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Update on weekly research/tasks achieved

Points to consider:

What have you completed? – 

Entire project needs to be completed within given time period. In this case, project goals can be changed after evaluating all collected data from respondents. Most of the participants are selected on the basis of their skills, knowledge related to the topic so that they can provide valuable answers during conducting interview as well as survey methods. Researcher has selected this project because XYZ China Inc wants to expand business by developing business operations and this electronic manufacturing company expands their business in firing country with new marketing strategies. What is the Project? Why do you choose the project? What doid you achieve? How did you feel?

Did you fulfil task requirements? – 

In order to fulfil task requirements, researcher has performed detailed investigation so that essential information can be used for developing interview along with survey questions.(What is the task? The taks what to start the project? In this case, several factors need to consider while evaluating all these collected data records from targeted respondents. In performance review section, project evolution process is mentioned so that all segments can cover in order to fulfil the criteria of project. This project has faced few risks which are mitigated with effective solutions. 

Are you on track and within deadlines set? – 

In order to meet project goals, several short terms as well as long terms goals are decided so that project goals can be achieved within specific timeline. Entire project is divided into multiple tasks which are represented in Gantt chart.  Where is the Gantt Chart? If you have not completed it why have you included this?

Did you need to make any changes to your project management plan? – 

Project time and cist estimation need to be changes so that project task can be accomplish in an effective manner. In this case, quality of project can be fulfilled in order to mitigate all identified risk.   

Any risks and/or issues identified?

Points to consider:

Did you identify risks/issues with a lack of skills required for undertaking research/tasks? – 

These research outcomes can be presented in a better way if communications as well as time mannagent issue can be become challenges during project. (Where is the research outcome)

Did you identify any additional risks/issues that have an impact on the project management plan? – 

Communication issue is most effective problems and this issue hamper project gaols because researcher cannot demonstrate the purpose of conducting interview in front of manager of XYZ China Inc. (Why is communication a problem with your project? Address is to the project?   

Problems encountered

Points to consider:

What barriers did you face? –

Time management issues(Explain how this applies to your project?

How did you overcome them? – 

Deciding short terms along with long terms gaols What are the short term and long term goals to your project?   

New ideas and change of project direction   

What have I learnt about myself this week?

I need to work on my communication along with time management skills

Points to consider:

How did I feel when I had to deal with tasks/problems? – need to compete small task within time

Did I find it useful to complete the tasks? - Yes

How well have I performed? What did I contribute? What can I improve on next week?- to achieve short term goals 

How might this learning apply in the future? – for conducting better marketing analysis   

Tasks planned for next week

Points to consider:

Which tasks is priority? –  data collection along with data analysis

Have you set aside sufficient time for completion? - yes   

Project plan status to date (on, ahead, behind)


Supervisor comments to address:  To start a project one needs to initiate the project. One must devise the project. Illustrate the project aims and objectives based on the scenario provided in the assignment. Not Project was initiated. No research done. Redo

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