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1. Who uses Benetton, Primark, and Walmart apparel brands? What is your opinion about these brands? Do they care about the poor workers in developing countries?

These brands are mainly involved in the Bangladesh disaster of Savar building collapse. The consumers from Dhaka, Bangladesh use the apparels of Benetton, Primark, and Wal Mart.
Although these brands show concern for the safety of the poor workers but the incidents of collapsing the Rana Plaza building has proved it wrong that the brands merely care for the poor workers in the developing countries.

2. What type of person: what age, gender, class, and location, intelligence, lifestyle, interest group, or other demographic or psychographic classifiers?

Mainly the persons from the urban areas are adhered to buy the apparels from these brands. As per the psychographic dimensions, the persons of middle ages and the teen ages are the interest groups to buy these branded apparels (Kumar et al. 2016). Social class also matters for the customer segmentation of these apparel brands and mainly the upper-middle classes are involved in buying apparels from these brands.

3. What are the behaviors that accrete around purchase and consumption of these apparel brands?

For the purchase and consumption of these apparel brands, a strong attraction for modern outfit and sophistication work among the consumers. Another consumer behaviour that accretes around the consumption of these apparels is the preference for the brand name itself. It is the major influential factor in the consumer behaviours to be impressed by the brand value (Goh et al. 2013).

4. What are the stages that consumers move through as they progress toward some goal? (price, social comparison etc.). What different emotions surround the specific form and elements of the consumption experiences?

At first, the .consumers are moved by the attraction for the modern outfits before deciding to buy branded apparels. Price is the next stage, which is mostly important for the consumers to pass. On the other hand, brand name and beliefs can become the reasons to compromise with the prices. Another stage can be come up and that is the religious and traditional beliefs about the consumption of the branded apparels. 

5. What are the characteristics of the purchase? (Impulse purchase or planned purchase)

The consumers can define impulsed purchase as the sudden decisions of purchase. Planned purchase identifies the long-term decision process of the customers and their adherence towards the single source for purchasing. Considering the modern day consumer behaviours and the availability of the brands, it can be understood that the consumers are directed with the impulsed purchase (Phau et al. 2015). Brand name, price, discounts, and options- all these work as the main characteristics of this purchasing behaviour.

6. What do you think of these brands who do not prepare proper policy to negotiate the producers so that they can maintain the workers’ rights and their health and safety?

After the disaster in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the negligence of these brands about the worker’s rights and safety has become more comprehensible. Although they show concern for the employee management system, yet they lack the concerns for employee health and safety. 

7. Do you think the situation has changed in other parts of the world?

Although workplace health and safety are still in the confusions all over the world, yet some of the developed countries have made it the prior concerns. Most importantly, the legal rules in UK and Australia have made it more proper (Islam et al. 2014).

8. What do you think how people talk about these brands after the incidents in Rana Plaza?

The perspectives of the people about these brands have not much changed after the incidents of Rana Plaza, which can be understood from the customer attraction for these brands (Son et al. 2013).

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