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XXX factory is located in the middle east of Jordan. The factory produces charcoal from the residue of olive trees. The charcoal is used for heating purposes in household. The business is continuing for last ten years. The factory makes use of advanced machines that are transported from China. In order to operate the machine Chinese experts were invited to Jordan. However, the factory has stopped working due to number of issues. These issues include environmental and technical problems. Apart from these problems, factory is facing loss during seasons when olives do not grow. In order to run the factory effectively, there is a need of project manager. It has been found that at the opening of this factory, it was earning huge profits but the technical issue has resulted in stagnation of its production. If the factory is able to handle by efficient manager then it will definitely going to achieve success. The reasons for undertaking this project are to solve the problems that are faced by the charcoal factory for using of olive residues for producing charcoal (Girard, 2015). This organisation is incurring huge losses use to technical and environmental issues. This factory along with other industries at Jordon requires the help of project managers for completing their projects effectively. This is the reason for undertaking this project. This project will study the need for project manager in charcoal factory in particular and industries at Jordan in general.


Problem description

The management of a project is difficult because of the complexity involved in completing the tasks. It is difficult to collaborate with the challenges faced in terms of time management. With growth of technology, there has been a high completion in various industries of Jordon (Bardos, 2016). It is important to recruit an effective project manager to handle the project. In the absence of a project manner, it will be difficult for the charcoal factory to increase their business and earn profit.


Product to be delivered to client
Providing solutions to the problems faced by team members through effective communication.
Detail reporting of issues faced by team members.
Client requirements
Devising approaches for establishing communication within the team (Weckerly, 2017).
Identifying reasons behind limited financial resources 
Time constraint: the time provide for completing this project is 600 hours and therefore it is difficult to collect data within limited time.
Location: location poses a challenge because it is difficult to hold face-to-face communication with the client (Vitasovic, 2014).
Access to client information: It is difficult to get accurate information from clients due to bias viewpoints.
Language: As the company is operating in China, so language poses a challenge to communication
Lack of access to previous research: In the absence of access to previous findings, researcher is unable to get access to some articles.
 Human resources: In order to   complete a project effectively,   workforce is required. Similarly,   this project also requires   involvement of 15 skilled   workforces. They are required to   complete the project within given   time. It is difficult to carry out this   project with the help of human   resources.
 Information: Statistics , estimate   cots of project and individual  feedbacks
Reporting to Sponsor
Client: xxx, Project manager
Sponsor: XXX Ltd
Reporting mechanism: both audio as well as video conferencing can be used for reporting. Skype used for communication with the client.
Monthly communication can be held with the clients to understand about their requirements.
The relevant documents are to be reviewed through emails.

Client Resources
Project team and responsible persons will manage survey and sharing of information whereas subordinates will gather supportive resources. In case of language variations, there will be an availability of interpreters and mediators. 

Sponsor Sign-off

Signature                                                                                         Date
Research Objectives
To produce an efficient literature review to analyze existing resources in the field of project management, communication and effectiveness to get success measures.
To identify issues and constraints relevant to the chosen project
To identify the difference between PR and PRO
To understand importance of project managers
To complete the project within stipulated time frame
To deliver quality work to the clients
To verify resources as well as client’s concern in terms of project development and success
To recommend new strategies and effort that project manager as well as subordinates can fulfill client’s requirements and successful completion of the project.
Relevance to Programme
As this project is related to industries of Jordan, so it will help understanding the relevance of project management. It can help in the organisation of M.Sc program. Its nature can be associated with the business operations. This project will provide guidelines regarding handling of various resources in the management of a project, which will help in the M.Sc program. The structured planning of this project will help in identifying the study of M.Sc program.




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