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Managing Small Business Project

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Managing Small Business Project


Managing Small Business Project

1.           Project Definition

Intro to sections

To help the government towards creating a sustainable and responsible community, Expedia has taken up CSR activities.

In order to reduce the company’s taxation debts and also to accomplishtheir responsibilities as an enterprise, the company decided towards investing in CSR.

The CSR shall be managed by the CSR manager of the organization.

Expedia aims towards implementing the CSR activities through following necessary steps that would include the improvement of air quality and other related procedures.

The implementation period of the Expedia’s CSR activities have been decided to be for the duration of six months which would be starting from April 2017 till September 2017.

The allocated budget for their CSR activities has been set as £4.5 million. 

Problem Statement

Include problem statement

In the following assignment, to help Expedia in continuation of their activities related to waste recycling and management, a CSR implementation plan is to be developed. 

Project Strategy

Describe project strategy and why you chose it.

In order to reduce the carbon footprints, thereby improving the air quality, the plan of the CSR management by the CSR manager is designed towards increasing thepercentage of their recycled wastes and usage of low carbon fuels. The duration of this CSR management is six months which the CSR manager aims to begin from 1st April, 2017 

Project Objectives

List project objectives.

The SMART objective of the company is:


The organization aims towards increasing the recycling ofup to 50%of their totalwastes and utilizing low carbon fuels in order to achieve the reduction in carbon footprints.


As the organization meets with its aim of achieving an increase in waste recycling and reduced carbon footprints, only then will the objectives be met.


The main objective of the company is aimed towards improving the air quality by reduction in emission of those pollution causing Particulate Matters.


The CSR plan is in relevance with the company’s vision and mission as the recycling of waste would eventually decrease the costs for Expedia.


The duration of the implementation of the CR plan is estimated to be of six months starting from April 1st, 2017.

 erformance, Cost, and Time Objectives

The aim of the plan is estimated to be of the duration of six months that would end in September 2017 with the central objective of reducing the carbon footprintand increasing the amount of recycled wastes. The organization has approximated the expenditure for this project to be £4.5 million which should also be able to cover the planned recycling activities to be carried out on-board. 


Expressing the purpose or outcome in a tangible or intangible form (i.e product or service)

The main clients of the organization include the universal customers as well as the society who get affected by this increased levels of pollution. The waste management policy of the organization shall also decrease the quantity of the wastes that require disposing off in landfills. The recycled matter can then be utilized by the organization themselves or by the general publics.

The intangible benefits would comprise of the improvement in air quality, achieving a pollution free environment and reducing the carbon footprint.

Project Scope Statement

Describe what is included in the project and what work is excluded.

The responsibilities assigned to the CSR manager was to set out achievable target related to reduction in waste management and to find out the regions wherein company could be able to execute its CSR activities. The research carried out by the CSR manager would enable the organization in carrying out the CSR activities towards the appropriate direction and achieving all of its objectives and goals.

 Included Scope

The following are consisted in the scope:

·         Encouraging the involvement of the consumers towards reducing the carbon footprints thereby impacting the climate change.

·         To increase the waste recycling up to 50% of the total amount of the waste.

·         Towards improving the quality of air by reduction in the emission of the Particulate Matter.

·         Towards reaching the goal to reduce the average noise produced per flight to 10% till the year 2020 as compared to reduced level till 15% in the year 2016. 


Excluded Scope

Work not included in this project is:

·         To implement transport system for disposing the wastes.

Success Criteria

Describe how you will measure success of the project.

The project can be considered a success only when the organization has increased their management of wastes up to 50% of the entire wastes produced by them and when they are able to improve the quality of airvia a reduction in carbon footprint with their customers as their support. 

Project Assumptions

Following are the assumptions made in developing the project plan:

The following assumptions are made to formulate this project plan:

·         With the reduction in carbon footprint, there will be an improvement in the quality of air.

·         There will be a reduction in the wastes are to reach the landfills.

·         The customers shall be actively participating in the CSR activities of the company.

2.           Implementation Plan

Intro to implementation plan

Implementing the Waste Management Plan ofExpedia

1 Establishment of the waste management plan

2. Identification of the strategies

3. Setting up of the objectives andgoals

4. Identification of the native waste management and collecting their service

5. Implementing the plan


Work Breakdown Structure

Include reference to WBS document or include an image of it.

Task No.

Activity Name


Implementing the Waste Management Plan of Expedia


Establishment of waste management plan


Setting up baseline


Estimating the type and amount of waste


Identifying appropriate plans for management


Identification of the strategies


Establishing a Waste Management Committee


Setting up the roles and responsibilities of the team members


Establishing the management plan for every business location of the company


Setting up of objectives andgoals


Distinguishing the different types of waste that the company needs to manage


Implementing appropriate recycling technology for managing


Setting up the waste hierarchy according to the order of preference


Identification of the native waste management and collecting their services


Identifying the range of waste materials


Identifying the appropriate collection services


Implementing the plan


Evaluating the efficiency of the plan


Identifying the changes which are required to improve


Applying the plan


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