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Answer to Question No. 1

Top management is duly aware about the ethical or unethical behavior. Mary told the circumstances of Reverend Smith to the owner and CEO of JSYK, George and he know that ted will not drop the price and told Mary to convince ted that repairing those machines is important for the buyer. He refused to tell the identity of the buyer and convey him that buyer want to buy the machinery and repairing of that machinery costs $1, 50,000. George told to Mary that she convince him to reduce $1,50,000 from that down payment and final price of the building will be $9,50,000 and buyer is ready to pay additional $50,000 for not repairing (McNamara, Smith,  & Murphy-Hill, 2018).  Therefore, it is considered that the top management need to be adhered by the applicable rules and regulation and need to comply with the applicable code of ethics. 
Upon these statements of George, Mary felt it wrong and false as she was suggested to give the wrong information to the seller about the deal and buyer was not aware about the deal. 
Ted was dishonest and he wanted to recover the high cost as his building was not according to the needs of buyers. He has unethical behavior against the buyers as the property was not so good according to the price. As JSYK told Ted to reduce the offer price but he always refused for the same (Alexandre, Crowder, & McFarlane, 2019).
Reverend Smith is a retired minister and he contacted JSYK to show his interest to purchase a building. Mary showed him the building and he told her that he was running a nonprofit organization to help troubled youth and want to convert it into recreational centre. As Mary already knew him and he is very honest, having integrity and decades of service. Reverend Smith has the good object as he wanted to help the troubled youth so his behavior is ethical as the building will be used for a good purpose.
The owner of RSYK, George knew Ted from many years and he don’t have a good purpose relating to this property and he was asking for the higher prices of the building as the actual price might be low. His intention was malignant and impure. On the other side, Reverend Smith was an honest and having the intention of doing good cause for the youth to develop recreational centre. He want unable to pay the down payment as he didn’t have that much savings.
Thus George assesses the character of both seller and buyer and tell mary to use this method to help Reverend Smith to help in this good cause. Mary was not sure about telling of this lie as she was worried to think over the consequences of the circumstances.
Answer to Question No. 2:-
Mary, being the representative of both buyer and seller has to carry out many duties. The primary duty of her is to inform the clear terms and conditions of the deal between seller and buyer. She doesn’t suppress any information from either buyer or seller. She is responsible for both the parties. On behalf of seller, it is her duties to get the property inspected with the buyer and discuss on the terms of the payment. She should convey those terms to seller. She is bound towards the owner of JSYK, Goerge (Tavani, 2016).
Mary is a business broker and his role is limited to extent of sales just like a normal realtor. She has to perform her duties relating to sales of Moby Dick. She took the prices from the buyer, Reverend Smith and also liable to inform about the revised rates in which the buyer is ready to pay. She can try to convince him for the lower the property price but she cannot hide any important details from him (Tluczek, et al. 2011).
Goerge suggested her to give the seller misleading information about the machinery in the building. Mery is an honest and fair with her job and she should tell the purpose of buyer and tell him that as the time is going, the value of the property would be diminished and there will be additional repairing cost. However, there is need to keep the transparent information so that all the stakehodlers would be complied 
Mary can request to Goerge to convince the seller i.e. Ted about the revised deal of the buyer which is falsely designed by the him and he can confidently take him under the trust and being the owner of RSYK, he is high risk taking capacity to bear the consequence which may occur from this situation. She should act intelligently to maintain his job fairly and if she work on the words of George, there will be injustice with Ted as she is giving the wrong information. On other hand, she won’t tell the buyer about the new deal which George suggested to convey the deal and he even suggested to keep the identity in secret. This practice can create trouble on Mary and he can sue her for such fraud and wrongful act (Alexandre, et al. 2019).
Thus, Mary is acting as representation of both buyer and seller. She should be transparent and give the full and true disclosures of the terms and conditions of the deal and perform his duties ethically. She is responsible as Business brokers only, she cannot manipulate the information between the buyer and seller.
Answer to question No. 3:-
If Realtors have a code of ethics that requires truthful and transparent information, Mary should tell to George, owner of RSYK that she is fresher in this industry and not having number of years’ experience in this industry. George is very experienced and working for many years in this segment. He should convince Ted about the deal of Buyer who is ready to $1, 50,000 as down payment. Mary is the employee of George and she is acting on the directions of George but she should also adopt the code of ethics while performing her duties. George was very well known to Ted who refused to lower the price of the building. He knows about the unethical behavior of the seller, so there is high probability of getting him convinced about the deal. This fake deal formed by George was not informed to Reverend Smith. There is need to comply with the proper code of ethics and ethical work program to strengthen the transparency and undertaken work program. 
Although George was thinking about the good cause on which Reverend Smith was working and tried to build recreational centre for troubled youth. He can convince him more better way as he is aware about his behavior and try to put the other deal which can attract him in selling the property (Kaplan, et al. 2017). This would be helpful to mitigate the issues sand eliminating these problems
Mary, being the Business Broker has to perform her duties transparently and she is acting an intermediary between Seller and buyer. She would be expected to perform her duties without any malicious intention. She would want to favour to Reverend Smith but she cannot cause loss to Ted because of this strict price and terms & Condition for Moby Dick (Adelstein, & Clegg, 2016).
Hence, George assigned her a deal of Reverend Smith but he was not ready on the terms as set out by the seller. He told to Mary to convince the seller on the basis of his cause for public welfare. He didn’t tell her to breach her duties and suppress any information and disclosure from Ted. Actually, the buyer was not ready to purchase or use the old machinery still at the building. But George suggested Mery to tell him misleading that the buyer wants to purchase and machinery requires the repairing cost, in reality, there is no use of machinery for Reverend Smith. Mary should fulfill her duties on the basis of code of ethics for realtors to not take the undue advantage of seller and buyer by manipulating the data and information between the buyer and seller. Therefore, there is need to undertake proper compliance program and set code of ethics program for the better undertaken work program. 

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