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Manage personal work priorities and professional development


The assignment emphasizes on the basic aspects of understanding oneself and throws light on the various aspects of the personal and professional goals that one has in mind to be attained in future. It harps on the various aspects of work life balance, the various gaps that that one needs to hone inorder to be effectively successful at the work place. The assignment also manages to emphasize on the crucial aspect of having a proper development plan and also taking the necessary actions(actionplan) in order to meet the desired objectives.

A personal development plan can be actually regarded as the planning process where we manage to create an action plan which has its origins based on reflection, goal setting,values, reflection as well as the planning which is categorically based on the education, career, self improvement and the relationship.

Part A

After having the proper level of consultation with the employees, the clients, the colleagues and the employers, I have been able to come to this following conclusion about myself.

Past and Background:

As a young student, I was notable to perform wellin my studies to the best of my abilities since I did not like most of the subjects that were taught to me in school. The subjects that were taught to me were Maths, and Science which I could not relate to for I had my interests in English and Literature. Cricket seemed to be a fascinating aspect of my life and I had devoted much of the time, in trying to understand the various niti grities of the great game. It was important that the school students are taught about a game and how it is played to make India better in sports.Film Reviews and Sports Reviews in Telegraph seemed to make reading an enjoyable experience since it gave me a certain degree of perspective in life.

Short Term and Long term professional Aims

My short term professional aims bordered on trying my hand as a cricket commentator. It was considered by all means an adventurous proposition since not many non Cricketers harbored into this venture. It was important that families managed to have faith in their children and allow them tochoose their perspective careers for I believe they would do well in that. I felt in India that in India there are not much non cricketers to pursue their careers in being a sports commentator so at majority of the times; they need to settle for other careers.

My long term professional careers seemed to border on the concept of being able to understand and determine the various aspects of Business as a subject and be capable enough to teach it in Schools and Colleges. It is a well known fact that Business as s subject is being slowly introduced in Schools and obviously I have tried to hone my skills in being an effective communicator in order to motivate young minds in being able to take up this subject. I would also like to Horne my skills as a business teacher and teach Business related concepts in school in Classes 11 and 12.

Opportunities that are available to me now, or in the future:-

The opportunities that are available to me now borders on the various aspects of being able to crack the all important Net exam and also simultaneously do my Bachelor of Education so as to be academically sound and competent to be able to teach Businessand English as subjects in schools. The schools are in the process to introduce Journalism as a subject but have not been able to introduce entirely. Certain schools like Shri Shikshyatan, Bharatiya Shikshya Sadan has managed to introduce Business in Class 11 and 12.

Looking forward to inculcating knowledge of variousbusiness related concepts and utilizing them to teach various concepts in schools will help me be a profound business teacher.Apart from the Journalism Courses I have done, I feel I would be better of doing a business related course. I feel a bachelor's degree in education business or business education. I feel since I was good in economics in class 10 and I manage to score 86. I feel if I can on a degree in Economics I will be better off in trying to engage students regarding various aspects of economics and marketing.Obviously in the coming days a lot more schools will be able to introduce Journalism as a subject and I will be better placed to understand the various dynamics of this subject like Advertising, Public Relations, Communication Research and share my requisite knowledge with the students..

Financial and Personal Goals

Financially, I feel I will be satisfied if I manage to earn in the bracket of 60000 to70000. I believe it is important that in order to sustain oneself in a city like Kolkata it is crucial to earn about 50k to support one family. With my required levels of education in already having completed Masters in Journalism and also pursuing my B. Ed in English I believe I will be to achieve the objective.

My personal goals are wanting to open aYou Tube channel where I am able to commentate n the various aspects of the great game of Cricket. I need to be mindful of the fact that I cannot let my hobby of being a commentator just pass by so quickly. I need to look for other avenues where I can satisfy my desire to be associated with his great game.

Your Desire Work Life Balance

My desire work life balance seemed to border on the various aspects of not letting my work dictate my life as wholeand I have sufficient time to keepfor my family. Money is just a means to the end but it is not an end in itself. It is therefore extremely crucial that one manages to give adequate time for their families and is able to feel their families wanted and properly looked after.

It is important that at initial stages of one career, I might not be able to properly strike the right amount of balance which I might only be able to achieve after say 28. Since the work pressures would be higher since I will be learning the various aspects and I need to give it the sufficient time, to be able to enjoy and casually relax at a later stage. It is therefore my primary objective to have proper strategies in mind to understand where I am at and carefully takes the necessary steps that are going to help me achieve me my career objective, one of the most crucial aspects of it; one need not daydream and be realistic of the opportunities at hand. Getting too ahead of oneself will obviously lead one to lose perspective in the long run.


There is an old proverb that goes like this “Health is wealth.” It is important one understand s the need to take care of one’s health and are able to get the required amount of work life balance. I would strive to do just the same. It is very crucial that I mange to look after myself and are able to give myself the desired levels of food and water at appropriate hours so as to be able to maintain the desired standards in work and are able to perform better.




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