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            Employees of the organization play vital role in managing all the practices in effective way and they also contribute in enhancing organizational performance and productivity. Thus, despite of exploiting them, there should be appropriate treatment for them as this will also encourage business performance values (Fill & Turnbull, 2016). In order to focus on the same issue, the present study has been made on 7-Eleven which is an American Japanese international chain of convenience retail stores in Texas and which has more than 56,000 stores in around 18 countries. The company is greatly engaged in discriminating the employees through restricting their salaries and other payments.

Mission of 7-Eleven

Vision of 7-Eleven

Mission of the company is to make the life easier for the guests by meeting all their needs and demands.

The vision of 7-Eleven is to be the best retailer of convenience.


Code of Conduct for Discrimination

            Discrimination is the act of creating difference among people on the basis of sex, age, religion and social background. At the core of every company, it is essential to set clear and consistent values so that business dimensions can be strengthened accordingly. There are varied principles which 7-Eleven needs to follow as that also describes the expected values which business will meet and adhere. The Code of conduct is described as follows:

·         7-Eleven should act with honesty and integrity in which appropriate rights and obligations should be provided to all the international students. Similar to Wesfarmers, there should be fairness in all business domains and according to that all the decisions should be taken (Leipziger, 2017). Thus, in this respect, 7-Eleven should develop anti-discriminatory policy which will include all the complaints of employees regarding violation of such act.  With the help of anti-discrimination policy company may not discriminate or exploit workers or international students working in the stores those who came to Australia to complete their masters or degree.

·         It is mandatory for the company to comply with all the laws and policies such as proper remuneration to the employees as per the work done by them. The company is been engaged in committing wage fraud among their staffs those who are also international students and perform part time job in the different stores (How 7 Eleven is ripping off its workers, 2015). Further, it is also crucial for the business to provide adequate opportunities to the entire people as well as international student regardless of their age, sex and cultural background. The7-Eleven wage scandal has clearly defined how some employers exploit their workers by creating false promises with them.

·         Alongside, Gender Equality Policy should also be followed so as to prohibit discrimination and harassment. 7-Eleven shall also implement Sexual Orientation Equality Policy under which the acts like abuse, physical harm and threatening behavior should be banned (Leonidou, Skarmeas & Saridakis, 2018).

·         Nonetheless, all the business decisions will be made without any preferences; thus there will be no biasness in business practices. Under legal laws, employees or international students those who are performing job should not be degraded or humiliated in any way. All of the students must be regarded and treated as fairly and equally within their different stores.   

Code of Conduct for Exploitation

Exploitation is the act of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work. There should not be any sort of exploitation practices for employees of 7-Eleven as that might harm their interest level (Christodoulou, 2016). From the article, it is being identified that court has imposed penalties over 7-Eleven for exploiting workers as well as international students working in their stores. In this, it is identified that one worker was underpaid $13,962 during the year 2013-2014 which made penalty over the company. Thus, afterwards it is being identified that there are several employees or students those who did not get appropriate payment from the employer. The principles are discussed as under:

·         It is essential for7-Eleven to give a written contract to all the employees so that they can understand easily all the basic terms of their employment. All the requirements mentioned in the contract should be clearly communicated to the employees to avoid all sorts of confusion (Bohatá, Bédiová, Cebáková, Putnová, & Rašticová, 2018).

·         Every international worker those who are working in the store for part time or full time have the right to join the union so as to bargain collectively for fair pay and fair conditions of employment. This is also essential to specify the interest of employees in the organization.

·         Along with this,7-Eleven should also include provision in employment contract such as rate of pay and intervals on which wages will be provided. This shall be done transparently and each and every aspect should be documented properly with all requirements so that international student does not feel that they are being exploited within the firm.

·         All workers are entitled to get equal treatment and opportunities which also includes equal pay for work of equal value in all departments. In the area of decision making, employees should provide suitable opportunities to raise their views and opinions.

·         Furthermore, the duration of the contract of employment needs to be clearly stated. If in case any change happens in the duration of the contract it should be mutually decided and should be in written (Carloni, 2018). There should be appropriate discussion with the employees so as to make them aware about modifications made in the contract.

Code of Conduct for Corruption

            Corruption is known as a fraudulent conduct in which changes are made to the original state. Falsification is made in the many things in the organization where in people manipulates data from different dimensions. For instance- employers are corrupting the international students those who perform their job in the stores through false representation or misrepresentation of the terms of contract act. 

·         Corruption includes solicitation of a bribe which is coupled with a threat if the demand is refused. Such practices should not exist at 7-Eleven because that affects organizational performance and productivity aspects.

·         Organizational practices of 7-Eleven should comply with all laws, rules and regulations and the business activities should be governed by bribery and corruption laws in all the countries where the business operate (van Ruth, Luning, Silvis, Yang and Huisman, 2018). Acts of bribery and corruption are increasingly made illegal throughout the world and penalties are placed for breaching such laws.

·         Thus, all such laws and policies should be followed at7-Eleven so that business may not breach any sort of law while performing the activities.

·         Right services should be delivered so that their interest can be protected in company’s services. For instance- quality services should be delivered to the clients as that will also promote company’s reputation.

·         7-Eleven should not misuse confidential information of the company because that might harm interest of people or international students those who are working within the premises. At the same time, it is also vital for the entity to maintain value and professionalism in the business services (Little & Fox, 2018).

·         Thus, in this respect 7-Eleven is required to comply with this code as inappropriate application may result in serious legal and financial consequences. The business shall also implement anti-corruption code of conduct to enable employees to become familiar with all the anti-corruption principles.

·         The code of corruption is focused towards company’s processes and employee behavior wherein the organization is required to conduct the business according to the standards.  

Code of Conduct for Dishonest and Fraudulent behavior

            Most often fraudulent behavior appears when the organization does not consider all ethical and social values towards the employees. Fraudulent is a deceitful and deceptive action that affects employee or interest of international students in the organization. It is essential for 7-Eleven to commit towards ethical workplace wherein fraud, dishonest behavior, theft and serious waste of resources will not be tolerated (Pittia, 2018). Therefore, the following principles should be followed by 7-Eleven in all contexts.

·         7-Eleven should reinforce business’s commitment not to tolerate fraud, dishonest behavior at workplace, theft and any other act. The business should also communicate and embed zero tolerance approach to such conduct so that such actions can be stopped in the organization. The company indulge in hiring the international students within their different stores within the employment term thus, they dishonest behavior impact their activities and services that is imparted within the workplace.

·         The business shall also provide clear guidance regarding the actions that constitute fraud, dishonest behavior and other related actions. 7-Eleven should develop business ethics statement so that all issues prevailing in the organization can be avoided.

·         The business is also required to deal fairly and honestly with the customers, suppliers, competitors and any other third parties. 7-Eleven should only provide advice to customers when they are authorized in the course of work. No fraudulent activities should be carried out in the business because they are considered as illegal.

·         7-Eleven should also behave in a way that takes into consideration the impact of broader community and the environment in both short and long term (Afonso, Gavilan, García-Madariaga & Gonçalves, 2018).

·         However, the employees of 7-Eleven should immediately report about any suspicious of fraud, tax evasion, theft and other dishonest behavior. From an investigation, it is being identified that 7-Eleven has many cases of underpayment of wages and the international students working in the stores are getting exploited. Therefore, for such purpose, it is vital to undertake necessary steps to manage the interest of intimidated workers and students.  

·         At7-Eleven, foreign workers are paid as little as $5 an hour which does not satisfy their requirements; thus this results in fraudulent acts. Several cases are also on the business regarding dishonest behavior and fraudulent practices. 


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