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Article 1: “Anti-consumption discourses and consumer-resistant identities”
Anti-consumption practices need to be adopted by the business organizations to increase the identities of the consumers with consumer resistant identities.
This article aims to resist the influential factors of the consumer culture from the perspective of the market place along with the market functions. With this aim, the article has adopted the qualitative approach for establishing a strong literary support to show the importance of the adaptation of the anti-consumption activities. The analysis portion of this study has been constructed justifiably with the themes, based on the political and cultural discourses which are the major identity for developing the consumer resistance strategies. 
Most importantly, at the concluding point, this study has identified an unrevealed factor for the anti-consumerism discourse and that is for rethinking about the strategy making for consumer resistance. Based on the thematic analysis, the study has intended to show both the customer perspectives and the managerial perspectives on the anti-consumerist discourses. The discussions on the hero identity and project identities have made it possible for the readers to understand about the goals of  the anti-consumerist perspective for both the outer and the inner changes in the field of customer resistance.
The limitation that the study has created is by undertaking only the thematic analysis. The thematic analysis has developed the study only on the assumptions of the existing literary studies. It would have been more realistic if some empirical research data were present. From the research topic and the discourses, it has become comprehensible that the primary data are to be collected to understand the consumer perspectives.

Article 2: "Custodian behavior: A material expression of anti-consumerism"
Custodian behaviours play a major role in expressing the anti-consumerism to prevent the consumer's tendency towards wastefulness.
In this article, the authors have intended to show the diverse and global cultural discourses by referring to the consumer practices in the international perspectives. The aim of this study is to extend the perspectives of the anti-consumerism with the special reference to the cultural discourses and practices. The study has stepped forward with the different notions and ideologies on the .consumerism and anti-consumerism. It has rightly presented the consumer’s protesting strategy against the custodian behaviours. With the analysis on the different scholarly perspectives on the custodian behaviours and the anti-consumerism, the study has achieved an established analytical viewpoint on the difference between the discourses of the materialism and sociology. 
The study has rightly observed the behaviours of the particular consumer groups, who prefer to e behave in custodian manner. These observations and interviews with the groups  have  helped the readers to understand about the changing subjective behaviours of the custodian consumers. With this analysis, another important factor has come forward, which can give the research topic the two dimensional views. The authors have intended to show both the sides of the coin by stating about the necessity of materialistic views for living and existence. Non-clinical hoarders are those develop the materialistic views not for the object value but traditional tie-up with the objects.
Although, the study has intended to show the realistic viewpoint of the custodian group of consumers, yet there could have been a comparative analysis. This could have been done by focusing on the groups who are against custodian behavior.

This presentation aims to show the implementation of the consumer behaviour theory to understand consumer behaviour
It focuses on analysing the theory of reasoned action in changing perspectives of the consumer behaviour
This is going to examine the impacts of this theory with the special reference to Starbucks Australia
It is important to develop a theoretical approach for increasing the consumer’s attractions towards the products. The following discussion is going to shed the light on the particular consumer behaviour theory- theory of reasoned action with the aim to show its impacts on changing the consumer behaviour. This is done with the special reference to the products of Starbucks Australia and its consumer behaviour. 
Mission statements of Starbucks Australia
Starbuck Australia is providing the Australians a great experience with different flavours of coffee
Their mission is to “inspire and nurture the human spirit- one person, one cup and one neighbourhood at a time”
They focus on providing a perfect leisure time to the customers with their desired flavours 
Care and passion are two of their business strategies to retain customer satisfaction and motivation
Among the leading coffee shops in Australia, Starbucks Australia is one of them. Their mission is to “inspire and nurture the human spirit- one person, one cup and one neighbourhood at a time”. Serving different flavours of coffee is their motto for attracting the consumers. They adopt the strategy of care and passion to retain the customer’s attentions.
Theory of reasoned action to direct consumer behaviour
This consumer behaviour theory was invented by Martin Fishbein and Ajzen
Subjective norms and attitudes are the two factors, based on which the theory has been developed
 Individual’s beliefs about the social norms greatly influence the consumer behaviour towards purchasing
Psychological characteristics or the attitudes work as the evaluative factor on the outcomes of the behaviour
Theory of reasoned action, invented by Fishbein and Ajzen, has concentrated on both the external and the internal variables directing the consumer behaviour. Subjective norms and attitudes are two principle factors, on which the theory has been developed. According to the subjective norms, the consumer behaviour is mostly directed by the consumer’s beliefs about the social norms. Psychological attitudes are the other factors for changing the consumer behaviour. 
Theoretical approach to the products
Starbucks Australia has successfully implemented both the subjective norms and attitudes
They develop the products by maintaining the social beliefs of the Australians
Consumer’s psychology is their major considerations for preparing and serving coffee
From their mission statement, it can be understood that the consumers surely have a positive notion towards the products. Along with adding international flavors, they aim to consider the Australian traditions about coffee. On the other hand, Starbucks Australia has successfully implemented the mental setups of the customers in preparing the coffee for the customers.
The presentation has successfully achieved the aim of the  discussion
The objectives have been fulfilled by indulging the theoretical approaches to develop the understanding on the consumer behavior
Most importantly, the presentation has properly aligned the mission statement of Starbucks with the theory
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