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Skills are required every aspect of life and critical literacy skills are a must required skill for the generation of today and the future as well. In this exposition the skills that are required for critical literacy shall be discussed and the various aspects of critical literacy will too be elaborated.  In this exposition the importance and application of critical literacy in the future study shall be discussed. This exposition deals with the importance of critical literacy for the citizen of India in getting employment and securing their lives. Critical literacy is the requirement for the future study and the employment area since it possesses skills that can be helpful for the citizens of India. 
Critical Literacy skills-
Skills are the ability that enables an individual to perform their tasks with possessing some expertise.  Critical literacy is considered to an aspect and the manner of thinking about the literacies, curriculum and the lived experiences that individuals get through their life. It can also be said that critical literacy skill is the capacity to read texts with the reflective and active manner in order for understanding the injustice, power and the inequality that remains in the human relationships (Chambers and Radbourne 2019). The skills of critical literacy help the individuals to get deep into the texts and find out more meaningful ways which encourages the individuals of all the age groups for becoming more engaged in order for using their power of construction of the texts to make it understandable and usable in the human society.  Some importance of critical literacy skills are:
a) The reading up of supplementary texts, reading from the defiant perspective and giving up the power to the individuals or the students to take some social actions.  

b) Critical literacy skills can also be used in the classrooms and by the teachers which can encourage the students to examine the societal issues and the social problems like the education, equity, poverty, family and many more in order for the exposition of the structures that serve as norms and also to demonstrate the measures which are normally not experienced by the individuals of the society (Liao and Tseng 2010). 

c) The critical literacy skills can make the students able to identify their own capability and the views that they want to be understood by the society. The students will be able to empower their identity and understand the important issues that affect the lives of the individuals in important ways. 

d) The critical literacy skills lead an individual to actions that help the individual to critically inspect the whole world (Atibuni et al., 2017). 
Importance of critical literacy in future study-
As it is known that critical literacy is told to be the ability of active reading so this can become very useful and consist of more importance for the future studies. The use of critical literacy in the future studies can help in pushing the students for questioning the problems related to power and this shall make them actives citizens of future who are thoughtful about the surroundings. Critical literacy if applied in future studies will make the students master the ability of analyzing, criticizing and to understand the deeper meaning of the texts (Bishop 2019). 
The use of critical literacy in the future studies will surely make much difference in the thinking process of the students. Critical literacy use can encourage the students of future for adapting the local norms so that they become able to reach their personal goals and the developing students of the future take academic integrity as their aspect that can help them in their scholarly practices (Tran 2013).  
The use of critical literacy in the future studies would make the students increases their understanding power and the improvement in their intellectual ability would also be enhanced. The critical literacy would also help the students of India in developing their learning skills and possesses professional competence (Wahlstrom, Johnston and Steketee 2009). Since it is very important for the Indian students of all age groups to get literate critically since literacy that is received in a critical manner helps them to make a clear difference between right and wrong and develop a deep thinking mindset to withstand in this developing technological surroundings (Van Sluys, Lewison and Flint 2006). Critical literacy also helps to improve the minds of the students since it enlarges the adolescents’ mind to a developed, skillful and questionable mind that contains the best power of analyzing and criticizing the wrong situations of the society. 
Critical literacy would be the best literacy procedure that is adopted for the future study generation of India since it develops a self-evaluation mode inside the students and they would become able stand positive  in all situation and worthy of controlling their lives. Through the critical literacy the students get motivated and get engaged in cognitive activities of the society (Shi, Fazel and Kowkabi 2018). 
Importance of critical literacy in employment in India-
Literacy skills are the most essential skills that are required in the Indian workforce. Since every industry demands skilled and high-tech workforce so in order to get employed the Indian students should adopt and develop their critical literacy skills. Those individuals of India that possesses good amount of critical literacy skills then they stand a better chance of employment since industries want to keep decent and quality workforce that can benefit the industry (Janks 2012).  The development of technology and the globalization takes the work environment towards that stand where there is high demand of literacy skills from the employers so if the students develop the critical literacy skills then they stand a strong chance of being employed (Le Ha 2011). It can be said that developing critical literacy skills makes the students learn new job related skills quickly that are required in their workplace so that they can increase their pay because those employees do not get paid nice who cannot develop new job skills. So it will be most useful for the future and the prevailing students to learn critical literacy skills. 
From the above the exposition it becomes clear that the critical literacy is the most required skills in this student generation of India as well as future generation students. The literacy skills has various importance attached with it and provides the students with skills which can be helpful for them to get employed. This above exposition has explained that critical literacy possess importance that helps the students to maximize and deepen their thinking skills which can become helpful for the students in making the society better and also opens up the best chances of employment. It is also seen in this exposition that the use of the critical literacy in the future studies would develop the students reasonable skills which can be help to the student to fulfill their personal goals.   
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