics.com.au, 2018). Adorn Cosmetics provides the consumers with that extra something i.e. finding dark patch removal with skin smoothening cream - in terms of both services and value of money.

Place - Be it door-to-door delivery or shopping mall experiences or via e-commerce chains, the brand can be accessed by consumers at any given point of time, not just in Australia but all across the world(Moormanand Rohit, 1992).

People –The founder lady Briony does have right people under her supervision who play pivotal roles in the marketing management of the company. The right people can deliver accordingly in terms of offering appropriate services i.e. developing product marketing, being adept at giving demonstration etc. in the cosmetic industry (www.adorncosmetics.com.au, 2017).

Processes – As far as the processes are concerned in Adorn Cosmetics, they act as the determinants in delivering the products to the consumers. The company’s door-to-door delivery policy of the product in terms of free trial ensures the consumers enjoy the freedom of trying out the product range before committing to them in future. This unique service helps the business in its popularity and earns the business the quintessential competitive advantage. Processes of cosmetic products must be efficient as well as effective in marketing, as the cosmetic brands like Adorn Cosmetics thrives on the marketing budget(Hartline and Ferrell, 2013).

Physical Evidence–It can be put forth that all the services are inclusive of certain physical elements. Every time and even in times of online seeding, physical evidence such as demonstration in .pdf or .jpg file must be there – in order to provide description of the products.



It can be concluded that Adorn Cosmetics, one of the best beauty brands of Australia has a global consumer base and this has been possible due to the company’s effective marketing management and business strategies. Being eco-friendly and money-saver has earned the brand much needed popularity in the marketplace.



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