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Marketing essentials are referred as the process of promoting, selling, pricing, placing as well as distributing the process in terms of satisfying the customer’s wants and needs. People who are having similar wants and needs are most capable in terms of buying a product. In addition to that, in any new business, there are various technological developments, propositions which are helping in terms of creating a market. Nowadays most of the companies are facing a lot of competitions and there is a requirement to know the essentials of marketing. In this study, it focuses on preparing a report and in this report; there is a brief explanation of the roles as well as responsibilities relating to the organisation. There is a comparison of between two organizations by using the element of marketing mix. In the last section, there is the evaluation of marketing plan. In this study, there has been chosen two companies, Sainsbury and Tesco whose marketing plan and a comparison is to be done.
Task 1: Produce a Report 
Executive Summary
Marketing is the delivering as well as exchanging of the values of customers by focusing on their choice of preference. In the marketing function, there are various responsibilities played by marketing manager, financial manager, and product manager and advertising manager. All of the manager's responsibilities are interrelated with the organization to wider aspects.
The concept of marketing is remarked as the philosophy that an organisation is required to be analysing the needs of the customers. After the analysis is done the managers takes decisions to satisfy those needs in order to be top in the competitive advantage. In this study, Tesco's roles and responsibilities have been explained as well as analysed.                                   

P2 Explaining how responsibilities and roles of marketing related with organizational context 
In the wider context of organisational aspect, the marketing strategies help to provide an in-depth idea regarding the choice of preference of the market. As opined by Boonpradub and Thechatakerng (2015, p.5), a proper marketing encourages the organisation to give their best for making new product and innovations to be on the top of the competitive market. Marketing also helps in the brand value of organisations to be in the top position in the competitive advantage. On the other hand, a proper marketing provides a position in the competitive market. Tesco is the largest retail company with the proper implementation of marketing strategies can have a stable position in the competitive advantage. The roles and responsibilities are directly related to the organisational context to a wider aspect because without them it is not possible for a company to compete with the competitive advantage.
M1 Analyse the roles and responsibilities in marketing 
The market functions are important in order to analyse the designs of a product to launch them in the market to attract the customers. The role of a market is required to be analysed data with the help of several methods as well as techniques. As per Agnihotri et al. (2016, p.175), the marketing analyse also help in terms of dividing the markets various segments. The targeted market is analysed with the help of marketing manager to get a position in the competitive market. 
M2 Analysis of the significance of interrelationship between marketing and other functions 
In many organisations, each of the business function has a huge impact in terms of satisfying the customers. In the operation management, the marketing department will set some deadlines that set the capability for the production department. As asserted by Saeidi et al. (2015, p.350), the marketing department by closely looking at the finance departments that the budget is meeting for the production of new product. In addition to that, marketing help to improve the technique of sales as well as it is important for increasing the profit of an organisation. Without human resource management, it is not possible to manage all the marketing aspects and have the proper skills and experience.  
From the above report, it is found that in the marketing process there is involvement of product manager, finance manager, marketing manager and advertising manager to make the company in the top position in the competitive market. The roles played by them make the company unique from others.
In order to analyze marketing mix of two different organizations, Tesco Plc and Sainsbury have been chosen. Approaching these two different retail organization can help to understand the application of marketing mix 
Marketing Mix
P4 Produce and evaluate a   marketing for Tesco
Marketing plans are made for managing a business. Marketing plan is often termed as the blueprint of a business (Hollensen, 2015, p.14). An organisation develops marketing plan for accomplishing its objectives. Organisations are required to design a marketing plan for ensuring that they are able to fulfill their objectives within accounts for an important part of any organisation. This study has focuses on the marketing of Tesco. It has been found that Tesco has been able to manage their organisation with the help of effective marketing strategies. A comparison of Tesco with Sainsbury proves the fact that Tesco has used in achieving greater market share in the retail industry. Marketing mix of Tesco indicated to the fact that this organisation had succeed in satisfying demands of their customers with effective marketing plan. Marketing plan of Tesco provides an overall idea regarding significance of marketing plan for an organisation. Marketing plan need to be implemented after a situational analysis because it provided a guideline for developing marketing strategies.
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